Umbilicoplasty (Belly Button Surgery) in New York City

Belly button surgery, also known as umbilicoplasty, is a procedure designed to reshape the navel. Because the belly button is so important to the entire aesthetic of the torso, the surgery can improve the overall appearance of a person’s abdomen.  Dr. Matthew Schulman performs umbilicoplasty at our New York City practice to help women and men:

  • Reduce the size of the belly button
  • Turn an “outie” into an “innie”
  • Correct changes resulting from an umbilical hernia
  • Eliminate excess skin and wrinkles around the belly button
  • Remove scars from previous surgeries or piercings
  • Rejuvenate the entire abdomen
  • Replace a belly button lost due to previous surgery or injury

Is Umbilicoplasty Right for Me?

Umbilicoplasty is often helpful to individuals who are unhappy with the size,shape, or general appearance of their belly buttons. During your private consultation with Dr. Schulman, you will learn about the ways he can improve the look of your belly button. He will discuss possible umbilicoplasty techniques and explore your options regarding surgical facilities and anesthesia. If your problem isn’t restricted to the navel alone, Dr. Schulman may discuss a total abdomen rejuvenation procedure such as abdominoplasty or liposuction. Together, you and the doctor will create a personalized treatment plan designed to achieve your goals

How is the Belly Button Procedure performed

Dr. Schulman performs umbilicoplasty in our fully accredited New York City surgical facility. During your procedure, Dr. Schulman may employ a variety of techniques to enhance the appearance of the belly button. Depending on your objectives, this may include reducing the size of your belly button and placing internal sutures so that your new navel is a youthful looking “innie.”

Following surgery,  Dr. Schulman’s highly experienced staff will provide privacy, safety, and high quality care throughout the entire recovery period. You will return home the same day as your procedure. Most patients report little or no discomfort after undergoing umbilicoplasty.

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