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Big Increase in Buttock Augmentation using Fat as Compared to 2014

To increase your buttocks size, buttocks augmentation is a choice. This surgery is also sometimes referred to as a Brazilian Buttt lift and involves the transfer of fat, and uses fat grafting and/or implants.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, buttocks augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure these days and Brazilian Butt Lifts are a great choice if you are looking to:

  • Enhance your figure and balance it out.
  • Increase roundness, projection and fullness of your buttock.
  • Improve your self-confidence and self-image.

If you are looking to balance out your figure or don’t like how your buttocks look, buttock augmentation surgery might be just the solution for you.  There is a couple of ways that this procedure is performed, with a fat transfer or implants. The Brazilian butt lift is the procedure that uses fat transfer.

Buttock Augmentation By the Numbers

Buttock augmentations have increased more than 250 percent and went up from 1,356 in the year 2000 to 4,767 in 2015. There were nearly 15,000 buttock augmentation procedures with fat grafting from 2014 to 2015, which is up around 28 percent.

This trend is on the upswing as people desire to have a butt like J Lo, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, or Nicki Minaj. Dr. Matthew Schulman,M.D., a New York plastic surgeon, says that the “upside-down heart” butt shape, like Jessica Biel’s and Sofia Vergara’s are the most requested shape in his practice.

What You Should Know About Butt Injections

Simply put, butt injections are a type of surgery that involves injecting your butt with a substance to make it bigger. The Brazilian Butt Lift is the only FDA approved treatment along with its other variations. This procedure removes fat through liposuction from other areas of your body and transfers it to your hips and butt to give you that curvy silhouette.

Other types of injectables and fillers, such as collagen and silicone, are not approved by the FDA for enhancing your butt and have been linked to permanent disfigurement, severe pain, death and other serious consequences.

Are You the Right Candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

It can vary between people, but the primary candidates of this procedure have a BMI that ranges between 25 through 30 and is slightly overweight. Anything over a BMI of 30 can carry certain risks of surgery complications since it is considered obese.

Butt Implants vs. Brazilian Butt Lift

If you are looking for a curvier butt, you basically have two options: butt implants or the Brazilian butt lift. Some people think they are similar procedures when in fact they are completely different. While implants come with certain drawbacks, the Brazilian butt lift has many benefits. Some of these differences include:

  • Infection and Scarring.  Implants are created with materials that are artificial and come with the risk of extrusion (popping out of your skin), infection, scarring and malposition (shifting around). Fat, on the other hand, is the tissue from your own body and doesn’t come with the risks that you get with implants.
  •  If you have any complications with the implants, you typically require another surgery to remove the implant. With fat transfers, there is still a risk of complications, but it can be corrected without needing another invasive procedure or surgery.
  •  You have to replace implants over time. Fat is a part of your body and doesn’t need to be replaced since it is a living cell.
  •  With implants, you have to get a longer incision coming from your butt crack, which can become raised, thick, painful and can scar. With the placement of fat, the surgeon makes small punctures in your hips and buttock and any scarring is easily hidden and short.

Implants don’t increase your hips; only the projection of your buttock. This is not the case with a fat transfer. Dr.  Schulman states that there is a higher risk for complications with butt implants since you have the additional risk of an incision rupture (the surgeon inserts the implants through your butt crack).

They add volume to your butt only and don’t reshape it, therefore, after surgery; you are left with a larger, square butt. The Brazilian butt lift leaves you with a complete reshaping of your butt and hips since the fat used is not encased inside an implant. You end up with a softer butt as well, unlike implants that feel tight.

Butt Augmentation Recovery

Brazilian Butt Lift NYC thumbYou are monitored closely in a recovery area following your buttock augmentation surgery. With the Brazilian Butt Lift, your surgeon will ask you to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time for a couple of weeks. It is important you follow this advice since sitting too much can damage the fat. You will be asked to sleep on your side or with your face down.

When you are sitting, use a cushion or pillow and place it behind your legs to raise your buttock up and avoid any pressure on the fat grafts.

The doctor will give you a support garment to wear that will apply even compression to the treated area. Along with this, you might have small temporary drains placed beneath your skin in existing incisions to remove any fluid or blood.

Specific instructions are provided to you on how to care for the treated area, medications to apply, how to reduce the possibility of injection, certain things to look for on the treated area that could be a concern, and when you should return for a follow up visit to the plastic surgeon.

Whichever buttock augmentation treatment you go with, they each have their own basic steps to ensure you recover healthy, quickly, and with good results. Recovery for the Brazilian Butt Lift will depend on how much fat was removed and transferred. Typically, you should expect some discomfort for around a week.

All pain should disappear entirely after a few weeks. When it comes to deciding which procedure is best for you, there is little doubt that the best option between the two is the Brazilian Butt Lift.

How to Select your Surgeon

The increased popularity of this procedure, has led to a large number of physicians that have begun performing this procedure. Dr. Schulman advises potential patients to do their homework. Buttock Augmentation is a very specialized procedure and you should select a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in this procedure.

Your surgeon should perform multiple procedures per week and be able to show you hundreds of before and after pictures of their own patients. They should also be able to show you patients with long-term results – years, not months! More than any other cosmetic procedure, buttock augmentation is extremely technique-dependent and the experience of your surgeon is vital to a desirable outcome.