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Plastic Surgery Myths Debunked

Plastic Surgery Myths Debunked

To many, plastic surgery is an area of medicine reserved only for the rich and famous. It is often seen as a luxury, unnecessary, or even dangerous. These are all myths that need to be put to rest. The practice of plastic surgery in New York City is not only tremendously popular, but it is also an extremely important form of medicine — one that helps people much more than you likely assume.

Below are some of the most common myths regarding plastic surgery cosmetic procedures. Read on to learn the truth when it comes to plastic surgery.

Myth #1 – Plastic surgery is only for those who are vain.

Many people mistakenly think that those who get plastic surgery are vain and obsessed with perfection.

While it is true that some people may abuse plastic surgery procedures, aiming for an ever-elusive “perfection” in their body and form, most plastic surgery procedures are actually quite functional and purposeful for patients. By definition, plastic surgery includes both cosmetic AND reconstructive procedures.

Board certified plastic surgeons will reconstruct breasts that have been removed or deformed from breast cancer operations. Breast implants are a perfect example of plastic surgery being used to benefit a patient far beyond vanity. Breast implants are used often after a patient goes through breast cancer, breast implants help to bring women’s bodies back to the place they love. While many hear breast implants and think of vanity, there is much more to the story. Cosmetic surgeons will use cosmetic surgery to correct cleft palates and cleft lips in babies. They will also help improve scars, wounds, injuries from accidents, and treat burns. Reconstructive surgery helps women return to the body they have known their whole lives. 

Even those cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that aim to improve one’s appearance can serve a very important purpose for the recipient. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that is often far more than vanity. There are women who have felt self conscious about the size of their breasts for years. Breast augmentation helps realize their dream and a great sense of self confidence. Mothers who have been through a tremendous amount of physical and emotional pain during pregnancy, birth, and post-pregnancy may regain their self-confidence with a mommy makeover. Those who have worked diligently for months, or even years, to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight can benefit greatly from excess skin removal. Helping someone achieve the appearance they want through reconstructive surgery is more than just vanity.

Myth #2 – All Doctors can perform plastic surgery.

This is a bit tricky because technically, all doctors (all of those with a medical license) can perform plastic surgery, but they cannot call themselves a “Plastic Surgeon”.  Should you hire them for your plastic surgery? That’s another question entirely, and the answer is absolutely no. A plastic surgeon can probably perform your brain surgery, but should they? Of course not.

While any professional with a valid medical license can technically perform cosmetic surgery, only board-certified plastic surgeons have the training, experience, and certifications to complete plastic surgeries. This is true whether you are considering laser hair removal, a breast surgery, facial surgery or a body contouring procedure. Board Certified Plastic Surgeons will also have hospital privileges so that they can take care of you in the event of a complication or emergency. 

Myth #3 – Patients of plastic surgery are all rich and glamorous.

Certainly, there are rich and famous patients in our New York City Plastic Surgery office. But it’s crucial to note that the majority of cosmetic surgery patients are everyday people just like you. They’re individuals who are looking for ways to improve discomfort after losing over 100 pounds and dealing with excess skin. They’re people who have been scarred by on-the-job injuries. They’re children with cleft palates or other disfigurements that, if remedied, could result in a great deal of improved self-esteem and self-confidence.

Plastic surgery is an amazing form of medicine that can improve quality of life for a multitude of individuals. It is not the hollow practice that many people mistakenly assume it to be. There are also several options for financing your procedures that can assist you make elective cosmetic procedures affordable.

Myth #4 – There’s no need to ask a lot of questions at your consultation appointment.

In fact, you should ask a lot of questions at your consultation appointment. One of the main goals of the appointment is to help you better understand your intended procedure, the preparation and recovery processes, and what to expect from your results. Any questions or concerns you have should be addressed to your doctor at your appointment, and never be shy about bringing these topics up.

To better prepare beforehand, keep a running list of the topics you’d like to discuss with Dr. Schulman on a pad of paper. Take this list with you to your appointment.

Myth #5 – Plastic surgery is only for women.

Many women are interested in aesthetic plastic surgery, and at Dr. Schulman’s practice, a great number of patients are women, but plastic surgery is NOT only for women.

But to say that plastic surgery is “only for women” is a gross exaggeration. In fact, men are looking for plastic surgery solutions in increasingly large numbers as of late. Currently about 15% of patients in Dr. Schulman’s office are men.

Cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillings, liposuction, tummy tucks, and more are all available for men — and indeed, men are interested. Another highly sought-after procedure for men is male breast reduction surgery. Those males who are embarrassed or self-conscious about excessive tissue on their chests are turning to plastic surgery to improve their self-esteem and confidence.

Cosmetic surgery is certainly not just for women.

Myth #6 – Plastic surgery will last forever.

We’d love it if this was true, but unfortunately, it’s not. Plastic surgeons are often called “miracle workers” for the way that they can manipulate skin, tissue, fat, and muscle in order to create improved contours and better skin tone. Indeed, these are things that plastic surgeons are trained to do.

At the same time, it’s important to note that “results that last forever” are impossible. Plastic surgeons can certainly help you improve your self-confidence, appear more youthful, and remedy acute issues. But to say that they can work miracles and make their results last forever is untrue, since the body continues to age and change.

We say that plastic surgery turns the biological clock back, but it does NOT stop the clock all together. It’s critical to have realistic expectations when you choose to undergo plastic surgery — and to pay attention to how touch-up appointments, additional non-invasive procedures, and other best practices can positively impact your results.

Myth #7 – You can be too old for plastic surgery.

Age itself is not a factor, so this is a myth. This is one of the most common myths about plastic surgery. It is your overall health and condition of your body that is most important. This means that if you are advanced in age, but your overall health and skin quality is good, you may still be an excellent candidate for your procedure. Conversely, if you are young, but have medical problems, then you will not be a candidate to undergo your cosmetic procedure. So when it comes to plastic surgery, the old saying “age is just a number” is true.

Myth #8 – Plastic surgery makes you look fake.

This may be true with BAD plastic surgery, but good plastic surgery should be able to give you the shape and appearance you desire, in a natural-looking way. The problem is that all too often, people focus on bad plastic surgery results, since the media loves to show photos of celebrities with bad results. Remember, millions of people are getting plastic surgery each year and you are not noticing it because the results are natural-looking.

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Myths About Plastic SurgeryAre you interested in a plastic surgery procedure — or several procedures — that you think may benefit you physically, emotionally, and mentally?

Good candidates for plastic surgery include those who are in good mental and physical shape, with a healthy body weight, and few underlying conditions. It’s important that you are a non-smoker for at least four weeks prior to your surgery (and for eight weeks after surgery). You should have realistic expectations about the outcome of your procedures.

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