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Will I Have Scars After Weight Loss Surgery?

Will I Have Scars After Weight Loss Surgery

When it comes to scars after weight loss surgery, there’s an important distinction that must be made. And that is the difference between weight loss surgery scars and scars from surgery after weight loss.

Weight loss surgery scars are scars that result from bariatric surgery procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery, and gastric balloon surgery. Most of the time, gastric bypass scars, gastric sleeve incision scars, and any type of laparoscopic bariatric surgery scars are very small, requiring only tiny incisions. A gastric sleeve scar from single incision laparoscopic surgery may even be hidden within the belly button and almost completely invisible.

Post-weight loss surgery scars are scars that result from body contouring after significant weight loss. These scars tend to be more substantial because larger incisions are required, and this simply means more scar tissue. More scar tissue means more visibility. Still, as surgeons, we do our best to keep scars small and well-hidden.

You are reading this on a plastic surgery website, so naturally, we are going to be focusing on after weight loss surgery scars. Up ahead, we’ll fill you in on what to expect from scars after body contouring surgery.

Will I Have Skin Removal Surgery After Weight Loss Scars?

Let’s start with the basics: Plastic surgery after weight loss will it leave scars?

The answer is yes.

Now, often, this answer does not sit well with patients. Individuals who have already undergone major bariatric surgery and have the bariatric surgery scars from that procedure are typically not super-excited to embark on a brand-new surgery that will entail brand-new scars.

This is totally understandable.

However, here’s where it’s important to take a step back and look at the benefits and drawbacks more broadly.

Start by taking a look at any weight loss surgery before and after photos. What do you see?

In nearly all successful cases, the patient looks substantially better in their “after” photos. They’ve lost weight, they have a more distinct and attractive shape, their muscles are more defined, and they’re simply happier. This procedure can drastically transform a person on the inside and out.

However, as amazing as this surgery can be, there are drawbacks to bariatric surgery too.

First, you may have gastric bypass surgery scars or gastric sleeve surgery scars, depending on what surgery you underwent. Next, the cost of these surgeries can be quite high. Finally, there’s lots of recovery time required, and this includes pain and discomfort, limited mobility for a time, etc.

But which would you rather have?

For nearly all gastric sleeve and gastric bypass patients who have seen success, the surgery was absolutely worth it. Yes, you do have minimal scarring even with weight loss surgery itself. But the benefits and advantages you gain from this surgery can be totally life-changing, and it’s almost always worth it.

Well, the same goes for plastic surgery after weight loss.

Whether you’ve lost a significant amount of weight through weight loss surgery, medical weight loss (use of Ozempic or similar drugs), or diet and exercise, scars are an inevitable result. The good news is you’re getting something pretty amazing at the same time.

Namely, you’ll be able to get rid of all of that excess skin that’s been bothering you. This skin keeps you from feeling comfortable throughout the day, from wearing the clothes you love, from feeling confident in your own skin, from exercising with ease, and more.

When you undergo plastic surgery after weight loss, you’re getting all sorts of benefits. Most patients can accept the drawback of scars in this case.

Where Will I Have Scars After Body Contouring?

In terms of location, size, and visibility, scarring from body contouring really depends on the type of surgery you undergo. More visible scars usually result from body lifts (upper and lower body lifts, tummy tuck surgery, arm lift surgery, etc.).

After the body’s natural healing process, these scars may appear as long thin lines, usually along the lower abdomen and hip line. Your surgeon will do as much as possible to minimize scarring that can be seen while wearing clothes or bathing suits. Breast lift scars typically won’t be visible when wearing a bra or bathing suit either.

Liposuction does not usually cause noticeable scars. After the body’s healing process, these scars are usually no larger than pencil erasers.

Finally, remember that scars fade. Over time, scar patterns that were once bright pink or red should become less pigmented and flatter. They will slowly begin to blend with the surrounding skin and should eventually become far less noticeable.

FAQ: Skin Removal Surgery Scars After Weight Loss

What types of procedures get rid of loose skin after weight loss?

Upper body lift surgery, lower body lift surgery, tummy tuck surgery, Brazilian butt lift surgery, thigh lift surgery, arm lift surgery, breast augmentation, breast lift surgery, breast reduction, and male breast reduction are some of your options if you want to get rid of loose skin after massive weight loss.

What do post-weight loss body contouring scars look like after one year?

The best way to envision how your post-weight loss body contouring scars might look after one year is to Google before and after photos of past patients. Specifically, look up “skin surgery after weight loss scars 1 year” to see examples of how your own scars might look after one year.

Do keep in mind that everyone is different, however. There is no guarantee that your scars will look the same as what you find online.

How much is plastic surgery after weight loss?

Loose skin surgery cost factors vary depending on the scope of your surgery, what procedures you require, who your surgeon is, and where you physically undergo surgery. Prices are different across the country, and loose skin surgery can mean a range of different things. Request a consultation for a more detailed price quote.

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