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Snapchat Plastic Surgery Videos: Meet Dr. Matthew Schulman

Snapchat Plastic Surgery Videos Meet Dr. Matthew Schulman

Snapchat is no longer only the domain of young people sending bathroom selfies to each other; it has become a serious and legitimate channel for anyone who wants to learn more about the process behind high-quality plastic surgery in New York City . You all know about the classic before and after plastic cosmetic surgery pictures; but now Snapchat gives our potential patients the opportunity to make informed decisions about the process because they can see what happens during the surgery and well into the whole recovery process as well—between the before and after, if you will.

To see it all for yourself, set up your Snapchat account and subscribe to Dr. Schulman’s channel: @nycplasticsurg.

What Can You See on Dr. Schulman’s Snapchat Plastic Surgeon Account?

If you don’t have a Snapchat account, it’s easy to download the app and set up an account on your mobile device. Typical “snaps” sent between friends will disappear 10 seconds after the recipient opens them. But Dr. Schulman a cosmetic doctor uses “Story” mode to post daily collections of 10-second videos and edited photos of the cosmetic procedures that are available to view as many times as you want for up to 24 hours.

You can basically watch an entire day at the office with Dr. Schulman, his team and his patients if you want. It’s an intimate, accurate way to see what things are really like, in real life, and he’s not afraid to show you!

The typical daily collection of videos consist of during-surgery Brazilian Butt Lifts, Breast augmentations and reductions, facial plastic surgery, liposuction (for men and women), neck lifts, lip implants, “Mommy Makeovers” and more.

In fact, nearly a quarter of the cosmetic surgery videos he posts highlight Dr. Schulman repairing failed plastic surgeries that patients received from less-than-reputable sources.

These videos are extremely popular, and Dr. Schulman has a great reputation across the Eastern Seaboard for being the trusted authority in this area.

In addition to the operating room videos, Dr. Schulman also posts videos of the recovery process for many patients as well as other things we do in the office to serve our clients.

While there are other plastic surgeons putting wacky office shenanigans videos up on Snapchat too, Dr. Schulman, who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, sticks to the professional and educational.

fiThese procedures are major surgeries that include important preparation for the patients, as well as a fairly intensive recovery process. It’s important to him that you know exactly what to expect during any one of these surgeries so that you can make an informed decision and get the results you really want. Plastic surgery is a collaborative process and Dr. Schulman has regularly seen that the better educated his patients are, the better the results will be.

SnapChat Plastic SurgeryWho is Watching Dr. Schulman?

In a word: millennials. Of course there are many other segments of society watching, but millennials swim in the ocean of social media and want to see how things work in real life on video before making major decisions like undergoing plastic surgery. They are research junkies and want to know as much as possible ahead of time. Dr. Schulman thinks this is a great thing and he’s running with it.

When Dr. Schulman started posting plastic surgery videos to Snapchat a little over a year ago, he had only a few followers—mostly just the folks here in the office and a few friends. But once word got out to people interested in how the surgeries could help them achieve their ideal body, and what to expect from these surgeries, his following exploded. He currently logs well over a million views of his skin and videos each day.

And although Snapchat doesn’t keep a log of how many regular followers a person has, Dr. Schulman’s Instagram account (nycplasticsurg) currently logs 19,000 regular followers. The benefit of Snapchat over Instagram, of course, is that videos can provide so much more detail behind the intensive process of plastic surgery than static photographs (although they most definitely have their place in the research and education process as well).

Why @nycplasticsurg on Snapchat is a Good Thing

Dr. Schulman has received a lot of press regarding his Snapchat channel recently, and naturally, people have had a lot of questions. One of the biggest concerns journalists have asked about is whether or not bringing Snapchat social media into the operating room is a distraction for doctors and him. The answer is a resounding “No.”

In addition to being one of the most respected plastic surgeons in the nation, Dr. Schulman is a Professor of Plastic surgery, constantly teaching residents in the operating room and explaining procedures to his students at one of the top plastic surgery schools in the country. A separate staff member is always in charge of filming the surgery while he does what he always does: perform high-quality plastic surgery while educate patients as it happens.

In fact, aside from people who are thinking about undergoing surgery to look like him, another huge segment of his Snapchat social media following are plastic surgery students. He is 100 percent focused on the patient at all times.

Journalists and prospective patients also ask about privacy issues regarding having their plastic surgery broadcast to millions of viewers on Snapchat and other social media platforms. Dr. Schulman will not post anything unless the patient signs a consent form first—and he also respects each individual patient’s wishes for exactly what does or doesn’t end up in a Snapchat video post.

And strangely enough, the majority of patients are more than eager to share their experiences in order to help other patients and potential patients through their decision-making, preparation and recovery processes.

In fact, there is now a sense of community among patients that has evolved through his Snapchat channel; a development that makes a great positive impact on a patient’s self esteem and ability to research, decide, prepare, undergo and recover.

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