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Brazilian Butt Lift: Patient 4

Brazilian Butt Lift: Patient 4

BBL NYC patient 4

This is a young woman with a Body Mass Index (BMI) on the lower side.  She exercised 5 days per week, but was unable to build her butt or lose the excess fat along her lower back and sides. She really wanted to have a nice curve to her lower back, with more roundness to her butt.  Since she did not have a lot of “donor fat”, she had been turned down by other surgeons and was told that she needed to gain weight to be a candidate. Not here! Dr. Schulman is very experienced with thin patients. She had liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, and lower back, and then fat transfer to her butt.  She got the athletic look she wanted.

Liposuction: 3100 cc, Fat Transfer: 850 cc + 850 cc

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