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What to Look for in Mommy Makeover Photos

What To Look For In Mommy Makeover Photos

If you’ve been considering a mommy makeover as a gift to yourself, chances are you’ve been perusing a lot of mommy makeover before and after photos from different surgeons. And while this is a great way to gain an understanding of just what a mommy makeover can do for you (reduce sagging skin, remove stubborn fat, plump drooping breasts), it’s also important to know exactly what you’re looking at.

Naturally, all plastic surgeons put their best work online in the form of before and after photos. But did you know that some online mommy makeover photos are doctored to make the “after” images more attractive? Whether it’s through the use of filters, varied lighting, or Photoshop, not all surgeons are putting their (true) best foot forward.

For this reason, we’ve put together a brief guide to help you have a more discerning eye when it comes to looking at mommy makeover before and afters.

What to Look for in Mommy Makeover Before and After Images

Mommy Makeover Before And After PhotosAs you look at mommy makeover recovery time photos from various surgeons, we recommend focusing on the following points. This will help you isolate those professional and highly skilled surgeons who are the best in their field and who will help you achieve optimal results.

#1 – Consistent positioning and lighting

Unfortunately, some surgeons may try to influence the eye of the observer by changing the lighting or patient positioning in their “after” photos. Always look for consistency in lighting, camera angle, and patient positioning to ensure that you’re getting an accurate view of how the patient’s body has changed once they’ve undergone surgery.

#2 – Proven skill in a variety of procedures

Mommy makeover procedures require skill in a variety of areas, including liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, breast lift surgery, and more. In this way, you’ll want to see that the before and afters from your surgeon include expertise in all of these areas.

Patients who’ve undergone a tummy tuck should no longer have loose, excess skin on their abdomens. If a breast augmentation was performed, breast size should be noticeably larger, and the breasts should be fuller and more youthful-looking. Patients who’ve undergone a breast lift should not have breast sagging or downward pointing nipples.

#3 – Natural-looking results

While it does sometimes occur that a patient wants “outstanding” results that differ from “the norm”, most plastic surgery patients want to look natural once they’ve healed. 

If this includes you, look for seamless, scar-free results in the “after” pictures. Scars should be barely noticeable (if noticeable at all). Patient results should be symmetrical, even, and consistent.

#4 – Patients who look like you!

Finally, if you can find “before” subjects with a body and build that is similar to yours, this is a great way to envision what your results may look like. Mommy makeover patients vary widely in regards to the areas they would like to improve. Look for someone with “trouble spots” like yours.

Additional Tips for Finding the Best Plastic Surgeon

Examining mommy makeover before and after photos is certainly a good way to determine whether a plastic surgeon is right for you. However, there are some additional tips that can help you make the right decision as well.

#1 – Ensure your surgeon is board certified. 

Any plastic surgeon you work with should be board-certified. A plastic surgeon who is board-certified has all of the required credentials for being a surgeon, but has also gone above and beyond to show that they perform plastic surgeries ethically and safely. Board certification requires the completion of extensive education and training and an additional residency as well.

Be aware that many regular medical professionals perform plastic surgeries without being board-certified. You definitely want to seek out board-certified plastic surgeons as opposed to a surgeon who just happens to perform cosmetic procedures.

#2 – Look for a surgeon who specializes in the areas you’re interested in.

The world of plastic surgery is vast, and if you’re new to it, it may come as a surprise that certain plastic surgeons specialize in certain procedures. For example, some plastic surgeons simply enjoy performing rhinoplasty surgery — and that’s what they’re good at. Sure, you can go to them for liposuction or a tummy tuck, but where they excel is in facial procedures like rhinoplasty.

Other surgeons prefer body work (liposuction, tummy tucks, body contouring, etc.). Naturally, you want to find a surgeon who specializes in the procedure or procedures you are interested in undergoing.

#3 – Get to know your surgeon. 

As in any other field, there are an array of personalities in the plastic surgery world. All surgeons have different bedside manners and ways of handling their patients. So, it’s important to find a surgeon you communicate well with.

Of course, they should also be skilled and adept in their field (as well as professional). But certainly, you should always look for a surgeon who is friendly and easy to work with too.

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