Umbilicoplasty (Belly Button Surgery) in New York City

Umbilicoplasty (belly button surgery) in New York City may be right for you if you are looking to improve the appearance of your navel and the overall appearance of your torso or abdomen. Dr. Matthew Schulman performs this surgery, which focuses on the reshaping of the navel (belly button), in his New York City office. Patients may go home the same day of surgery.

The procedure of umbilicoplasty may help achieve any of the following desired outcomes:

  • Changing an “outie” into an “innie”
  • Reducing extra skin and/or wrinkles surrounding the navel
  • Replacing the belly button (after an injury or surgery)
  • Getting rid of or reducing the appearance of piercing or surgical scars
  • Making the overall size of the navel smaller
  • Improving navel appearance after an umbilical hernia
  • Improving the overall appearance of the torso

What Is Umbilicoplasty (Belly Button Surgery) in New York City?

Umbilicoplasty New York City Umbilicoplasty, or more commonly, “belly button surgery,” helps repair, reshape, or rebuild the belly button or navel. The ultimate surgical steps Dr. Schulman will take to help you achieve your desired navel will depend upon several factors, all of which will be discussed at your consultation appointment. Depending on your situation, Dr. Schulman may be reducing your navel size, inserting sutures to help create an “innie,” or even reconstructing your navel altogether. All umbilicoplasty procedures performed by Dr. Schulman are done right here in our fully-accredited New York City surgical facility.

Getting a Consultation for Umbilicoplasty in New York City

All cosmetic procedures require detailed planning beforehand. This means that Dr. Schulman will need to meet with you for a consultation appointment to discuss your desired results from belly button surgery and whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Before your consultation appointment with Dr. Schulman, be sure to write down any questions or concerns you may have regarding the procedure. It is also at this time that you should bring up any other areas of your body that you would like to improve as umbilicoplasty may be performed alongside other cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction, tummy tucksbreast augmentationbreast reduction, etc.

Dr. Schulman will answer all of your questions, give you a physical exam, pose some questions to you, and come up with a recommended procedure plan to help you achieve your desired results.

The Process of Umbilicoplasty (Belly Button Surgery) in New York City

Umbilicoplasty (belly button surgery) in New York City is a minor cosmetic procedure. All of these types of procedures will inevitably be different as each individual patient will have varying desires. In most belly button surgeries, however, a small incision will be made discreetly within the belly button. Thereafter, excess skin and/or fat will be removed. Dr. Schulman will take the time to address any bulging or lumpy areas at this time, and the skin will be adjusted to ultimately create a youthful, vertical, oval-shaped “innie” naval — generally with a slight hood on top.

Recovering From Umbilicoplasty

Recovery from umbilicoplasty shouldn’t take long, and it’s not common to experience a lot of pain or discomfort unless you had additional procedures performed at the same time. Most patients recover almost completely in the 24-hour period following their umbilicoplasty surgery. For others, it may take up to one to two weeks to fully feel like yourself again. 

Minor amounts of discomfort and some slight swelling and bruising is not uncommon. It’s critical to follow the post-operative directions that Dr. Schulman gives you, which may include taking some time off work and taking it easy from strenuous physical activities for a set period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I’m a good candidate for umbilicoplasty?

A: The best candidates for umbilicoplasty are those who are unsatisfied with the overall appearance of their navels. If you have recently lost a large amount of weight, for example, you may find that your belly button has a lateral appearance as opposed to a trim, youthful-looking vertical appearance. If you have recently undergone hernia repair, umbilicoplasty is a viable solution to amending the look of your navel as well. 

You will be able to discuss your candidacy for this surgical procedure with Dr. Schulman during your consultation appointment. He may ask you questions about your overall health and will give you a physical examination. The best candidates for cosmetic surgery have strong overall physical and mental health, are non-smokers, and have realistic expectations. You should also aim to be at your ideal weight prior to surgery. Belly button surgery is not recommended for those who would still like to lose a considerable amount of weight as weight loss will inevitably change the look of your belly button over time and may skew the results of your procedure.

Q: Can you combine belly button surgery with any other cosmetic procedures?

A: Certainly. This is quite common with belly button surgeries in New York City. Many patients find that they’d rather go in for surgery and complete all of the procedures they hope to achieve, rather than go in for several procedures over time. Most often, belly button surgery is combined with procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks. For women, it may be part of a post-pregnancy “Mommy Makeover,” which could include both liposuction and a tummy tuck, as well as breast augmentation or a breast lift.

Q: Will results from my procedure be apparent right away?

A: It’s important to have patience with any cosmetic procedure as time can enhance your results, and scar maturation may take several weeks or months to complete. For umbilicoplasty, results should be seen rather shortly after your procedure as it is a relatively minor surgery. At the same time, this will largely depend on whether or not you had additional rejuvenation procedures, such as liposuction or abdominoplasty, performed at the same time.

Q: Does it take a long time to recover from umbilicoplasty?

A: Umbilicoplasty is an outpatient procedure, so you will go home the same day after a short recovery period in our New York City surgical facility. During this time, our highly-skilled and experienced staff will be there to help you recover and provide excellent care. 

At home, it’s important to follow the directions for post-op care given to you by Dr. Schulman. You should not experience much, if any, discomfort after this type of procedure, but you may need to take care in cleaning the surgical area, changing dressings, and reducing UV exposure if you plan to go outdoors in a midriff-baring outfit or bathing suit. If you have any specific questions about recovery, you should direct them to Dr. Schulman during your consultation appointment.

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Umbilicoplasty is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery for a myriad of individuals who wish to improve the appearance of their navel and torso. It can allow you to feel better about wearing a bikini or swim trunks at the beach, strengthen your self-confidence overall, improve intimacy, and give you the belly button you’ve always dreamed of having. 

Have questions about the procedure? To learn more about umbilicoplasty (belly button surgery) by a New York City plastic surgeon and to schedule your consultation with Dr. Schulman today, give our office a call at (212) 289-1851, or click here.