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Breast Lift Cost Considerations & Procedure Overview

Breast Lift Cost Considerations & Procedure Overview

A breast lift can be an outstanding cosmetic procedure for so many women who struggle with flat, deflated looking breasts. If this is you, a NYC breast lift procedure essentially lifts your breasts so that they sit higher up on your chest wall. This helps them appear more youthful and perky.

Often times, women who’ve had children and breastfed and/or gone through a significant weight loss journey are the best candidates for a breast lift procedure. Both of these experiences can cause breasts to sag and droop. Of course, any woman can seek a breast lift. It’s also a great procedure if you’ve simply never had perky breasts that you’re happy with.

As you plan for your surgery and search for a breast lift surgeon who meets your requirements, one question you are inevitably going to have is, “What does a breast lift cost?”

In this article, we’ll be going over the main cost considerations like surgeon fees associated with breast lifts, and we’ll also provide a brief procedural overview for this popular cosmetic surgery.

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

Generally speaking, the overall cost of breast lift surgery will be determined by the following factors:

Who your surgeon is

Breast Reduction And Lift CostBe sure to only choose from board certified plastic surgeons for your procedure. All surgeons will charge their own surgeon’s fee based on their skill, experience, training, and area of expertise.

Geographic location

The geographic location of your surgery will have a lot to do with cost. Larger urban areas are going to have a higher cost of living, and this will trickle down to the cost of plastic surgery as well.

Anesthesia fees

The cost of anesthesia will be related to who your anesthesiologist is, how long your operation is, and what type of anesthesia you require.

Surgical facility fees

Surgical facilities charge their own fees for patients to get surgery there. So, for example, a plastic surgeon will usually have privileges at a local hospital or surgical facility, and that hospital or surgical facility will charge their own service fees for the use of their location.

On the other hand, some plastic surgeons like Dr. Matthew Schulman have their own operating facilities within their practice.

Follow-up appointments and consultation fees

All patients undergoing breast lift procedures will need to have a consultation before their procedure and follow up appointments during their recovery period. Often, the costs for these appointments are factored into the overall price of surgery, but sometimes, they are listed separately.

Does Health Insurance Cover Breast Lifts?

No, health insurance will typically not cover a breast lift. This is because breast lifts are primarily cosmetic procedures and elective. Health insurance covers medically necessary surgical procedures.

Breast Lift Procedure Overview

We will start your breast lift procedure by administering anesthesia. Breast lifts are generally performed under general anesthesia, and there will be a board certified anesthesiologist there with you in the operating room for the entirety of your surgery.

Incisions are made next. Most breast lift patients require an incision to be made around the areola and down the bottom half of the breast. If more excess breast skin needs to be removed, a third incision may be made along the breast crease.

At this point, your breast lift surgeon is going to adjust and manipulate your breast tissue, removing any excess skin along the way. The goal is to lift the breast higher up on the chest wall, and this also means that your nipples and areolae may need to be moved as well.Cost Of Breast Lift

Finally, your surgeon will carefully close up each breast lift incision and put you into a recovery compression bra. You will then be taken to a recovery room, and after you’re feeling okay to go home, a loved one or friend will need to be there to drive you home.

Breast lift recovery time is typically managed well by patients. You can expect to see your breast lift results in a few months, though it may take six months to a year for all swelling to disappear.

FAQ: Breast Lift Procedures

Is breast lift surgery or a breast augmentation more expensive?

Typically, a breast lift costs more than a breast augmentation procedure (saline or silicone gel breast implants). This is because plastic surgeons must devote more skill and time to correcting the excess skin, lifting the nipples and areolae, and adjusting the remaining tissue with a breast lift procedure.

With breast augmentation surgery, the main portion of the procedure is devoted to inserting and situating the breast implant.

What are reduction and lift costs?

It’s important to meet with your plastic surgeon directly to discuss the cost of any breast surgery. They’ll need to examine you in person and know exactly what your goals for surgery are before they can assess the price.

With that said, the cost of a reducing breast size and a lift are typically the same or comparable to the cost of a reduction alone because most reductions actually include a breast lift portion in addition to the removal of the excess breast tissue and fat.

How much does a vampire breast lift cost?

A vampire breast lift does not actually require incisions, thus, the breast lift results are less dramatic. Still, you may be able to achieve some level of lift with this procedure. Cost depends on your surgeon, geographic location, and the extent of the treatment. Book a consultation appointment to determine a precise cost estimate.

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Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman performs breast lift procedures, breast augmentations, and reduction surgery (among other cosmetic procedures) at his New York City practice.

To learn more about the cost of a breast lift, the breast lift procedure itself, breast lift recovery, and more, please contact our office today to schedule your plastic surgery consultation appointment with Dr. Schulman.


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