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Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After

Breast Reduction Surgery Before And After

Sometimes, plastic surgery gets a bad rap for always being about looks, sex appeal, and surface-level improvements. But it’s really much more than that, and a case in point is breast reduction surgery.

For many women, a breast reduction procedure can be absolutely life-changing. Not only does it relieve discomfort and pain on multiple levels, but it can also give a woman a boost of confidence and self-assurance in her day-to-day life.

If this procedure is something you have been considering for a long time, let us walk you through what you can expect before and after breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After

Before And After Breast Reduction Surgery TikTokIf you search on TikTok before and after breast reduction surgery, you’ll inevitably see amazing side-by-sides showing a drastic and fabulous-looking reduction in breast size and shape. The patient will glowingly say that they “wished they’d gotten this surgery sooner” and that they “love their results”. 

But as with all before and afters, there’s a lot that happens in between that isn’t shown in the “big reveal”. Below, we’ll go over the specific steps that must be taken before and after breast reduction so that you can have your own big reveal once you’ve healed from surgery.

What to Expect Before Breast Reduction

Step 1: Booking your consultation

Your first step toward undergoing breast reduction surgery is to book a consultation appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Matthew Schulman.

Consultation appointments are designed to create a safe space for discussing your surgical goals with your plastic surgeon. We invite you to bring pictures or photos from magazines if you think it may help guide us as to what you’re looking for.

It’s also important that we go through your medical history together. We want to know about any previous surgeries, ongoing medical issues, or other concerns that may interfere with your ability to undergo surgery safely and effectively.

Step 2: Making your decision

After your consultation appointment, you’ll have a chance to decide whether or not you want to move forward with the procedure. It’s important that you weigh your options and take some time to consider the pros and cons of breast reduction.

During this time, some individuals may need to undergo some additional medical tests to ensure that they are healthy and safe to undergo surgery. Once you are ready and cleared, however, you can simply give us a call and we will schedule your procedure.

From here, we can also talk a bit about cost. You’ll want to create the proper claim for your breast reduction surgery cost with insurance, if that’s how you plan to pay. Or, you may want to look at financing options if you are going to pay for your procedure out of pocket.

Step 3: Preparing for surgery at home

At home, we recommend that you take steps to prepare your surroundings for surgery. Most patients opt to ask friends and family members for some help after surgery. This may mean getting assistance with cooking, shopping, running errands, taking care of children or pets, etc. 

Of course, if you are working, you’ll also need to take time off from your job. Speak to Dr. Schulman about just how long you should plan on staying home from work after your surgery. Make sure that you get all of this set ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about it while you are trying to recover.

Step 4: Day of surgery

On the day of your surgery, you’ll have some specific instructions regarding eating and drinking, when to arrive, and having someone close to you who will be able to take you home once your surgery has been completed. 

Please show up on time, and we will welcome you into a preoperative room where you can meet with Dr. Schulman. You will then be given anesthesia and taken to the operating room. Once the operation is complete, you’ll be monitored for a short time before you’re allowed to go home with your friend or family member.

What to Expect After Breast Reduction

Step 1: Going home

Before And After Breast Reduction Surgery

Once you have been taken home by a trusted friend or family member, we recommend that you get some rest right away. You’re going to be groggy and tired after your procedure, so this is a great time to just rest and relax.

Swelling, bruising, and some slight discomfort are totally normal after surgery. For more severe pain, medications can be prescribed. You’ll also be wearing a special garment over your breasts that will help reduce swelling and ensure great results from your surgery. Be sure to wear this garment as directed as it is an important element of your recovery.

Step 2: Active recovery

Throughout your breast reduction recovery week by week you will improve. Bruising and swelling will dissipate (although swelling is going to last for several weeks and months). You will also notice that the pain diminishes over the first week of recovery. You shouldn’t have to take prescription pain medication for very long.

Speak to Dr. Schulman and his staff about when and how you can bathe and be active. We don’t want you to get your incision sites wet or dirty, yet we know that you want to stay clean and comfortable. We also encourage you to move around and take short walks, however, we also don’t want you to exert yourself too much. Always go by your surgeon’s guidelines to know when you can return to normal activities such as walking, driving, and returning to work.

Step 3: Follow-up appointments

In addition to following all of your recovery instructions, also be sure to attend all of your follow-up appointments. These will be spaced regularly throughout your recovery so that Dr. Schulman can monitor your progress and ensure you’re healing well.

Step 4: Seeing your results

It may take several months before you see your full results from surgery. Fortunately, after around three weeks, you should be able to go back to exercise. 

In every week that follows, you’ll see more and more improvements in swelling and the overall shape and comfort level of your breasts. You’ll feel so much better with all of that excess breast tissue and weight off your chest.

Schedule Your Breast Reduction Consultation Today

Problematically large and heavy breasts can cause a laundry list of complaints for many women. If one of those women is you, take charge of your life starting today.

Call Schulman Plastic Surgery and schedule a one-on-one breast reduction consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman. We look forward to hearing from you.