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Can You Get a Lipo 360 BBL?

Can You Get A Lipo 360 BBL

Yes, a lipo 360 with BBL is a procedure that basically removes fat from all the way around a patient’s waist and transfers (some or all of) that fat to the hips and buttocks area. This effectively creates a curvier, more attractive hourglass figure that many women desire.

Brazilian butt lifts performed with lipo 360 are becoming increasingly popular because of the amazing results they can achieve. An hourglass shape makes women look excellent in jeans, skirts, dresses, and bathing suits. Think J-Lo or Kim Kardashian and her sisters for an idea of what body shape you can get with this procedure. No amount of exercise or dieting will be able to help you achieve such dramatic results. 

To learn more about lipo 360 and the BBL process, read on.

What Is Lipo 360 With BBL?

Lipo 360 BBL surgery is basically a Brazilian butt lift procedure wherein unwanted fat is taken from the entire circumference of the midsection. A lipo 360 combined BBL is a cosmetic surgery that can achieve dramatic results for patients. 

Below, we’ll outline exactly how a typical BBL is performed as well as what lipo 360 entails and how it differs from a typical liposuction procedure. 

What Is a BBL Procedure?

A BBL (Brazilian butt lift) is a fat transfer surgery that uses a patient’s own body fat to augment (increase the size of) the patient’s hips and buttocks. Generally speaking, the procedure is performed in order to both remove excess fat from “trouble areas” (usually the waist) and add volume to the hips and buttocks. 

What Is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 With BBL PriceLipo 360 (liposuction 360) is a form of liposuction in which fat cells are removed from the entire midsection — all the way around the trunk. Normally, liposuction involves fat removal from just certain areas of the midsection. For example, we might remove fat from the lower abdomen and sides. 

If we suction out fat cells circumferentially, however, we are essentially slimming the waistline all the way around — taking fat from the front of the abdomen, sides, flanks, and back. This can create an especially dramatic result. 

When combined with a BBL procedure (which is adding fat to the buttocks and hips), patients are able to achieve an hourglass shape that is extremely attractive and highly sought-after.

How Is a Lipo 360 BBL Performed?

BBLs with lipo 360 are performed under general anesthesia and require three basic steps.

The first step is the fat harvesting phase. This is essentially a simple liposuction fat removal procedure, in which fat calls are suctioned circumferentially out of the abdomen. Keep in mind that liposuction removes fat cells; it does not remove loose skin. 

The fat is then processed in step two so that it can be re-injected. 

Step three is the re-injection phase of this surgical procedure. The patient’s own fat is re-injected into the hips and buttocks. Dr. Schulman will determine exactly where the fat injections should go in order to create the ideal body contours for the patient. 

The patient will then be taken to a recovery room for an hour or two before they can go home with a trusted relative or friend.

FAQ: Lipo 360 Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

How much does a lipo 360 with BBL cost?

Your lipo 360 with BBL price will vary depending on several factors. First, there’s the geographical location of your surgery. Surgeries performed in high-cost-of-living areas will be more expensive. 

Then, there’s your surgeon’s fee. This is usually based on how much your surgeon is in demand for a given procedure and their specific BBL cost requirements related to anesthesia, surgical facilities, consultation fees, and aftercare. 

Lipo 360 With BBL

The best way to know how much your BBL with lipo 360 will cost is to schedule a consultation.

Why do men like big butts?

In short, it’s in an intrinsic nature men to be attracted to large buttocks on women. That’s because a woman with larger hips and buttocks signifies youthfulness and fertility — something that, genetically, men are attracted to. Overall, men tend to be attracted to a relatively low waist to hip ratio.

What is a skinny BBL?

Skinny BBL procedures are basically the same as traditional BBL procedures. The key difference is that they are performed on individuals who don’t have a lot of excess body fat to spare. 

As a result of this, usually only modest enlargement of the hips and buttocks can be achieved. However, we can still achieve a noticeable difference, and your overall body contour and shape can be significantly altered.

Schedule a Lipo 360 BBL Consultation Today

Lipo 360 BBLHave questions about the Brazilian butt lift procedure? Want to know if you’re a good candidate based on your body mass index and other qualifications?

Essentially, if you have stubborn fat around your waist that’s difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise and you’d love to accentuate your buttocks and hips by adding more volume to these areas, then a Brazilian butt lift with lipo 360 is for you. At your consultation, we’ll go over your medical history, pricing, scheduling, and other necessities. 

Call today to book your appointment, and we look forward to hearing from you! Please look at our BBL before and after images before your visit. 



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