Success of a Brazilian Butt Lift

The success of a Brazilian Butt Lift has to do with the fat harvesting, processing, and injection technique.

This popular term refers to buttock augmentation with autologous fat transfer. These medical terms may seem confusing, but this means that we make your butt bigger using injections of your own fat. Fat is removed from areas of your body, this fat is processed and washed so that the fat cells are isolated, and then these fat cells are injected into your buttock. In general, several hundred to 1000 cc of fat cells are injected during a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. So, how does making your butt bigger give you a “lift”? By adding volume to the butt, your backside becomes fuller, plumper, and actually gets lifted.

The key to this procedure is the meticulous handling and preparation of the fat so that they survive the transplant and will remain in the buttock area for extremely long periods of time. I perform a large number of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures and use a very specific technique for fat harvest and injection.

First, I use specialized cannulas designed specifically for fat harvest. While fat is harvested through a liposuction technique, these are not the typical liposuction cannulas. They have special coatings on the inside of the cannulas so that the fat moves through it without friction. The holes on the end of the cannulas are also smaller so that individual fat cells are harvested. Also, I use low suction when harvesting the fat so that the fragile fat cells are not injured during the process.

After collection of the fat, I allow it to “settle” so that the liquid and blood separates. I do not “spin” it or “strain” it. I find that these techniques are fat, but a more traumatic to the fat cells than just letting then settle out from the liquid. I gently drain the liquid so that only fat remains. I then add a very special biologic powder that is designed to help survival and growth of the fat cells.

Next, the fat is placed into syringes and injected into the buttock using special injection cannulas designed to reduce trauma to the fat cells. The fat is injected in very small deposits – never as large “blobs” of fat. These tiny collections of fat are injected both deep within the muscle and also closer to the surface. Anywhere from 200cc to 1000cc is usually injected during a Brazilian Butt Lifts.

Fat that is mishandled will not survive this transplant and will disappear within 2-3 months. The fat that survives can potentially last forever! So the success of this operation revolves around the survival of this fat, and the survival of the fat is dependent on the harvest, processing, and injection techniques.

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