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Factors Affecting Liposuction Cost

Factors Affecting Liposuction Cost

Worry about liposuction cost unfortunately keeps many people from pursuing their body goals. And to be sure, choosing to undergo liposuction (or any plastic surgery procedure for that matter) is certainly an investment.

However, it’s also important to reflect on what exactly you are investing in. In the case of liposuction … it’s you.

Liposuction is a reliable, long-lasting solution to stubborn fat that simply will not budge with diet and exercise alone. This fat can often hold people back from living their dreams. It may make you self-conscious in intimate situations, on the beach, at yoga class. It may even be keeping you from requesting that raise, pursuing a new career, or asking the girl at the coffee shop out on a date.

Despite all your efforts, if you have pockets of fat on your abdomen, back, upper arms, chin, thighs, inner knees, or basically anywhere else, liposuction is the solution you need. Plus, the good news is, when you compare the cost of liposuction to many other popular cosmetic surgeries, it’s one of the least expensive options in most cases.

Of course, this will always depends on the scope and extent of your surgery and many other factors. Below, we’ll take a look at these factors and help you gain a better understanding of what you can expect to pay if you choose to undergo liposuction at our esteemed NYC practice.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

The following list of factors will ultimately affect the cost of your liposuction procedure.

Your Surgeon’s Unique Fee

Plastic surgeons create their fees for liposuction procedures in many different ways. In addition to your surgeon’s unique surgeon’s fee, their own experience and skill will probably influence their prices too. Highly experienced surgeons will often charge more due to the demand of their care and their high reputation.

Seasonal Timing and the Geographic Location of Your Surgeon’s Practice

Believe it or not, cosmetic surgery prices can be different based on the time of year and the geographical location where you undergo surgery.

For example, many people like to get liposuction surgery in the winter months so that they can cover up swelling and bandages when it’s cold outside and show off their results in the summer. This means prices can go up in the winter.

Likewise, if you opt to get surgery in a metropolitan area, you can expect to pay more simply because of the costs of living are higher in these locations. The average liposuction cost in more rural locations is often lower.

Hospital or Facility Fees

The facility where your liposuction is performed contributes to the total cost. This usually comes directly from a hospital or plastic surgery facility.

Uniquely at our NYC practice, we have an accredited operating room within our facility. Of course, this still requires additional expenses, which will be factored into the cost of your surgery.

Consultation and Preoperative Tests

Some plastic surgeons will not include the initial consultation in their liposuction prices. So, this may need to be paid for separately.

Additionally, fees for any necessary tests before the procedure must be paid for by the patient. Plastic surgeons often require blood tests or imaging scans to ensure you are a good candidate for the cosmetic procedure. This is for your safety.

Costs Related to Anesthesia

How Much Does Liposuction CostThe type of anesthesia used during your surgery will affect the cost as well. General anesthesia, which ensures you are completely asleep during the procedure, may be more expensive than local anesthesia. Together, you and your surgeon will decide what type of anesthesia is best for your surgery.

In addition to the type of anesthesia, who administers the anesthesia also matters. Anesthesiologists typically charge more than nurse anesthetists, but their expertise may be required for your surgery.

Finally, the length of the surgery itself can influence the cost. Longer procedures may demand higher fees due to increased use of resources (anesthesia, technologies, supplies, etc.) and the extra time required by your anesthesiologist and surgeon.

Treatment Area Size

Most surgeons price their liposuction procedures by the number of treatment areas and each treatment area’s size. More treatment areas and larger treatment areas naturally cost more.

Potential Additional Procedures

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, but especially when it is combined with other, more invasive procedures (like a tummy tuck, for example), the overall cost can go up drastically.

Keep in mind that sometimes liposuction is used as a part of other cosmetic procedures as well. This is the case with a BBL, or Brazilian butt lift. Liposuction techniques are used to harvest excess fat cells, and then the fat is transferred to the buttocks and hips. This additional step will increase the price.

Treatment Technology

The use of advanced liposuction technologies may influence the overall cost due to the specialized equipment and unique skills required. If you aren’t sure about what techniques will be used, ask about laser liposuction cost vs ultrasound-assisted liposuction cost and other options.

Post-Surgery Garments

Special compression garments worn after liposuction will aid in the healing process, but often, they need to be purchased by the patient (some surgeons include them in their pricing, so always ask). These garments are designed to reduce swelling and help achieve optimal results, so don’t skip them.

FAQ: Liposuction Cost & More

How much does liposuction cost for your stomach?

Like any type of lipo, stomach liposuction cost varies based on the geographic location of your surgery, surgeon expertise, specific patient needs, and other factors. Ask about pricing at your consultation appointment.

How much does chin liposuction cost?

Chin Liposuction CostDouble chin liposuction removes excess fat from the neck and chin area and is a specialized form of lipo that not all surgeons are adept in. Despite the small treatment area, because of the unique skills required, prices can be as high as with other liposuction procedures. Inquire about pricing at your consultation appointment.

How much weight is removed with liposuction?

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, but it does target unwanted pockets of fat. Therefore, some weight will be lost after the procedure is finished. The amount varies, but it’s generally a few pounds.

Is liposuction recovery painful?

Some slight pain and soreness is normal after liposuction. Most patients find the level of discomfort tolerable and short-lived. If needed, medications can be prescribed to mitigate discomfort.

Will I have liposuction scars?

Liposuction involves small incisions, so scars will occur. Fortunately, your surgeon will aim for inconspicuous incision placement, and over time, the small marks should fade significantly. To see examples of what lipo scars look like, peruse our liposuction before and after galleries.

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Despite your best efforts to reduce stubborn fat deposits with diet and exercise, sometimes, it’s just not possible. If you’ve found yourself in this situation and are looking for a reliable solution, liposuction might be it.

To set up a consultation appointment and learn more about liposuction cost, what the procedure and recovery entails, when you’ll see results, and more, please call our NYC office today. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman has helped countless patients from around New York, the United States, and the world achieve their aesthetic goals.

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