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Lipo 360 NYC

New York City 360 Liposuction procedure, the pursuit of a pleasing appearance isn’t shallow, contrary to media portrayals. Throughout history, people have admired physical beauty, from legendary princesses to athletes who initiated the Olympics.

Are you interested in lipo 360 in New York City? Dr. Matthew Schulman is the best plastic surgeon in NYC. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, Dr. Schulman can help you look and feel your best.

Explore the world of Lipo 360 and discover how it can redefine your silhouette and greatly improve your confidence.

What Is Liposuction 360?

The term “liposuction 360” refers to circumferential liposuction, a liposuction procedure to remove excess fat cells from multiple body areas at once. Specifically, this advanced body contouring procedure addresses stubborn fat in the abdomen, flanks (love handles), back, and other body areas simultaneously.

In turn, it provides a more sculpted and harmonious overall appearance.

Candidates for Lipo 360

Ideal candidates for lipo 360 only have one additional requirement when compared to typical liposuction candidates. Namely, lipo 360 candidates should be individuals who would benefit from fat removal all the way around the body. In contrast, traditional liposuction surgery focuses on just one or two isolated areas.

You must also be in good overall physical health and have realistic expectations to qualify.

Matthew Schulman, M.D.

Meet Dr. Schulman – Lipo 360 NYC Surgeon

I frequently emphasize that performing liposuction is easy, but achieving excellence is challenging. Beyond stubborn fat removal, it’s a sculpting process targeting stubborn, diet-resistant areas. If you struggle with ‘problem’ zones, consider Lipo 360 for natural-looking results.

Maintaining your natural contours is crucial, and my team will guide you through a smooth liposuction recovery to ensure optimal outcomes.

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Procedure Areas

The main lipo 360 areas include the upper and lower abdomen, flanks, lower back, and upper back. On women especially, we also often focus on the upper sides of the back where a bra may create extra folds and bulges. The surgical procedure focuses all the way around the entire torso.

Many patients come in thinking they only want to focus on fat removal from their abdomen or love handles. But by targeting all of these areas comprehensively, we can achieve a 360-degree transformation.

 Lipo360 Video

Lipo 360 Surgery – Matthew Schulman, M.D. FACS – Schulman Plastic Surgery


Lipo 360 offers numerous benefits, including enhanced body contouring, a more proportionate silhouette, and improved self-confidence. It can be easier to find clothes that fit and feel comfortable, and even simple daily activities can feel easier and more comfortable. Most patients who undergo this surgical procedure are happy with their new appearance and report they wish they’d had it sooner.

Lipo 360 BBL Benefits

When combined with a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), lipo 360 not only removes excess fat from all the way around the body, but it also enhances the buttocks and hips. This creates an overall more balanced and attractive figure. For women, it can offer a beautiful hourglass shape that is virtually unachievable through diet and exercise alone.

Real Patient Testimonial

Real Patient Testimonial

I think it goes without saying that making the decision to get cosmetic surgery and selecting the medical professional to accomplish those goals for you can be a very painstaking process.

I am very confident in saying that this was never the issue with Dr. Matthew Schulman. Your safety, your results, and the experience of the man behind those tools are what counts the most. Since the liposuction surgery I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine. 


The more areas Dr. Schulman liposuctions and the more stubborn fat deposits you have removed, the longer your recovery will be. So, for liposuction 360, this means recovery times may last longer than for isolated area liposuction procedures. Be sure to prepare well for your before and after lipo 360 recovery.

During the initial period, you’ll need to wear a compression garment over the treated areas. You may feel bruised, swollen, and sore for about a week. After that, most patients can return to non-physically demanding jobs and most normal daily activities.


After your liposuction 360 surgery, swelling may persist for several months or even up to a year. Therefore, until swelling has totally dissipated, your complete results from surgery won’t be totally visible. Still, you will see your results slowly over time.

After the first few weeks, swelling should go down, and you’ll start to notice a slimmer tummy and waistline. Be prepared for swelling to creep up again, however — for example, after you exercise. This is normal. Within six months to a year, all swelling will be gone, and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your new body shape.

Lipo 360 Cost in New York City

The price of lipo 360 can vary depending on the extent of the procedure, your individual goals, the experience of your liposuction surgeon, and the geographic location of the surgery. In major cities, liposuction 360 costs can be higher. Search “liposuction cost near me” to get a more accurate idea of the cost of lipo 360 in your region.

When you book a consultation appointment at Schulman Plastic Surgery, Dr. Schulman and his team can provide you with a personalized quote that more accurately estimates the cost of lipo 360 in NYC. Most patients get lipo 360 with other procedures like tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift or other body contouring procedures.

Questions and Answers

If you’re like most people, you probably have some questions about liposuction 360. Here are some of the most common queries and their answers, so you can make a more informed decision today.

How much is lipo 360 in NYC?

The cost varies based on factors such as the areas treated and the extent of the procedure. Dr. Schulman can provide a more detailed cost estimate at your consultation appointment. Do keep in mind that the lipo 360 BBL price will be higher than for a typical 360 lipo procedure because BBL with lipo 360 is a combination procedure.

What is plus size lipo 360?

Plus size lipo 360 is a procedure that is tailored to individuals with larger body types. However, it is not a weight loss solution. For patients with a higher BMI (body mass index), we can help address their unique contouring needs, such as focusing more on certain areas or perhaps adding a tummy tuck surgery to address excess folds of excess skin on the abdomen or back.

What is a 360 BBL?

A 360 BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lift combined with lipo 360, is a cosmetic procedure that enhances not only the body’s contours but also the shape and volume of the buttocks and hips.

A typical BBL involves traditional liposuction and the reinjection of unwanted fat to the buttocks and hips. With a 360 lipo with BBL procedure, unwanted stubborn fat cells are removed from all the way around the torso before being processed outside the body and reinjected.

What is plus size lipo 360 and BBL surgery?

A plus size BBL with lipo 360 procedure specifically aims to address the circumferential contouring needs of plus-size individuals, while at the same time, adding volume to the hips and buttocks.

360 BBL surgery for those with higher BMIs can target more excess fat around the abdomen and add shape and volume where you want it.

What is laser lipo 360?

It incorporates laser technology to assist in unwanted fat removal and excess skin tightening. It is sometimes called Smart Lipo 360. This procedure is laser-assisted and less invasive than traditional lipo surgery because the fat is softened and liquified before being removed.

Is there lipo 360 for men?

Yes, it is basically the same as the lipo 360 women undergo. The main difference would be where fat is primarily removed. Women carry their fat differently than men, so the areas we focus on for men may be different. Furthermore, fewer men desire a lipo 360, though it is an option for men as well.

Do you have photos of before and after lipo 360 areas?

Yes, we have 360 lipo before and after photos that show what results you can achieve by removing fat cells from multiple areas of the body. When examining before and after 360 lipo photos, be sure to look for individuals with a similar body type to yours as this can help you better envision the potential results of your body contouring procedures.

Where can I get lipo 360 n­­ear me?

You can schedule your lipo 360 consultation appointment with Dr. Schulman at our convenient New York City location or over a video call. Contact us to learn more about our practice and schedule your cosmetic surgery appointment.

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