PermaLip lip implants are a soft silicone implant that can create fuller lips while maintaining the natural shape and movement of the mouth. Dr. Schulman places the PermaLip permanent lip implants during a safe, in-office procedure using only local anesthesia. Unlike temporary facial fillers like Restylane or Juvaderm, PermaLip produces results are truly permanent—no repeat injections required.

This is a great option for those who have had temporary fillers in the past, and enjoyed the results, but want to avoid the discomfort, inconvenience, or expense of frequent treatments.  It is also a good option or those who find that temporary fillers just don’t last long enough for them. Some people have a metabolism that simply “eats up” the filler material more quickly than in others.

So while temporary lip fillers usually last around 6-9 months in many people, some may find that it only lasts a few months. PermaLip may be the solution.

Natural Look and Feel

Permalip lip implants New York CityPermaLip implants are made from soft silicone rubber so they look and feel natural. The implant does not interfere with normal lip motion, such as speaking, eating, smiling, or kissing. The implants come in a variety of sizes so your result can be customized. The implants are also tapered at the ends, allowing for a natural shape to the upper or lower lip.

The implants are non-reactive, meaning that there can be no rejection of the implant, and because they are a solid silicone material, there is never any leaking or rupture.  Also, the surface is smooth, so there is no scarring around the implants, they can easily be removed at any point.

The implants can be placed in the upper lip, lower lip, or both lips, depending on each person’s needs and desires.

Cost-effective Solution

The PermaLip implant offers a cost-effective option for women and men who desire full lips. Maintaining your full lips with temporary fillers can cost thousands of dollars per year. While temporary lip injections remains among the most popular non-surgical treatments that we do, with millions of happy patients in the United States each year, PermaLip implants represents an alternative that many find desirable because it can save your time, money, and discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the PermaLip implant made of?

A: The implants are made of soft, silicone rubber. These implants are flexible enough to bend with lip movement, but firm enough to hold the desired shape.

Q: How is PermaLip™ different from other lip implants I have read about?

A: PermaLip is composed of a material ideally suited for use in the lips. Other implants that have been used in the lips utilize substances that can potentially cause “tissue in-growth” into the surrounding lip tissue—in a sense, scarring to the implant itself. This process increases the likelihood of a “tethered” appearance or a restricted, unnatural smile. This potential problem has been minimized due to the smooth surface characteristics and the type of material used to manufacture the PermaLip implant.

Q: Do I need anesthesia? 

A: The implants are placed using only local anesthesia. This means that your lips will be made numb using small injections of numbing medicines. After these initial injections, you should not feel anything.

Q: How is lip augmentation performed with the Permalip implant?

A: PermaLip™ Lip Enhancement is relatively simple to perform. The mouth and lips are locally anesthetized. Next, a small incision is made in each corner of the mouth. The PermaLip implant is then passed through a tunnel in the lip and positioned in the center. The process is then repeated for the other lip and the incisions are closed using absorbable sutures. The process typically takes less than thirty minutes and normal activity may be resumed the following day.

Q: Are there scars?

A: The implants are placed through tiny incisions in the corners of the mouth. These will be virtually invisible after a very short time.

Q: Are there different size options?

A: Yes. The implants come in 3 different thicknesses and 3 different lengths. This allows you to select the volume you want, and the surgeon to choose the length that best fits your lips.

Q: How long is the recovery?

A: Your lips will definitely be swollen and bruised. This can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. You will be given medications to decrease the swelling and bruising, but everyone is different. We recommend allowing a “social” recovery for about a week. There is usually very little discomfort after your PermaLip procedure.

Q: What if I want to have the implant(s) removed?

A: Although PermaLip is permanent, it is also designed to be easily reversible should a person wish to return to their original lip appearance or change to a larger or smaller implant.

Q: When will I be able to see the results?

A: Your lips will be quite large and swollen in the first few days post-operatively. As the swelling subsides you will begin to see your final result. Most people are happy with the results after a few short weeks.

 Q: How are lip implants comparable to injectables?

A: Implants do not wear off like temporary injectables. Temporary injectables are associated with repeat treatments every few months as the body breaks down the filler. Therefore, repetitive, painful, and costly injection procedures are required indefinitely if lip fullness is to be maintained. On the other hand, permanent, or long-term fillers, also exist.

While this type of filler does not need to be repeated regularly, they can be very difficult to remove. If an undesirable appearance results, or if a patient wishes to have their lips revert to their original size, this may be difficult to accomplish. PermaLip has the advantage of being both permanent, yet easily reversible, giving it the best of both worlds.

 Q: Will my significant other be able to feel Permalip when we kiss?

A: The vast majority of patients report that their partners cannot feel the implants while kissing. The extent to which you can feel the implant depends upon whether or not you had very thin lips beforehand. If you had thin lips and then had a large implant placed into a tight space it is quite possible to be able to feel the change.

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