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Will My Liposuction Scars Be Obvious?

Unfortunately, the ability to not have liposuction scars has not been developed yet, which means that scars are inevitable whenever incisions are made during a cosmetic procedure. 

The good news is that your plastic surgeon can take multiple steps to reduce the appearance of scarring after liposuction — leaving you with amazing results. You, too, can take steps to improve the appearance of your scars, such as using massage, silicone sheeting, special topical products, or even laser therapy. Furthermore, when it comes to liposuction, in particular, incisions are extremely small in the first place. And this means that your scars will be extremely small too. 

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect after your incisions from lipo have healed.

What Do the Scars Look Like After Liposuction?

Scars from liposuction are small. Furthermore, your plastic surgeon is going to do everything they can to make them inconspicuous. That is, whenever possible, they will make their liposuction incisions in places where scarring will not be obvious.

For example, when liposuction is performed on the abdomen, incisions may be made through the belly button, beneath the bikini line, or in the pubic area where hair grows. If you’re having fat removed from your upper arms, incisions can be made in the armpit fold. Even chin liposuction scars can be well hidden when the incisions are made behind the ears or in the subtle indent beneath the chin.

How big is a liposuction scar?

How large lipo scars are will have to do with the size of the cannula. Most cannulas are just 3 mm in diameter. This means that the incisions made to accommodate these cannulas only need to be slightly bigger than 3 mm. In some cases, 4 or 5 mm cannulas may be used, but even then, you can see that only small incision sizes are required.

Ultimately, when you look at most pictures of liposuction before and after scars are barely noticeable. Rest assured, this isn’t a trick of the camera or the use of Photoshop. In truth, liposuction does not cause significant scarring.

Do Liposuction Scars Go Away?

No, liposuction scars will never really go away. However, they will become less obvious with time. Any type of scar will change drastically from its initial appearance after the incision is made. Right after surgery, your scar will be bright pink or red, and it may be slightly raised.

After just a few months, this pigment and texture should start to disappear. Scars eventually fade to a quite light shade on most people and often blend in very well with the surrounding skin. In addition, most patients will see their scars flatten out and become even with the surrounding skin. 

This can be helped along with scar massage and a few other tips, which we discuss below.

How Do You Hide Lipo Scars?

Your lipo scars are going to be hidden already, for the most part, because your plastic surgeon will put them in unobtrusive locations on your body. Still, this will depend on where you have liposuction performed, and some lipo scars may be more apparent than others. 

For any scars that are more obvious or for those where you would especially like to reduce the appearance even further, there are a few steps you can take. 

  1. Use a silicone gel scar treatment. 

Silicone reduces redness and makes scars fade faster over time. It can also help scars to flatten out. Whether you use silicone sheeting or a silicone serum, you need to use it every day. 

The sheets must be worn nearly 23 hours a day (only take them off to shower). The serum must be put on twice a day in most cases.

  1. Avoid sun exposure. 

Fresh scars are likely to become more pigmented and raised when exposed to UV light (sunlight or light from a tanning bed). Even under clothes, be sure to wear sunscreen.

  1. Try laser therapy.

Laser therapy is often thought to be a scar treatment for scars that have become bad over time, but like the other tips we’ve offered, it’s really a way to improve the appearance of a scar before it gets bad. You can discuss laser therapy options with your plastic surgeon or an esthetician. 

As with any postoperative treatment, always discuss scar reduction therapy with your plastic surgeon before jumping right in. You want to be sure that it will be both safe and effective.

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