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Non-Surgical Procedures

Botox – This is the most popular non-surgical treatment for the face and has been a mainstay of facial rejuvenation for 25 years.  These small injections can reduce lines, wrinkles, and years from your face. It is also great for treating excessive sweating. Dr. Schulman offers popular Dysport® and Xeomin® injections as well.

Facial Fillers – Fillers can reduce or erase lines on the face and body. They can also add volume to places that you want a little fuller. So whether you desire a smooth face, full lips, or high cheekbones, Dr. Schulman has something for you. He has a variety of fillers to choose from including Restylane®Perlane®Juvederm®Belotero®Radiesse®, and Sculptra®.

Core Co2 Laser Fractional Resurfacing – Core is a versatile fractional COsystem that enables Dr. Schulman to precisely target and effectively treat the skin’s surface, middle and deep dermal levels for an outstanding resurfacing result.

Non-surgical Butt & Hip Augmentation – So, how can we achieve similar results without surgery? The answer is by adding volume with something other than fat. There are several synthetic fillers that can do the job.

QWO Cellulite Reduction – QWO is an injectable made up of collagenases which specifically target the thick fibrous bands. QWO is injected directly into the cellulite dimples. The enzymes weaken the band, allowing for redistribution of the protruding fat cells, and softening of the cellulite dimples.

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