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How to Prepare For a Male Tummy Tuck

How To Prepare For A Male Tummy Tuck

In recent years, an increasing number of men have become interested in tummy tuck surgery, also called an abdominoplasty procedure. In fact, the male tummy tuck has become one of the most sought after procedures we see in our office.

Men get this surgery for a number of reasons, but it’s often as a part of body contouring after weight loss in their abdominal area. Excess fat and sagging skin on the stomach can be a source of self-consciousness for many, and it can also make day-to-day activities uncomfortable and even painful.

Whether you have a surgery date already set for your tummy tuck or you’re still considering the surgical procedure and want to know what to expect, this article should be of help. From what habits to cultivate at home to how to dress in recovery, we’ll go over exactly what to do as you prepare for male tummy tuck surgery in NYC.

How to Prepare for a Male Tummy Tuck

As you ready yourself for surgery, make sure you do the following.

Cultivate Healthy Habits

Now’s the time to start cultivating healthy habits at home. Not only will eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise help you maintain your health in anticipation for surgery, but it will help you develop healthy habits that can track into the recovery period as well.

Six Pack Male Tummy TuckDespite not being able to exercise during your recovery, you can take the discipline you used to carry out your pre-surgery workouts to make sure you get at least one short walk in every day. You’ll also want to stay mobile by getting up and moving around regularly in other ways.

In terms of your diet, continue to eat healthy as you recover. Preparing nutritious freezer meals and easy-grab snacks before surgery is a great way to keep up these habits.

Understand Tummy Tuck Procedures

While most abdominoplasty surgery procedures follow the same basic pattern, you certainly want to learn what to expect from your own specific surgery. If you’re undergoing a mini tummy tuck as opposed to a full tummy tuck (traditional tummy tuck), for example, this may mean that your procedure requires fewer incisions or a different recovery strategy.

Make sure that you know what to expect from your own procedure. Talk to your surgeon and their team so that you have a strong understanding of the procedural steps and exactly what outcome those steps will lead to.  Obviously, there will be some slight differences between the male and female tummy tuck, but the overall goal is for the most part the same.

Know What to Expect During Tummy Tuck Recovery

Your surgeon will provide you with detailed recovery instructions, but don’t wait until the day of your surgery to read them. Knowing what symptoms to expect will make your healing time a more comfortable process.

You’ll want to know how much pain you’ll be in and what you can do to improve your comfort if you are sore. You’ll also want to know what any red flags may be so that you can contact your surgeon as soon as possible should a complication arise. Do keep in mind, however, that as long as you choose a well qualified surgeon and follow their instructions closely, complications are exceedingly rare.

Pursue Realistic Expectations

There’s no doubt about it: We want you to have an excellent outcome from this plastic surgery, and we will do everything we can to help you reach your aesthetic goals of a toned stomach.

However, it’s also important to be down-to-earth about what a tummy tuck for men can and can’t accomplish. Just look at male tummy tuck before and after photos, and you should have a good idea. Certainly, we want to remove excess skin, use male liposuction in areas where there is excess fat, and smooth and contour the abdominal muscles, tightening them if we need to. This is going to produce a great result.

With that said, if you’re expecting that you’ll wake up with a six pack male tummy tuck surgery is not going to get you there. It can certainly help! But you’ll need to put in some core workout time after your recovery if this is your ultimate goal.

Prepare at Home for Recovery

At home, after having your male tummy tuck performed, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you already have a recovery space set up. This is true for all cosmetic surgery procedures: The sooner you start prepping for recovery, the better off you’ll be.

Tummy Tuck MaleWe recommend creating a comfortable central location where you can watch TV and movies, talk with family and friends, and rest and relax. Make sure you have easy access to the kitchen and bathroom, and get plenty of pillows and a blanket for comfort.

Next, ask any friends and family members you trust if they may be able to provide you with some assistance. This will be especially helpful over the first few days of your recovery. Even getting someone to drop by groceries or pick up medication refills can save you a lot of trouble so you can put your focus on healing.

Keep a Running List of Questions for Your Surgeon

When undergoing a tummy tuck before and after male patients tend to have a lot of questions — and that’s a good thing!

Make sure you keep a list of these questions to ask your surgeon as you approach your procedure. There’s never a bad question when it comes to plastic surgery procedures.

FAQ: Male Tummy Tuck Surgery

What is a male tummy tuck called?

Male tummy tucks are basically the same as female tummy tucks and don’t really have a special name. “Abdominoplasty” is the medical term for a tummy tuck.

Will I have male tummy tuck scars?

Yes, tummy tucks require incisions to be made on the abdomen — typically around the belly button and along the lower abdomen from hip to hip; sometimes in a vertical line up to the belly button from the lower abdominal incision. These incisions will result in scarring. Fortunately, male tummy tuck scars tend to heal flat and will fade with the surrounding skin over time.

How much is a male tummy tuck?

We advise all patients to book a consultation appointment if they need more information on male tummy tuck cost. It is far too difficult to estimate the cost of this surgery sight unseen as it can vary widely from patient to patient and surgeon to surgeon.

Contact Us to Arrange for Your Consultation

You deserve to love the skin you’re in.

If you’re a man who has unwanted loose skin around your midsection, this can be removed surgically and the abdomen smoothed with a male tummy tuck procedure. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman has been performing tummy tuck surgeries for years and can help you regain your confidence with this highly successful procedure.

To find out if you’re a candidate for a male tummy tuck, please call our NYC practice to book your consultation appointment with Dr. Schulman today.


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