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Plastic Surgery Procedure Guide: 10 Steps to a Gorgeous New You

A beautifully successful plastic surgery experience is, at its core, a team effort. As a patient, it’s essential for you to be educated, informed and prepared for the before, during and after process to get the results you desire. It’s also critical to do your homework and select a board-certified plastic surgeon who has the…
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Check Out Dr. Schulman’s Snapchat Plastic Surgery Videos

Snapchat is no longer only the domain of teenagers sending bathroom selfies to each other; it has become a serious and legitimate channel for anyone who wants to learn more about the process behind high-quality plastic surgery. You all know about the classic "before and after plastic surgery pictures; but now Snapchat gives our potential patients…
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Looking For A Plastic Surgeon? Make Sure You ‘Do Your Homework’

If you're interested in boosting your appearance and your confidence with cosmetic surgery, your search for a doctor might reveal a wide scale in pricing. As you consider your options, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has a warning: "Do Your Homework." The number of patients seeking help after botched plastic surgery procedures has risen…
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Cosmetic Surgery Is Just As Safe For Seniors, Study Reports

Medical advancements and expanded knowledge about how to stay healthy and vibrant with lifestyle changes are allowing more and more people to live active and fulfilling lives as they age. And, with that, comes the desire of seniors to look as young and radiant as they feel. But many might be wondering whether their age…
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What’s Coming Up in Plastic Surgery for 2015?

What will 2015 bring in the world of plastic surgery? As medical advancements make surgery easier and safer, interest in cosmetic treatments is expected to continue to climb. Top New York City board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman can help make this the year you achieve the look you've been dreaming of. Looking forward to…
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What Did Joan River’s Death Teach Us?

The tragic passing of Joan Rivers has again raised awareness surrounding the dangers of medical procedures. Without getting into specific details about Joan’s case (many of the details are still emerging and a lot is still unknown), I would like to comment generally about the safety of medical procedures, particularly ones that utilize general anesthesia…
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Mommy Makeover Options for Kim Kardashian

The body goes through significant changes during pregnancy and breast feeding. These include weight gain, stretching of skin, development of stretch marks, enlargement (and then shrinking) of breast tissue, and breast drooping. Women many also complain of weight gain in other areas of their body such as thighs, arms, and back. While weight loss and…
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Why Women and their men love Big Booties

Every day I am amazed at how many women I see in my office requesting buttock augmentations. For the past 2 years, this has been increasing in popularity and I now perform 6-8 buttock augmentations per week. While plastic surgeons do not disclose their surgical numbers to other plastic surgeons, the anesthesiologists who I work…
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The Biggest Scam in Plastic Surgery – the “Cosmetic Surgeon”

Want to know what is the biggest scam in plastic surgery? It is that a “cosmetic surgeon” is the same as a plastic surgeon. The truth is that a “cosmetic surgeon” is any doctor who has chosen to perform cosmetic surgery. This says nothing about their particular training or what their residency was. They may…
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