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How To Choose Your Breast Implant Size

How to Choose Your Breast Implant Size

Selecting the size for your new breast implants can be a difficult task.  Many women allow this decision to “stress them out” because they fear making the wrong decision.  I will start out by saying that while the decision is important, it should not be a major source of anxiety regarding your breast augmentation. 

Many women are too focused on the volume number (or “cc”) of saline vs silicone implants when the truth is that there is very little noticeable difference between close volumes – only your plastic surgeon (maybe) will be able to tell the difference between a 330 cc implant and a 350 cc implant after it is implanted.  In general, people only notice volume differences of at least 50 cc.


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Understanding Breast Implant Sizes

Here are a few guidelines to help you choose your Breast implant size.

  1. When deciding about your breast augmentation you want to determine your personal preference of implant size – This is done by looking at magazines and photographs in order to determine “how big” and what cup size you want to be.  You should find 3 photographs: “just right”, “too big”, and “too small.”  You should bring these photographs with you so that your surgeon will have a sense of what you are looking for.
  2. As breast implants get larger, they also get wider – This concept is important in choosing a the right size breast implants that fit your body. Choosing implant size based on height and weight is a wise strategy. If you are very small framed, then large breast implants and a very large cup size may be too close to each other in the center or may protrude off the side of your chest.  Your doctor will measure the width of your chest to determine your “base diameter.” This will help him guide you towards a size that fits your body shape and size.  Breast implants are now available in several different shapes such as low projection, high projection and moderate profile implants. This gives you added ability to have breast implants that fit your body perfectly.
  3. You may not be able to be as large as you want after your breast augmentation – It is not possible to make a big jump in breast size for all women. This is because there may not be enough natural breast tissue (breast and skin) to allow for a very large increase in size. Your doctor will examine you to be sure, but size increases of more than 2 full cup sizes may not be safe.  If your cup size is A, and you want your cup size to be a DD, this may not be possible in a single breast augmentation surgery. You may have to start with smaller breast implants, increase to a full C, then a few years later (after your tissue has stretched out) have the implants increased in size to a DD.
  4. Small breast implants volume differences may not be noticeable – Most people only notice volume changes of at least 50 cc, so if you cannot decide between a 330 cc implant and a 350 cc implant, so not stress because the difference will be difficult to tell once they are placed. When trying different sizes, you should increase and decrease by 50 cc volumes
  5. Larger breast implants are heavier – As an implant gets larger, it also gets heavier. This means that very large implants may result in shoulder and back pain after your breast augmentation, similar to the complaints of women requesting breast reduction surgery.  Also, heavier implants may increase the likelihood of future breast sagging, or ptosis.
  6. Take your time – You should not feel rushed or pressured into choosing your breast implants size for your breast augmentation. Breast implant surgery is a serious surgery and you deserve to take your time. Your surgeon should allow you time to “try on” the implants and examine yourself in clothing.  It is best to try them with a simple, non-padded, non-push-up bra cup size, and a tight t-shirt.  This will give you the best idea about your post-operative result and what cup size to expect.  Many plastic surgeons will also allow you to borrow the sample implants so that you can see how you feel about the size of the implants over a few days. I routinely tell my breast augmentation patients to wear the implants for a few days, go out to dinner, visit friends, or wear them to work – this is the best way to determine how you feel about the size.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Breast Implant Sizes

Choosing the right breast implant size for your breast augmentation surgery is a highly individualized decision that should take into account the personal preferences and lifestyle considerations of the patient. It’s essential to understand that what may be the ideal size smaller breast implants for one person may not be suitable for another, as each patient has unique aesthetic goals and lifestyle requirements.

Here’s why personal preferences and lifestyle considerations are crucial in determining the appropriate breast implant size:

330 cc implants

Aesthetic Goals

Every person has their own aesthetic goals and desires when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. Some may prefer a more natural look, while others may desire a more dramatic or voluptuous appearance. The desired breast size should align with the patient’s personal aesthetic goals, and the implant size should be chosen accordingly. While an augmentation is not the same as a breast lift, some women report that their breasts appear as if they had a breast lift after an augmentation by virtue of the fresh and fuller size.

A patient who prefers a subtle enhancement may opt for a smaller implant size, while a patient who wants a more prominent change may choose breast implant for a larger cup size.

Body Proportions

The patient’s existing body proportions, including their height, weight, chest width, and breast base diameter, should be considered when choosing the right breast implant size. The goal is to achieve a balanced and harmonious appearance that complements the patient’s overall body shape.

For instance, a petite patient with a narrow chest may require smaller implants to avoid an improperly fitted breast implants, while a patient with a full chest wall and broader frame may need larger implants to achieve the desired proportion and larger cup size.

Lifestyle Considerations

The patient’s lifestyle and daily activities should also be taken into account when selecting the breast implant size. For example, a patient with an active lifestyle may prefer smaller implants that do not hinder their physical activities or cause discomfort during exercise. On the other hand, a patient with a more sedentary lifestyle may be comfortable with larger implants. Additionally, the patient’s profession, fashion preferences, and social activities may also impact their choice of breast implant size.

Psychological Well-being

Breast augmentation can have a significant impact on a patient’s self-confidence and body image. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the psychological well-being of the patient when choosing the right breast implant size. It’s important for the patient to feel comfortable and confident with their decision, as it can affect their overall satisfaction with the results of the procedure.

Long-term Considerations

What Size Implants Should I GetBreast implants are not permanent and may require replacement or revision in the future. Considering long-term factors, such as potential aging, weight changes, and future pregnancies, is crucial in determining the appropriate breast implant size. Choosing an implant size that aligns with long-term considerations can help minimize the need for revision surgery or further adjustments in implant sizing in the future.

The personal preferences and lifestyle considerations of each patient are crucial factors in the implant profile and determining the appropriate implant size. To get the right implant profile, it is imperative for patients to openly communicate their aesthetic goals, lifestyle requirements, and personal preferences with their board-certified plastic surgeons to ensure they pursue the right implant profile. 

This ensures that the breast augmentation procedure aligns with their expectations, resulting in a successful outcome that enhances their overall well-being. Open and honest communication with most patients and the surgeon is key to achieving the desired breast size and appearance, tailored to the patient’s individual needs and preferences.

Questions and Answers

50cc difference in breast implant

What is the ideal breast implant size?

The ideal breast implant shape and size is one that matches the diameter of the natural breast or is slightly smaller/narrower. If the breast implant diameter is wider than the breast, it may cause the implant outline to be visible, which is not desired. Therefore, it’s important to choose an implant size that aligns with the patient’s natural breast width to achieve a more natural and aesthetically pleasing result.

This consideration helps to ensure that the implant blends seamlessly with the patient’s existing breast tissue, creating a harmonious and balanced appearance. Consulting with a qualified plastic surgeon can provide expert guidance in determining the appropriate breast implant’s profile size based on the patient’s unique anatomy and desired outcome.

What is the most common implant cup size?

In the United States, breast implants are available in a wide range of sizes, typically ranging from 100cc to 800cc, with the larger breasts and most common breast implant size falling within the 300cc to 400cc range.

What is the average size breast implant?

The typical implant size commonly falls within the range of 300 to 360 cc, which is often sufficient to achieve a fuller shape and cup size without appearing overly dramatic on most women’s frames. This breast cup size range is often chosen to provide a natural-looking enhancement that complements the patient’s existing breast tissue and body proportions.

What size is a D cup?

Best Breast SizeIf the gap between your bust and band measurements is 1 inch, you’re classified as an A cup. A 2-inch difference corresponds to a B cup, 3 inches to a C cup, 4 inches to a D cup, and so forth. For instance, if your bust measures 37 inches and your band measures 33 inches, you would be categorized as a D cup due to the 4-inch difference.

What is the average CC size of breast implants?

Commonly chosen implant sizes typically fall within the 300cc to 500cc range, translating to UK cup sizes ranging from C to DD.

What are the fake breasts that look natural?

“Shaped breast implants,” “anatomical breast implants,” or “Gummy Bear breast implants” refer to silicone implants utilizing a robust cohesive gel, providing a teardrop appearance that closely replicates the natural contour and feel of female breasts.

What are the safest breast implants in 2023?

Saline and silicone breast implants are both regarded as safe options.

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