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Why Breast Implant Cost Shouldn’t Influence Your Choice of Surgeon

Why Breast Implant Cost Shouldnt Influence Your Choice Of Surgeon

Worried about the breast implant cost for your upcoming breast augmentation?

These days, it seems like there’s a way to get basically anything for a discount. Whether you buy used or refurbished or wait till “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday”, many items can be purchased at a price cut.

Unfortunately, breast implant surgery is not one of them. And those considering an increase in breast size via surgery will typically run into price tags in the thousands or tens of thousands. Unlike other “medically necessary” surgeries, breast augmentation is not covered by health insurance in most cases.

This leaves those on a budget in a difficult situation. And to be sure, breast augmentation is generally regarded as a luxury that some individuals may not be able to afford.

If you are seriously considering breast augmentation, what we would like you to take away from this article is that the cost quoted for your procedure should not inform who you choose to be your plastic surgeon. In other words, a plastic surgeon who quotes a significantly lower price from other board certified plastic surgeons is a red flag.

The Danger of “Bargain” Breast Implant Surgery

Breast Implant Removal CostSince the beginning of time, the human population has been the unfortunate victim of those who are all too willing to deceive. Call them fraudsters or imposters or just plain liars, the name doesn’t really matter. The fact is there are people out there who are willing to stretch the truth, take your money, and put your life at risk. And then they disappear.

When searching for a plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation, it is important to be aware that these types of people exist. With unfortunate frequency, such individuals open unaccredited “pop-up” clinics and tell potential patients that they can perform breast augmentation (or other plastic surgeries) for a fraction of the price that other, well-established and board certified plastic surgeons charge.

The outcome of these exchanges is often very sad. Not only do patients put their very lives at risk when going to such clinics, but results are seldom successful.

And of course, there is also the irony of the financial cost.

Following botched breast augmentations, for example, patients will need to undergo revision breast augmentation. These surgeries are even more difficult than initial breast augmentations. And because patients have finally realized they need to seek a professional board certified plastic surgeon, they end up paying for the full price of their surgery all over again — plus some, because the revision or breast implant removal cost is typically even more.

How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation Surgery

When reviewing a surgeon and their plastic surgery practice, always be sure to check for the following:

Board Certification

Make sure that the plastic surgeon you choose for your breast augmentation is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This shows you that they underwent extensive training and a rigorous formal residency in plastic surgery. The will have completed a difficult oral exam and an equally difficult written exam to finalize their board certification.

Proven Experience

Ask to see the surgeon’s before and after galleries, testimonials from past patients, and patient reviews. You want to ensure they have experience with the surgery you are interested in, in particular.

Access to an Accredited Surgical Facility

Surgeons must have privileges at at least one local hospital or accredited surgical facility. Dr. Schulman is unique in that he actually has his own accredited operating room at his practice.

Customized Treatment Plans

After discussing your goals, medical history, and other essential topics with your surgeon, they should give you their recommendations for next steps, including their suggested plan for surgery or alternative options so that you can choose what’s right for you.

A Good Rapport

Lastly, make sure you feel comfortable with your surgeon. They should spend adequate time with you, focus their attention on you, and answer any questions you may have thoroughly. Ensure you feel confident in their care.

FAQ: Breast Implant Surgery Cost

How much does a breast implant cost?

Breast augmentation costs can vary widely based on geographic location, surgeon choice, types of breast implants desired (saline implants, silicone implants, gummy bear implants, etc.), and other factors.

However, if you are quoted an extremely low breast augmentation cost, far below the average breast augmentation cost other board certified surgeons are giving you, consider this a red flag. Look at your surgeon’s credentials, skills, and experience first, and then consider cost. You should be able to get a total cost quote by booking a consultation appointment.

What does a breast implant replacement cost?

Patients often seek breast implant replacement because they want to go up or down a breast implant size or change the type of implant they have. You might decide to switch from silicone to saline breast implants, for example.

Other reasons for this breast surgery may be capsular contracture or a similar complication. Ultimately, the cost of implant replacement should be similar to the cost of breast augmentation. However, the former may be more expensive if extensive scar tissue needs to be removed or other specialized techniques are required.

How much does a breast lift and implant cost?

A breast lift with implants is a longer and more complex procedure than a standard breast augmentation (implants only), so the price will typically be higher. Cost factors to consider include your surgeon’s fees, anesthesia fees, hospital or facility fees, the breast implants cost, and the price of post-operative expenses. We recommend making a consultation appointment to receive an accurate price quote for this cosmetic surgery.

Request a Consultation for Breast Implants

Breast Implant Surgery CostBoard certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman has been performing breast enhancement surgery for over 20 years. If you are interested in a breast augmentation procedure, please call our office today to book a consultation appointment. Dr. Schulman would be happy to hear about your goals, assess you for surgical candidacy, go over breast implants before and after photos, and discuss cost and financing options.

We want you to feel comfortable and confident as you move toward surgery. You are in good hands with Dr. Schulman. Call today to set up your consultation.


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