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Can You Get a Mommy Makeover With BBL?

Can You Get A Mommy Makeover With BBL

Yes, a mommy makeover can include a BBL. Technically speaking, any combination of cosmetic procedures can be a mommy makeover. 

With that said, not everyone can undergo all of their desired mommy makeover surgeries at one time. Because mommy makeover surgery is already a complex procedure with an extended recovery time, some surgeons may recommend waiting to perform a BBL separately.

Below, we’ll explore what a BBL entails and how it can be incorporated into your mommy makeover surgery. 

Do BBLs Go Well With Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Mommy Makeover With Bbl Near MeMost mommy makeover procedures include breast surgery (to lift and/or add volume to the breasts), a tummy tuck (to remove excess skin), and liposuction (to remove unwanted fat). But as stated above, mommy makeovers can include a wide range of cosmetic surgeries — from Brazilian butt lifts, to facelifts, to labiaplasty. 

The reason we typically describe a mommy makeover as tummy tuck surgery, breast surgery (breast augmentation, breast lift, breast augmentation fat transfer, breast reduction, etc.), and liposuction is that these are the three procedures that most mommy makeover patients want. This is simply because the typical mommy makeover issues that women who’ve had several children face after their pregnancies are loose abdominal muscles, stubborn unwanted fat, excess skin on their stomachs, and drooping or sagging breasts that have lost volume.

Adding a Brazilian butt lift is something that an increasing number of women are interested in for their mommy makeover procedure. Some plastic surgeons call this an hourglass mommy makeover.

A Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer procedure, so it involves liposuction to remove excess fat from places like the abdomen, flanks, or upper back. It also involves the reinjection of that fat into the hips and buttocks. The result is a more feminine hourglass shape — a shape that many women end up losing after they’ve had children when their body changes significantly.

One Surgery or Several Surgeries?

Mommy Makeover With Bbl CostAll plastic surgeons have different opinions about whether a mommy makeover (especially one with a tummy tuck) can include a Brazilian butt lift. 

This is primarily because if you’ve had a tummy tuck (on the front of your abdomen), you tend to be slightly hunched over during your recovery. This is so that the abdominal muscles and incisions can heal properly.

But if you’ve had a Brazilian butt lift, you can’t sit or put pressure on your buttocks for a while during your recovery. Therefore, you’re in a very difficult position if you have both of these situations going on at once.

Because of this extra challenge, some surgeons will recommend that their patient’s mommy makeover be split into two surgeries. So, you may get liposuction, a breast lift or breast augmentation surgery, and a tummy tuck in one procedure and then wait for a full recovery from this surgery before getting your Brazilian butt lift.

Should You Get a BBL with Your Mommy Makeover?

There are two main questions to consider when a patient presents wanting to get a Brazilian butt lift with their mommy makeover. The first question is about their overall health and ability to recover well from major surgery. We want to know that the patient is in good physical health and also prepared to handle the more extensive recovery that will accompany a mommy makeover with Brazilian butt lift. It is important to plan, and understand how to prepare before and after your mommy makeover.

Then, we need to know if the patient will need to have two surgeries to incorporate all of the procedures they want. 

Of course, one longer recovery can be difficult. But also, two surgeries means arranging childcare or pet care for two recoveries, getting help at home for two recoveries, and of course, taking work off for two recoveries. These are topics that need to be discussed with each patient.

FAQ: Mommy Makeover With BBL Surgery

How much does a mommy makeover with BBL cost?

It is difficult to estimate the cost of a mommy makeover with BBL as it truly depends on what exact procedures the patient is undergoing. During your detailed consultation, Dr. Schulman will assess your options and present the best course of surgery to achieve your goals. You can then discuss the estimated cost for your desired results. 

Where can I get a mommy makeover with BBL near me?

Dr. Matthew Schulman performs mommy makeover with BBL surgery for qualified patients at his New York City practice. Dr. Schulman regularly welcomes patients from the New York area, but also from many places around the country and throughout the world.

How safe is mommy makeover surgery?

Most mommy makeovers are very safe and effective. The exact mommy makeover death rate is difficult to examine because every patient’s surgery varies so much. Still, recent statistics show that it is exceedingly rare for deaths to occur when this surgery is performed by a skilled and experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

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Mommy Makeover With Bbl RecoveryMany mommy makeover patients benefit greatly from Brazilian butt lift surgery. The differences before and after mommy makeover surgery with a BBL can be dramatic. It can take someone with an apple-shaped torso and hips to a beautiful hourglass shape. With the addition of other common mommy makeover procedures (tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction, etc.), you can get back your pre-baby body and then some. 

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