SCOOP Lift® Buttock Contouring in New York City

Dr. Matthew Schulman can help you enjoy the fuller, firmer, perkier backside you desire through SCOOP Lift® buttock contouring at our New York City plastic surgery practice. SCOOP Lift® represents an innovation in buttock contouring. It combines the best aspects of a number of different Brazilian butt lift techniques. The natural, long-lasting results achieved with SCOOP Lift® attract men and women from all over the country to our practice.

What is SCOOP Lift®?
Designed to overcome the deficiencies of the traditional Brazilian buttock lift, the SCOOP Lift® procedure employs a combination of meticulous liposculpting and fat transfer. By removing fat from your abdomen, flanks, back, or thighs and then injecting it into your backside, Dr. Schulman can improve the entire appearance of your lower body.

Whether you are looking for a slight lift or significantly increased volume in your backside, SCOOP Lift® can help you achieve your appearance goals.
The SCOOP Lift® Procedure
While Dr. Schulman performs SCOOP Lift® buttock contouring often, no two surgeries are alike. This is because he analyzes each patient’s body carefully to determine where fat should be repositioned for the best results. Dr. Schulman will contour your entire torso with the eye and skill of a sculptor. It is so much more than simply taking fat out and putting fat in.

Dr. Schulman performs SCOOP Lift® buttock contouring in a fully accredited New York City operating facility to ensure your safety and comfort. The recovery is similar to after liposuction, and you will be able to return to your regular routine in only a short time. As the swelling goes down, you will begin to appreciate your new sculpted appearance.
Benefits of SCOOP Lift® Buttock Contouring

Unlike artificial and unnatural fillers that can lead to hardness and infection, the fat used in SCOOP Lift® buttock contouring is part of your own body, so it is safe, natural, and long lasting. The transplanted fat cells stay where they are injected, eliminating the risk of shifting that is often associated with butt implants.

The added benefit of the SCOOP Lift® is the body contouring Dr. Schulman achieves through fat harvesting, particularly the sexy lower back curve that accentuates your buttocks. Please review our Brazilian Butt Lift photos.

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