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What Kind of 1 Year Arm Lift Scar Should You Expect?

What Kind Of Arm Lift Scar Should You Expect

Patients who might benefit from brachioplasty (arm lift surgery) are frequently put off because of the potential for an arm lift scar. And while it is true that arm lift scars are an inherent part of this surgery, most good candidates have extensive laxity on their arms, and brachioplasty can provide great benefits.

Up ahead, we’ll discuss what you can expect in terms of arm lifts scars — including what your alternative options are, how you can expect your scars to develop over time, and what to do to minimize scar appearance as much as possible.

What Do Arm Lift Surgery Scars Look Like?

Right after surgery, arm lift incision lines will appear with mild redness and be slightly raised on your inner arms. You will have some swelling and bruising in the area as well. As collagen production ramps up and new healthy skin cells and scar tissue start to develop, you will notice reduce swelling the skin flatten out.

For most patients, an upper arm lift surgery scar extends from the elbow to the underarm and is placed on the inner aspect of the upper arm. This means that when you are standing with your arms hanging at your side, the scars should be virtually invisible.

Still, upper arm lift scars are indeed visible when moving or lifting your arms. If you get an extended arm lift, you may also have extra scarring down the side of your trunk. The appearance of scars following this surgical procedure can cause some patients to second-guess surgery altogether.

Sagging Arm Skin vs Arm Surgery Scars

First, it is of course totally up to you whether you want to move forward with brachioplasty. But also remember that if you have a lot of excess arm skin, it can be worth it to trade this issue for sleek healthy arms and a few light but noticeable hypertrophic scars.

Also remember that we can help you with scar reduction techniques such as scar massage, silicone gel treatments, and more. Furthermore, your body’s healing process will naturally fade your scars.

In the extremely rare situations where patients have issues with wound healing and scars do not heal well, laser therapy and other advanced scar reduction techniques can be used to aid with scar healing, enhanced scar texture, and overall scar minimization.Mini Arm Lift Scar

Alternatives to Traditional Brachioplasty

So, is there such a thing as a brachioplasty without scar tissue?

Sort of.

No scar arm lift surgeries really doesn’t exist. However, there are alternative procedures that only require small scars. The main issue is that these procedures can’t produce results that are as profound as arm lift surgery results.

What plastic surgery procedures you might qualify for depends on several factors, including how much excess skin and fat you have on your arms, your skin elasticity, and more.

#1 – Mini Arm Lift

This procedure is basically the same as a traditional brachioplasty, but the incision required is smaller and remains mostly within the underarm area. For this reason, in order to qualify for this surgery, your excess skin must be limited and mostly confined to the very top of the arm and underarm area.  The overall goal of this surgical technique is to project a more toned appearance.

#2 – Skin Tightening

Some plastic surgeons will offer skin tightening procedures to tighten the arm skin and diminish skin laxity. The effects of this procedure will not be as profound as the effects of an arm lift. However, it can provide significant improvements.

#3 – Liposuction

Some patients assume they have excess loose skin on their upper arms and that they need a skin reduction by way of an arm lift. In fact, many patients simply have excess fat on the upper arm area. In this case (and especially when the patient still has good skin elasticity), liposuction should suffice at improving the appearance of the area.

Will Arm Lift Scars Go Away?

No, unfortunately we cannot make a visible scar completely disappear. You will always have at least the faded appearance of a scar along each arm after upper arm lift surgery. Still, don’t forget the benefits of removing excess arm skin.

How to Minimize 1 Year Arm Lift Scar

Here are some post operative care tips for minimizing the appearance of  arm lift scar:

Use silicone strips and topical gels.

Silicone has been clinically proven to aid in the healing and fading of scars after plastic surgery.

Do not strain your arms as you are healing.

Take your surgeon’s arm lift recovery advice and do not over-exert yourself during arm lift recovery. Following your surgeon’s recovery instructions very carefully will help reduce wound healing complications and improve how your scars fade to match the surrounding skin.

Have patience.

While you will see a notable difference in the appearance of your arms right after surgery, it will still take many months to see your full results and final appearance from surgery with the complete fading of your arm lift scars.

Most arm lift scars after 1 year are fully faded and flattened out to match the surrounding skin. Browse arm lift surgery before and after photos to see examples.

Arm Lift Before And After ScarFAQ: Arm Lift Surgery

Who is a good candidate for arm lift surgery?

In order to be a good candidate for a brachioplasty, you should be in good physical health with healthy skin. Your main concern should be removing excess skin on the upper arms — either with or without a slight amount of excess fat.

Many arm lift patients have recently achieved significant weight loss and may also be seeking body lift surgery or other post-weight loss surgery procedures.

How long do brachioplasty results last?

Results from arm lift surgery should be permanent. Of course, we cannot stop time and halt aging. Still, you can extend your results by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet.

How much does an Arm Lift Cost?

The total cost of your arm lift varies based on surgery extent, anesthesia type, and procedure choice between traditional or mini arm lift.

Can an arm lift scar tattoo cover up my scar?

Yes, some patients may choose to get an arm lift scar tattoo to help blend the scar tissue with the surrounding skin.

Is arm lift surgery painful?

The actual surgery process is not painful as anesthesia will be used for your comfort. However, you will have some level of soreness post-surgery. This can be improved with prescribed pain medications and rest. Most patients only experience discomfort for a few days following surgery.

What does a scar revision do?

Scar revision is a surgical technique that modifies the appearance of a scar. This procedure can enhance the scar’s cosmetic look, restore functionality to areas of the body hindered by the scar, or alleviate discomfort such as itching. 

Most laser therapy for keloid scars is done in conjunction with other treatments, including steroid injections, use of special dressings, and the use of bandages.


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