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Guide to BBL Scars

Guide To BBL Scars

BBL scars are, thankfully, quite small. In fact, the only scars you’ll have after your Brazilian butt lift in NYC will be from the liposuction portion of the surgery. The reinjection of fat (performed as the second portion of the surgery to augment the size of the hips and buttocks) will not result in scarring.

Naturally, when undergoing Brazilian butt lift surgery, patients want to know details about what their healed BBL scars will look like. For this, it can be helpful to look at BBL scars pictures, but we’ve also created the following guide to help you navigate what to expect.

What Do BBL Surgery Scars Look Like?

Scars from BBL surgery look like small dots. Unlike other cosmetic surgery procedures, BBL surgery does not result in incisions of any substantial length.

They are only dots because the incisions required only need to be large enough to accommodate a small cannula, which is a thin metal tube used to suction out fat.

Generally speaking, these dot-like incisions will be bright red or pink as they heal. Once they close up, they will take on a lighter reddish/pinkish hue. The area may be raised and will be swollen and tender to the touch.

But as time goes on, the scars will flatten out and fade to small light pink dots. Months and years will pass, and the dots will become even lighter on most patients until they are almost unnoticeable.

Where Will BBL Surgery Scars Be Located?

Brazilian butt lift scars are only from liposuction (not from fat transfer reinjection). Therefore, they will be located wherever liposuction is required.

Your Plastic Surgeon’s Role in Concealing BBL Scars

Remember that your board certified plastic surgeon will be specifically concerned about visible scarring. They will be doing their very best to put scars only in concealed locations so that minimal scarring results.

Abdominal Liposuction Scars

If you decide you’d like to remove excess fat from the abdomen, liposuction incisions will be placed in and around the abdomen. The belly button is almost always used as an incision site, which makes the scar completely invisible.

If upper abdomen fat needs to be removed, incisions may be made in the breast crease. Lower abdominal fat can be removed via incisions made below the underwear line.

Back and Lower Body Liposuction Scars

When liposuction is performed on the back and lower body, incisions are likewise concealed in hard-to-see areas. Some buttocks liposuction or lipo on the flanks can be performed through an incision in the butt crack.

Upper back fat can be removed via an incision beneath the bra line. And finally, inner thigh fat can be removed via incisions made beneath the buttocks in the crease.

Will My BBL Scars Disappear?

BBL ScarsTechnically speaking, BBL scars do not disappear. After your Brazilian butt lift procedure, your incision sites will go through several healing process stages. They will initially flatten and fade over the first few months.

And in the following years, you will notice they fade more and more. For some patients, they may be nearly undetectable over time.

What Can I Do to Minimize the Appearance of BBL Scars?

To minimize the appearance of scars after a Brazilian Butt Lift, follow your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions diligently, which may include using recommended scar creams. Protect the incision sites from direct sunlight and avoid UV exposure.

Gentle scar massage can help break down scar tissue, and maintaining a healthy diet and staying hydrated aids in overall skin health and healing. Be patient, as scars typically improve over several months to a year. If you’re still unhappy with the results, consult your surgeon about scar revision options.

Q&A: BBL Scars

Do BBL scars go away?

If healed properly, BBL scars will not go away, but they will fade and flatten out significantly. Sometimes, these small, well-concealed scars will fade so well that they are hardly noticeable over time.

What does BBL look like after 10 years?

After 10 years, as long as patients have maintained a healthy stable weight and are continuing to lead healthy lifestyles, BBL results should still be apparent.

The BBL procedure itself is essentially permanent. Fat cells are permanently removed from unwanted areas, and the newly transferred fat cells are permanently adhered to their new location. Still, if a patient gains or loses a significant amount of weight after surgery, results may not last.

What if my plastic surgery scars don’t heal well?

Very rarely, scar complications may occur. Some patients have a genetic predisposition to develop keloid or hypertrophic scars with noticeable scar tissue as wounds heal.

If you’ve had Brazilian butt lift work and your scars aren’t healing well, it’s important to contact your plastic surgeon as soon as possible. Interventions and scar therapies can often be used to correct these issues and minimize the appearance of noticeable scar tissue.

Is a Brazilian butt lift worth it?

The worth of BBL procedures depends on an individual’s personal goals, body type, timeframe considerations, and budget. A Brazilian butt lift works for those seeking a fuller, more shapely buttocks and hips — with the added bonus of a reduced waistline with liposuction.

How can I maintain my BBL results?

First, remember to follow your surgeon’s BBL recovery instructions closely. Most importantly, avoid direct pressure on your buttocks and hip area to ensure the fat cells have an adequate blood supply.

Additionally, get plenty of rest, eat a nutritious diet, wear your compression garments as directed, and avoid rigorous exercise. After a certain amount of time, you should be able to incorporate light exercise to encourage proper circulation.

After more time has elapsed, ensure you are focusing on a healthy diet and exercise and maintaining a stable weight. Drastic weight fluctuations may diminish your BBL results.

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