How Young is “Too Young” for Cosmetic Surgery?

Many people wonder about the appropriate age for cosmetic surgery and when someone is “too young.” This has been debated in the media. There is not one simple answer to this question and it depends on the procedure we are talking about. In general, a person needs to be physically ready for the procedure and the associated anesthesia. The body part that is being operated on needs to be in the proper stage of development, which usually means that it is no longer growing. Psychologically the person needs to be old enough to understand what is being done and be able to make a decision about it. It is always best if the person is old enough to really understand the procedure and be equipped to deal with the social after-effects of the surgery. As you can imagine, these are very individualized decisions, based on the person, the parents, and the specific procedure requested.

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Most Wanted Celebrity Body Parts

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, my job is to help my patients achieve a certain look they desire. I encourage my patients to be as specific as possible with me about the type of look that they are trying to achieve. It follows, therefore, that my patients often use celebrities as examples. No one says to me, “I want to look like X”. Rather, they say “I want lips like X, and breasts like Y.” Patients now dissect celebrities into specific body parts. It reminds of that scene from Weird Science where they input data into the computer and out pops a beautiful Kelly LeBrock. What are the most common celebrity body parts on people’s wish list?

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