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Breast Lift NYC | Mastopexy

Considering a breast lift in New York City? Schulman Plastic Surgery NYC offers breast lift surgery for local patients as well as those from out of town. In fact, many breast lift patients come from all over the nation and the world to seek the skill and expertise of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman.

What Is Breast Lift Surgery?

Also known as mastopexy, breast lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery that lifts and reshapes the breasts. Women may experience sagging breasts for a number of reasons — from pregnancy and breastfeeding to weight loss and aging.

No matter why you’re seeking an improvement for drooping breasts, breast lift surgery is typically the only solution offering significant results. Excess skin is removed, and the breasts are lifted and reshaped along with the areolae and nipples.

Determine if You’re a Breast Lift Candidate

Breast lift candidates are women who want to lift their breasts and create a perkier, more youthful appearance using their own breast tissue. Ideal patients for breast lift surgery are at or near a healthy weight and have good skin elasticity.

All candidates should also be in good physical health without any major medical complications. Dr. Schulman will need to review your medical history before surgery to be sure you do not have any notable breast lift surgery risks. Some patients may require breast imaging or blood tests prior to getting surgery clearance.

Breast Lift Before and After

Breast Lift Before and After NYCBreast Lift NYC Before and AfterBreast Lift Before and After New York CityBreast Lift New York City Before and After

Conditions Treated with Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is best for female patients who want to correct sagging breasts (breast ptosis), fix a breast asymmetry (uneven breasts), or reduce the size of the areolae.

These patients may have breast drooping due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, or weight fluctuations. Breast lift surgery will not change your breast volume or breast size as breast augmentation (breast implants) will.

Breast Lift Surgeon - Matthew Schulman, MD

Meet Dr. Schulman – Breast Lift Surgeon NYC

“There are many reasons why your breasts may be drooping. It may be changes in weight, pregnancies, aging, or just the way your breasts developed. Regardless, a breast lift can lift your breasts to a higher position and make them perkier.

During your consultation, New York based board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Schulman will evaluate your breasts and determine the amount of lifting that you will need. This will determine the specific technique that you need and the types of scars you will require. 

It may surprise you that there is very little pain associated with a mastopexy. It is likely that you will return to normal activities very quickly and my office will guide you through the entire process.”

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Breast Lift Procedure

The exact techniques used for your breast lift procedure will depend on how much sagging you have, the size and shape of your breasts and areolae, how your areolae and nipples are positioned, and your desired results.

Most breast lift surgeries follow the same step-by-step process. First, anesthesia is administered. General anesthesia is typically used.
Next, a series of incisions are made. The underlying breast tissue is then re-shaped and lifted to the desired position, and excess skin is removed before the incisions are carefully closed.

Types of Breast Lifts

Anchor Lift

An anchor lift (inverted T lift) lifts the entire breast, and the incision placement somewhat resembles the shape of an anchor. For this breast lift technique, an incision is made along the breast crease, another incision is made from the breast crease up to the lower edge of the areola, and a third incision is made around the outer edge of the areola.

Lollipop Lift

A lollipop lift resembles the shape of a lollipop. A vertical incision is made from the breast crease to the bottom edge of the areola, and another incision is made around the outer edge of the areola.

Crescent Lift

Crescent breast lifts are rather rare as they cannot adjust the breast tissue a significant amount. But for small breast lifts, a crescent lift may be used. This surgical technique only requires a small incision to be made around approximately half of the edge of each areola.

Doughnut Lift

A doughnut lift is so named because there is a circular incision on each breast. The incision goes all the way around the outer edge of each areola.

Breast Lift Surgery Video

Let’s Talk Breast Lift? – Ask Dr. Schulman

Real Patient Testimonial

Real Patient Testimonial

Thank you so much. I don’t have to wear a push up bra anymore. I’m the happiest girl in the world. You’re the absolute best!

Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

The breast lift surgical procedure is ideal for women who have gone through pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. It is also beneficial for women who have lost a significant amount of weight or those who require reconstructive surgery after a previous surgery. All of these scenarios often lead to deflated looking, drooping breasts, which women are typically unhappy with.

Breast lift surgery can lift the breasts and make them perkier and more youthful in appearance for most patients. Likewise, this breast surgery can alter the size and shape of the areolae if desired. Often, the areolae need to be lifted anyway to match the higher position of the breasts, so the areolae size is easily reduced.

Breast Lift Recovery

Breast lift is an outpatient procedure in New York. It typically takes around two to four weeks for the healing process to take place after a breast lift NYC. For some patients, this time frame may vary.

Bruising, discomfort, and swelling are normal symptoms following surgery. To minimize soreness, pain medications may be prescribed. Patients will need to wear a surgical bra or compression garment for a set period of time and must refrain from heavy lifting, exercise, and other strenuous activities for approximately four to six weeks.

Specific self-care instructions will be outlined by all plastic surgeons after all breast lift procedures. It is critical to follow these instructions carefully.

Breast Lift Cost NYC

A breast lift performed in NYC is typically more expensive than a breast lift performed in more rural areas of the country. Simply put, the cost of living is higher in New York City, so a breast lift in NYC will cost more just as everything else does. To learn more about the cost of this procedure, please book a consultation appointment.

Breast Lift FAQs

What Is a Mini Breast Lift?

A mini breast lift is meant for patients with minimal breast sagging. Typically, incisions are made around each areola only, and the breast skin is only slightly adjusted to a higher position.

Who Does the Best Breast Lift Near Me?

Dr. Matthew Schulman in NYC is well-known for his skill and expertise performing breast lift surgery. Call today to book a consultation.

What Is the Recovery Time for a Breast Lift no Implant?

A woman’s breasts typically recover fully from breast lift surgery in about four to six weeks.

Is It Possible to Have a Natural Breast Lift?

Significant breast lift results require surgery. If you make sure to choose a board certified breast lift surgeon who is skilled with this procedure, your results should appear natural.

Can You Get a Breast Lift and Areola Reduction?

Yes, breast lift surgeons frequently perform areola reductions and change the patient’s nipple position when performing breast lift surgeries.

Are There Laser Treatments for Breast Lift?

There are some laser treatments that aim to slightly lift the breasts. These procedures cannot produce the significant results that breast lift surgery can, however.

Can You Get a Breast Lift Without Surgery?

Certain treatments do exist, which claim to lift the breasts without surgery. The effectiveness of these surgeries varies, however.

What Happens With Weight Loss After Breast Lift?

If you get a breast lift and then lose weight, know that your results may change. Most notably, some women may notice a loss in breast volume. In this case, breast augmentation can be an effective solution.

Can I Get a Boob Lift Without Scars?

A scarless breast lift is really only possible if you don’t require significant breast lift mastopexy results. If this is the case, some patients may undergo a vampire breast lift or receive injectables in their breasts, which can sometimes result in modest improvements.

Schedule Your Breast Lift Consultation

Lift your breasts, improve your breast shape, and get overall perkier breasts with the best breast lift procedure in NYC. Contact Schulman Plastic Surgery in New York today to book your consultation appointment with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman.



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