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Brazilian Butt Lift: Patient 2

Brazilian Butt Lift: Patient 2

BBL NYC patient 2

This patient had some skin laxity associated with pregnancies and associated weight fluctuations. She also had some asymmetry of her flanks and hips. Notice in the before photos, that there is a difference in her sides and also in the bottom of her butt cheeks.  This case involved removal of all available fat from the abdomen, flanks, sides, full back, and inner thighs (“lipo 360”), then fat transfer to the butt and hips. Notice the improved symmetry of her curves, which required very skilled lipo and fat transfer.  Her friends and family just think she lost more weight……but her secret is safe with us.

Liposuction: 5000 cc, Fat transfer: 1250 cc + 1250 cc

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