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What’s Included in Mommy Makeover Packages?

Whats Included In Mommy Makeover Packages

Motherhood is a wonderful journey and a gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately, many new moms struggle to navigate this important role in life. And it’s only confounded by the fact that they now have a brand-new body — stretched and adjusted from the stresses of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. But this is where a mommy makeover in New York can help.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding all take their toll on a woman’s body. And with babies and kids running around, the physical needs of mom can often go by the wayside. Even with a strict diet and exercise, many women feel like an entirely different person when compared with how they felt before children.

Fortunately, even when it seems like you’ll never be yourself again, a mommy makeover can give you your confidence back. From getting rid of stubborn fat and removing unwanted loose skin to lifting sagging breasts and restoring your curves, this procedure provides a supportive, effective way to get your pre-baby body back.

What’s Included in a Full Mommy Makeover?

Mommy MakeoverNo two mommy makeovers are alike. Where one woman may struggle primarily with sagging skin and excess fat around her lower abdomen, another woman may be more concerned with a small breast size and extra weight on her upper arms causing discomfort.

For the former, liposuction and a mini tummy tuck (which only addresses excess skin below the belly button) may be ideal. For the latter, a breast lift, breast augmentation, or other procedures to improve breast volume as well as liposuction of the upper arms would be better. You will meet one-on-one with Dr. Schulman to discuss your goals and make a procedure plan that works best for you.

Still, despite the uniqueness of each mommy makeover, there are “typical procedures” that tend to be a part of most packages:

Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy stretches the abdominal skin, causing loose sagging skin that may not bounce back after the birth of your child. Moreover, stretch marks and excess fat on the abdomen can cause women to feel particularly self-conscious about their midsections.

Tummy tuck surgery is often performed to reduce loose skin and stretch marks on the abdomen, tighten the abdominal muscles, and create a smoother, flatter tummy.

Breast Lift

With pregnancy weight fluctuations and breastfeeding, women’s breasts often end up sagging and appearing flat and pancake-like. A breast lift can use a woman’s own tissue to create more youthful-looking breasts. The nipples and areolae will be lifted, and any extra skin and tissue will be excised.

Breast Augmentation

When lack of breast volume is a problem, breast augmentation can be performed to increase the size of the breasts and change their shape. Instead of “deflated” looking breasts with no volume, we can use implants or fat transfer breast augmentation to increase the overall size of the patient’s breasts and give them the shape they desire.


Even when women exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, stubborn fat can be difficult — if not impossible — to lose. Liposuction can effectively remove pockets of unwanted fat.

Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Many women notice their shapely curves have disappeared after having children. Whereas they used to have larger, rounder buttocks and a trimmer waist, they may now struggle with small hips and small looking buttocks with more fat, tissue, and skin around the midsection.

A Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer procedure that uses liposuction to remove fat from the waist area and transfers it to the hips and buttocks. The result is a curvaceous, feminine figure with volume in all the right places.

Mommy Makeover Questions & Answers

How many days does it take to recover from a mommy makeover?

Mommy Makeover PackagesThis depends on which plastic surgery procedures you’ve chosen for your mommy makeover. Tummy tucks, for example, require a longer recovery time and more downtime as your core recovers.

No matter which procedures you’ve chosen, most mommy makeover patients are recovering from surgery for at least one to two weeks. For many patients, it will take months to fully recover and get back to your normal activities and exercise routine.

Is it easier to lose weight after mommy makeover surgery?

Mommy makeover patients who want to lose weight may be more motivated to do so after surgery, especially because of their new-found confidence. 

However, it’s important to discuss your weight loss goals with your surgeon prior to surgery as it’s often better to be at or near your target weight prior to surgery. Additionally, large weight fluctuations after your recovery from surgery may compromise your results.

What is the mommy makeover packages price near me?

Patients often wonder what a cheap mommy makeover packages cost looks like. Mommy makeover prices differ, depending on where you have surgery, how qualified your plastic surgeon is, and exactly what you want to have done. It’s best to book a consultation appointment with prospective plastic surgeons so that you can receive accurate price estimates and make your decision from there.

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Mommy Makeover Packages Price Near MeOne of the best things about mommy makeovers is that each one is catered to the patient. Your mommy makeover won’t look like anyone else’s — and that’s good. We want to help take care of the issues you care most about so we can achieve the results you want.

If you have been searching for cheap mommy makeover packages near me and would like to learn more about mommy makeover body contouring procedures, contact Schulman Plastic Surgery in NYC today and schedule your one-on-one consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman.

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