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New York City (NYC) Male BBL

Brazilian Butt Lift is a body contouring procedure that enlarges and changes the shape of the butt and hips with fat grafting.  It is also called BBL for short.

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure involves removing unwanted fat from parts of the body, commonly the abdomen, flanks, and back, and then injecting it into the butt and hips to create a rounder, fuller backside and hips.  The BBL has become the fastest growing plastic surgery procedure and is one of the most popular procedures. Well-endowed celebrities and social media images have fueled the demand for buttock contouring with fat grafting, or BBL.

Men and the Brazilian Butt Lift

Like all plastic surgery procedures, the Brazilian Butt Lift is most commonly performed on women. But, if you are a man, and looking for a BBL, you are in the right place.  About 20% of Dr. Schulman’s BBL patients are men. Since Dr. Schulman has performed many thousands of BBLs since 2007, that means that there have also been a lot of men!

During a male BBL, liposuction is performed to remove fat from a part of the body where it’s not wanted. In men, these areas are usually the abdomen and flanks, or the “spare tire”.  These are areas that are often resistant to diet and exercise, so even men in superior physical condition complain of this extra fat. The fat is processed to isolate the healthiest and most viable fat cells. Those fat cells are then injected into specific areas of the buttock and hips to add volume and create more curves. You will get the benefit of both the liposuction AND the fat transfer.

The results of the procedure will depend on what your specific desires are. Perhaps you want a fuller and perkier butt, or you are looking to feminize your shape. You will discuss this with Dr. Schulman during your consultation, so that the right plan can be made for you.

Male BBL vs Female BBL

A brazilian butt lift is a brazilian butt lift. This means that the procedure involves liposuction to remove fat and then injecting that fat into certain areas of the body. It may seem that if a surgeon knows how to do a BBL on a woman, they can easily do it on a man. Well, it’s never that simple. There are specific differences between men and women as it pertains to a BBL. These include:

  • bone structure
  • muscle structure
  • location of donor fat
  • desired shape

A surgeon who specializes in male BBLs will understand these nuances and be able to perform the appropriate procedure.

Before and After Images

Male BBL: Patient 1

This young man wanted his butt to be rounder and with more projection. He had liposuction of his abdomen, flanks, and lower back, with all the harvest fat put back into his butt. He had 650cc placed on each side.

Male BBL: Patient 2

This man lost weight and felt that he lost roundness to his butt. He wanted to help with the flattening he saw in his lower butt. He had liposuction of his back, flanks, and abdomen with 600cc of fat placed in each side.

Male BBL: Patient 1

This young man wanted his butt to be rounder and with more projection. He had liposuction of his abdomen, flanks, and lower back, with all the harvest fat put back into his butt. He had 650cc placed on each side.

Male BBL: Patient 2

This man lost weight and felt that he lost roundness to his butt. He wanted to help with the flattening he saw in his lower butt. He had liposuction of his back, flanks, and abdomen with 600cc of fat placed in each side.

Why Choose Dr. Schulman?

Dr. Schulman has been performing the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure since 2007, and has successfully performed many thousands of BBLs. He has become known as one of the go-to surgeons for this procedure, with his patients coming from around the globe because of his experience and his results. Dr. Schulman has authored chapters in medical textbooks and is routinely invited to speak about his techniques at international plastic surgery meetings.  So, there is no doubt that Dr. Schulman is a true BBL expert. Most importantly to you, is that he is also an expert at the male BBL, having detailed knowledge about male anatomy and how to modify the male shape with liposuction and  fat grafting.

BBL and Anesthesia

The Brazilian Butt Lift will be performed under general anesthesia in our fully certified operating facility. This procedure will take about 2-3 hours and you will be personally monitored throughout your BBL by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. Safety is Dr. Schulman’s top priority. Every patient receives appropriate medical clearance before undergoing surgery so that risks can be minimized. You will rest in our recovery room and you will get to go home the same day.

Preparing for your BBL

There are several things you will need to do in preparation for your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. First, you should make sure you are healthy and maintain a normal weight for you. This will require a visit with your medical doctor for a full medical clearance and blood testing. We want to make sure you are free of any medical problems that may place you at unnecessary risk. You should make sure to let Dr. Schulman know about any medications that you are taking, to be sure that they will not interfere with anesthesia or cause any issues for you. Several medications and over-the-counter supplements and vitamins may cause increased swelling or place you at increased risk for bleeding. You must also stop smoking or using any nicotine-containing products. This includes e-cigarettes and vapes. These will increase your risk of complications and can decrease the survival rate of your fat transplant.

Matthew Schulman, M.D.

Meet Dr. Schulman – Male BBL New York City

“Yes, the vast majority of BBLs are done on women. But having done many thousands of Brazilian Butt Lifts since 2007, means that I have done hundreds of BBLs on men. These include men who feel like their butt has always been flat and want something to hold up their pants, to men who say their butts have flattened as they aged or lost weight, to men who want to have more feminine shape. So, no matter what your reason is for wanting a BBL, and no matter what type of result you want to get, I am the right surgeon for you. You deserve to have a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is an expert at the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.”

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BBL and Recovery

It’s important for patients to take their recovery from surgery seriously. Since a Brazilian Butt Lift involves transplanting fat cells into new sites on the body, you will need to be very careful about how you sit and sleep, in addition to maintaining other good practices that can aid surgical recovery. You need to respect the newly transplanted fat cells and give them time to grow a blood supply and become a permanent part of you again.

Applying direct pressure to these newly transplanted fat cells can prevent the growth of a new blood supply. This can impact the survival of your newly transplanted fat cell.  Even when patients are great about avoiding pressure on their butts, a percentage of the transplanted cells will ultimately die.

However, added pressure will increase the percentage of fat cell death and negatively affect your ultimate results. When sitting, we recommend using a specialized BBL cushion to reduce pressure on your butt and you should sleep in your stomach. Sleeping on your sides should be avoided if you have had fat cells added to your hips.

Dr. Schulman will advise you on when you can expect to be able to safely apply more pressure to your butt. For most patients, these restrictions on sitting and laying on the buttock and hips tend to be the most difficult part of recovery.

Pain is normal after Brazilian butt lift and can be controlled through oral medication. There will undoubtedly be soreness from liposuction. You will also have bruising and swelling in the liposuction areas that will last a few weeks. You will need to wear a compression garment during your recovery for up to eight weeks.

This will help to control swelling and improve your overall shape. Dr. Schulman has created a well established garment protocol and we can help you understand how to wear this garment during your recovery.

While each case is unique, many of our patients find it most helpful to take at least 10 days off school or work to ensure that they can focus on recovery. Your physical activity will be restricted immediately after surgery.  Most patients are able to return to normal activities about 4-6 weeks after surgery. If you try to do too much, too soon, your overall recovery will last longer.

Real Patient Testimonial

Real Patient Testimonial

I really wanted a surgeon who operates on men and not just women. Dr. Schulman really understood the look l was going for and I am very happy with my results. I don’t have a single regret.

Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Buttock Implants 

Using your own fat during a Brazilian butt lift procedure is not the only way to create a fuller or shapelier backside. Another popular method to increase the size of the buttock is with the use of silicone buttock implants.

While implants may be adequate in some cases to increase volume, they simply make things bigger and do little to improve the overall shape and contour of the buttocks. Because there is no liposuction, buttock implants cannot change the shape of the buttock and surrounding areas in the way a Brazilian Butt Lift can. Butt implants are also unable to change the shape or increase the size of the hips. Butt implants also carry a risk of infection and shifting.

That’s why for most patients, Dr. Schulman recommends Brazilian Butt Lift using his SCOOP Lift® technique. In addition to more natural-looking results, Brazilian butt lifts tend to provide permanent results. The fat cells used in the procedure will develop their own blood supply and will remain a part of the buttocks forever. The added volume is permanent and will change as your body changes with aging or weight fluctuations. Using the body’s own fat cells also eliminates the danger of rejection, shifting, or scarring that can occur when using an artificial implant.

Brazilian butt lifts also involve removing fat through liposuction, so patients see multiple areas of improvement. A Brazilian Butt Lift is essentially two operations in one. Between butt implants and Brazilian butt lifts, butt implants are far less popular at least in part because of some of the associated risks. Brazilian butt lifts are performed about 25 times more than buttock implants, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

A small number of patients may not be able to have Brazilian butt lift done. For instance, those who are very thin and don’t have enough fat likely would be better candidates for butt implants.

What Type of Results Can I Expect?

The type of results that you get will depend on what you want

  • A masculine perkiness to the butt
  • Restoring volume that was lost with aging or weight loss
  • Feminization of the shape

Your Consultation:

During your consultation, Dr. Schulman will examine you and discuss this BBL procedure.  It is normal to be nervous about having a procedure that is not commonly done in males. But be assured, Dr. Schulman has enormous experience with this procedure and you will be in great hands.  You will be able to describe the type of size and shape you want. You will also be able to show him photos of what you want, or what you don’t want.  Dr. Schulman will then be able to tell you if what you want is possible, given your body shape, type, and available donor fat.

Questions and answers about Male BBL

While Dr. Schulman’s technique is based on the same principles as traditional BBLs (removal and transplant of fat from other areas of the body to the rear end), he has refined his techniques and developed the unique SCOOP LiftⓇ procedure that focuses on the overall shape of the body, not just the shape of the butt. This results in very natural results with total body improvement.

Absolutely. Even though all plastic surgery procedures are more common in women, men get procedures also. They get lipo, tummy tucks, facelifts, chest reductions, and BBLs.

Basically, any place you have fat that you don’t want, can be liposuctioned. This is most commonly the abdomen, flanks, and back, but may also include virtually any other area.

This surgery transfers your own fat cells to a new location in your body, where they grow their own blood supply. About 30% of the fat cells will not be able to grow a blood supply and will die. This death occurs during the first several weeks, and poses no threat to you. The cells that survive, will remain forever. As a result, the results will be permanent if you maintain your weight over time. Weight gain could cause your butt and hips to expand, and weight loss would, conversely, cause those areas to shrink. Some changes over time are to be expected, as all human bodies undergo a normal aging process, but BBL is designed to be permanent.

Yes, depending on the individual situation, some patients opt to combine BBL with other body contouring procedures, such as tummy tucks, and male chest reduction. Depending on who performs your surgery, the anticipated surgical time, and your individual health status, it may be necessary to do separate procedures. Dr. Schulman will be able to discuss if you are a candidate for a combined procedure.

Dr. Schulman prefers to perform BBLs with patients under general anesthesia. He feels that this is the best way to get an ideal cosmetic result and keep you comfortable while doing it. During the surgery, you will be continuously monitored by a board certified anesthesiologist.

Most of our patients need to take about 10 days off work or school, but individual cases may vary. For instance, patients who had a great deal of liposuction will probably experience a longer recovery due to the pain and bruising from higher volume liposuction. Dr. Schulman and our staff will advise you on the specific steps you need to take to ensure a good recovery. Remember that it can take several months to see the final results of your procedure since you will be swollen from the liposuction and the fat cells need time to “take hold” in their new location. Final results could take up to a year, but you won’t be out of commission that long.

You will be bruised and swollen for several weeks after your BBL procedure. Most people are able to resume gentle exercise about 3-4 weeks after the procedure and can take a few weeks to return to normal exercise.

Nicotine is harmful to newly transplanted fat cells. This means that if you smoke cigarettes or use other nicotine products like e-cigs or vapes, then you may experience more than the usual 30% loss of transplanted fat cells. You should stop all nicotine products 4 weeks prior to surgery and for 8 weeks after surgery.

There are several anatomic considerations to consider when performing a BBL on a male patient. This includes understanding the underlying bone and muscle structure.  It is also important to consider the desired result and whether or not you want to have a masculine or feminine shape.

Dr. Schulman strongly opposes weight gain simply to create excess fat. If you are thin, and gain weight simply to qualify for Brazilian butt lift, or give you more fat to work with, your results will likely not be long-lasting. If you subsequently lose weight and get back to your original weight, you will end up losing the fat that you previously gained and your butt and hips will shrink.

Dr. Schulman has performed thousands of successful Brazilian butt lift procedures over the past decade, including a large number of male BBLs, and has even been called upon to perform complex revisions of BBLs done by other surgeons. His expertise in the area is unrivaled, and he’s even developed his own innovative SCOOP LiftⓇ technique. Dr. Schulman is also routinely invited to speak to other plastic surgeons about the BBL procedure. Those are just a few of the reasons why people travel from all over the world for his experience with this procedure.

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