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How to Plan for a Breast Lift Before and After

How To Plan For A Breast Lift Before And After

If you’ve been dissatisfied with your breasts for some time, you may have found yourself looking at breast lift before and after photos and dreaming of undergoing this surgery yourself.

Or, perhaps you’ve already committed to getting breast lift surgery and you’re looking for the right way to start your journey.

No matter your current situation, gathering knowledge and taking preparation steps are key to undergoing a successful breast lift procedure. Below, we’ve broken down how to approach and prepare before and after breast lift surgery. You’ll learn where to go first, how to consider financing, and what to do before your procedure so that you’ll be prepared once it’s time for recovery.

Before that, however, let’s answer one key question: What is a breast lift?

What Is a Breast Lift and What Does It Entail?

Breast lift surgery is a plastic surgery procedure meant to lift the breasts and reduce excess skin and tissue. Most breast lift patients are women who have undergone massive weight loss or those who have gone through multiple pregnancies. This is why breast lifts are often included in mommy makeover surgery.

Both weight fluctuations and pregnancies can expand a woman’s breast size, only for the breast size (amount of fat and tissue) to later go down again. This leaves the breast skin stretched out and thus makes the breasts appear droopy and sagging.

Actual patients who want a breast lift do not typically want to achieve more breast volume because they already have enough breast tissue on their own (it’s just stretched and droopy). This means breast augmentation (breast implant surgery) is not a desirable solution. Rather instead of implants, the goal is really to use the patient’s own tissue to make the breasts appear higher on the chest wall and perkier.

How Is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

Breast lift surgery requires incisions to remove excess skin. Where your incisions are located depends on the type of surgery you undergo. There are three basic types of breast lift surgery. They are named based on their incision type:

  • Periareolar: Incision is made around each areola
  • Lollipop: Incision is made around each areola and in a vertical line down the bottom half of each breast
  • Anchor: Incision is made around each areola, in a vertical line down the bottom half of each breast, and laterally along the inframammary crease

Once the incisions are made, your surgeon can remove excess skin and adjust the remaining breast tissue to mold your new breast shape. Often, the nipple is also moved higher onto the upper pole of the breast to achieve a more youthful look.

Planning for Your Personal Consultation

You’ll start your breast lift journey by finding a board certified plastic surgeon you feel confident about and scheduling a consultation appointment. Only contact a doctor with board certification, plenty of experience, and a good reputation. Look at their breast lift surgery before and after images (and the rest of their gallery), and read their patient reviews before booking your visit.

At your consultation, it’s important to present your major concerns, discuss your goals, and bring with you a copy of your medical history. Include any medications or supplements you are taking, and be sure to note any medical conditions you currently have, if applicable. Talk to your surgeon about past pregnancies, weight fluctuations, and other applicable points of concern.

It’s important to have realistic expectations about breast lift surgery, but be honest about what you want to achieve. Ideally, your plastic surgeon can help you get there. They will perform a short physical exam to check your anatomy and skin elasticity.

One common question for your surgeon should be, “How much does it cost to have a breast lift?” It’s good to ask this question at your consultation because there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. You need to meet one-on-one with your surgeon so that they can assess your anatomy and specific goals.

Once you have the breast lift cost, you can discuss financing with your surgeon’s team. Many practices accept major credit cards or offer financing plans through companies like CareCredit. Of course, you can always save and pay out-of-pocket as well.

Preparing for Surgery and the Healing Process

Your surgeon will typically provide you with specific instructions for the pre-surgery period. These instructions may include things like what to eat, how to potentially adjust your medications or supplements, what to wear on the day of your surgery, and other breast lift recovery time instructions that you can do now in preparation.

Create a Plan for Breast Lift Recovery

Before surgery, be sure to complete the preparation necessary for a smooth and restful recovery. Asking friends or family for help, pre-making freezer meals, stocking up on healthy snacks, preparing a comfortable recovery area, and arranging for childcare and pet care as necessary are all great ideas.

What to Expect During Breast Lift Recovery

After your successful surgery, it’s important to know that some pain, discomfort, swelling, and bruising are common. Your surgeon will give you a set of recovery instructions. Follow these closely as your breast lift results and your general health rely on a safe and complication-free healing process.

Also remember that with a breast lift exercise before and after is going to look quite different. Your surgeon will likely encourage you to continue exercising leading up to surgery. However, after surgery, too much physical activity can cause complications and exacerbation of breast lift scars. You’ll need to take several weeks off before your surgeon clears you for activity again.

FAQ: Breast Lift Surgery

How long does breast lift last?

Breast lift surgery results can be long-lasting for patients who maintain a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle. Do keep in mind, however, that the effects of aging may diminish your results over an extended time. Some patients may choose followup surgeries to restore their results over time.

Can I get a breast lift with a tummy tuck?

Yes, breast lift with tummy tuck surgery is a commonly performed procedure combination. It is most common among women who have been through pregnancy and desire a mommy makeover to restore their pre baby body.

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