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How Much Does an Arm Lift Cost?

How Much Does An Arm Lift Cost

Arm lift cost is most influenced by the experience and patient regard of your surgeon, where (geographically) you plan to undergo surgery, and the precise type of arm lift procedure you need. Other factors, such as anesthesia, pre-surgery medical tests, facility fees, and recovery expenses, will also play a role in your final arm lift surgery cost.

In this article, we’ll explore more about the cost of arm lift surgery. First, however, let’s explore what an arm lift actually is.

What Is an Arm Lift?

Arm lift surgery (alternatively referred to as brachioplasty) is cosmetic surgery that aims to slim the upper arms by reducing redundant skin and excess fat. Plastic surgeons routinely perform upper arm surgery on patients who have sagging skin as a result of weight loss.

Once patients are at a healthy stable weight, they often want to get rid of excess skin and fat on their upper arms and elsewhere. In that case, brachioplasty is the go-to surgery.

The actual procedure typically requires general anesthesia and involves one incision made on the inside of each upper arm from elbow to underarm. A mini brachioplasty procedure (for a smaller amount of excess skin removal) requires a smaller incision that mostly remains inside the underarm area.

Once the incision has been made, your surgeon can get rid of the loose skin by excising it. Liposuction can be used to get rid of unwanted fat in the area. Finally, the incisions are closed, and the patient begins the arm lift recovery period.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

Invisible Arm Lift Surgery CostArm lift surgery is common for patients seeking surgery after weight loss. Alongside procedures like upper and lower body lift surgery, thigh lift surgery, breast lift surgery, and liposuction, brachioplasty gets rid of loose skin and stubborn unwanted fat.

Of course, arm lift candidates do not have to have lost weight to qualify for surgery. Anyone who has excess skin on their upper arms can undergo this procedure. It is common due to the effects of aging, after regular fluctuations in weight, after pregnancy, or because of poor genetics where skin elasticity is concerned.

You’ll naturally need to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon before moving forward. At your initial consultation, your surgeon will examine you and go over the requirements for surgery.

They will want to hear about your goals and may look at some arm lift before and after photos with you to show you your options. Finally, the two of you can discuss the cost of an arm lift, including the surgeon’s fee that is specific to your provider and which will heavily influence the ultimate cost of your procedure.

How Much Does an Arm Lift Cost?

Estimating how much a given patient’s arm lift will cost can be difficult because there are so many factors to consider. In the end, the final price will depend on all of the smaller arm lift surgery costs that make up your procedure. These include:

  • Consultation and pre operative appointment fees
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Pre-surgery medical clearance exam expenses
  • Anesthesia costs
  • Hospital or surgical facility fees
  • Recovery incidental costs
  • Medication costs

The overall price of your plastic surgery will also depend on the extent of your arm lift surgery, whether you require general anesthesia or local anesthetic with sedation, and whether you need a traditional arm lift or a mini arm lift.

How Much Does an Invisible Arm Lift Surgery Cost?

An invisible arm lift is not totally invisible. Instead, the procedure simply requires a smaller incision when compared with traditional arm lift surgery.

If you want to learn more about the price of this procedure, please schedule a consultation appointment. Typically, an invisible arm lift surgery will cost less than traditional arm lift surgery.

Arm Lift Surgery FAQs

How painful is an arm lift?

The actual arm lift procedure is not painful as anesthesia will be used. However, after surgery, you may experience some pain and soreness, especially for the first one to three days following surgery. Pain medication can be prescribed, and other pain reducing techniques may be recommended to improve your comfort.

How long do arm lift results last?

The effects of arm lift surgery should be virtually permanent — that is, as long as you maintain a stable and healthy weight. Serious weight fluctuations can diminish your results and may even lead to worsening excess tissue and loose skin on the arms.

What is the best scar treatment for brachioplasty?

Follow your surgeon’s post-operative guidance for the best brachioplasty scarring results. This may involve scar creams, silicone gel sheets, and sun protection.

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Arm Lift Surgery CostExperienced surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman regularly performs surgery on the upper arm area of weight loss patients — and others — who want to get rid of excess arm fat and skin. As a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive body contouring experience, Dr. Schulman is often visited by patients from around the nation and the world. His expertise is well-known.

To meet one-on-one with Dr. Schulman and learn first-hand whether this cosmetic procedure is right for you, please contact our NYC office today to request a consultation appointment.


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