BUTT IMPLANTS Vs Brazilian Butt Lift


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There is no doubt about it: The butt is one of the most admired parts of the body for many people.


However, not everybody is born with those gorgeous curves. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures today is buttocks augmentation. As the American Society of Plastic Surgeons explains, buttock augmentation like Brazilian butt lifts can be an excellent choice for anyone who wants to improve the fullness and projection of their butt. It is also a good option for people who want to balance out their figure while they improve their self-confidence.

There are two options if you want a more curvaceous butt: The Brazilian butt lift and butt implants. Many people assume that the two procedures are similar, but in fact they could not be more different. Butt implant surgery can have some major drawbacks, but Brazilian butt lift surgery has major benefits. If you are trying to decide which is the best option for you, read on to find out the information you need.

  • Implants are made from artificial materials and carry risk of infection, extrusion (popping out through the skin), malposition (shifting from proper placement), and scarring

Fat is your body’s own tissue and does not carry the risks associated with artificial implants

  • If there is a complication from the implants, the treatment usually requires an additional surgery and removal of the implants

Complications that may arise after fat transfers can usually be treated without an additional surgery or invasive procedure

  • Implants may need to be replaced over time

Fat is a living cell and doesn’t need to be replaced. It is part of your body.

  • Placement of implants require a longer incision within the butt crack and this scar may become thick, raised, or painful

Fat placement is done through small punctures in the buttock and hips. These scars are short and easily hidden.

  • Implants can only increase the projection of the buttock, and do not increase the hips.

Fat transfer can be placed in any area of the body, including the buttock AND hips. Fat can be placed in the buttock to increase projection AND/OR placed in the hips to improve the curves. Placement of fat is customized to what each person needs or wants.

  • Implants only change the size of the buttock, and do very little to reshape the buttock – they cannot make a square butt look round, or a long butt look shorter.

Fat can be placed in a way to reshape the buttock and hips, meaning that it can change an unattractive square butt into a more aesthetically pleasing round or heart-shaped butt.  Fat transfer can accomplish much more than an implant.

  • Implants will remain the same size and shape for as long as they are in place, even if your body changes

Fat is a living cell and will change as your body changes. This means that as you gain weight, your butt and hips will increase in size, and if you lose weight, the butt and hips will shrink. This ensures that the butt and hips will remain a similar proportion as it relates to the rest of your body, even as the rest of the body changes with aging and weight fluctuations.

  • Implants do not change the rest of the body

To perform a fat transfer, fat needs to be harvested through liposuction. This means that the harvesting of fat from certain areas will make those areas smaller. For example, when someone gets fat transfer to the butt and hips, they also get the abdomen, back, flanks, arms, thighs (or any other area) made smaller.  It is essentially two procedures in one – liposuction AND fat transfer.

  • Implants can feel firm, and can at times be painful during sitting if the implants are placing pressure on the main sensory nerve to the leg (sciatic nerve)

Fat is soft and adds additional cushioning to the buttocks.


As butt lift reviews typically show, this type of procedure is ideal for the person who wants to improve their confidence level, or people who simply want a more curvy look for their backside. The butt lift can define and increase the attractive slope going from the waist to the butt, making both the rear and side views much more attractive.

At a consultation with Dr. Matthew Schulman, you’ll first talk about what you hope to achieve with a Brazilian butt lift. It is important to understand that the results will not be extreme, but will rather be more natural. The goal of a Brazilian butt lift is to achieve a more rounded look that will help you look better in jeans, skirts, and everything else. During the consultation, Dr. Schulman will also show you a wide range of photos of different results.

Since clients are so diverse, you’ll clearly be able to see that a Brazilian butt lift is truly customized for each unique individual. Whether the woman is super curvy or stick thin, Dr. Schulman can create a beautiful and natural looking result for her. Since Dr. Schulman does between six and eight butt lifts every week, he has got the extensive experience necessary to truly tailor the procedure for each and every patient.

There are a number of significant dangers associated with the butt implant surgery, as explained above. However, Brazilian butt lifts carry far less risk while still giving you the beautifully enhanced butt that you’re looking for. In the “Butt implants versus Brazilian butt lift” battle, there is little doubt that the Brazilian butt lift emerges as the best option when the two procedures are compared point by point. If you’re interested in a Brazilian butt lift, call for a consultation appointment to learn more today!

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