Neck, Chest, and Hand Rejuvenation

All of the treatments that we have available for skin rejuvenation are not just limited to your face. Our licensed aesthetician Amanda Sanzone can perform a variety of skin treatments on all the parts of your body that are showing signs of aging. Commonly neglected areas are the neck, chest, and hands. Don’t let these areas show your true age!

Chemical peels, IPL and microdermabrasion are all treatments that work wonderfully on on the neck, chest and hands.

Dr. Schulman and Amanda have also curated specific skin care products for these areas of the body, including a unique retinol and moisturizer in a spray formula, and body exfoliating creams. For more significant improvement in these areas, you might even consider deeper TCA peels, CO2 laser or injectable fillers done by Dr. Schulman.

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