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Plastic Surgery Procedure Guide: 10 Steps to a Gorgeous New You

A beautifully successful plastic surgery experience is, at its core, a team effort. As a patient, it’s essential for you to be educated, informed and prepared for the before, during and after process to get the results you desire. It’s also critical to do your homework and select a board-certified plastic surgeon who has the…
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Why Smaller Breast Implants are Getting Bigger in Popularity

Fashion trends are always shifting, and the biggest one lately is going small; not just smaller clothing, but smaller breasts. Some of the most popular celebrity busts are shrinking: Pamela Anderson, Victoria Beckham, Tamra Barney, Heidi Montag are some examples of celebrities who have clearly had smaller implants or reductions done, but they are not…
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Check Out Dr. Schulman’s Snapchat Plastic Surgery Videos

Snapchat is no longer only the domain of teenagers sending bathroom selfies to each other; it has become a serious and legitimate channel for anyone who wants to learn more about the process behind high-quality plastic surgery. You all know about the classic "before and after plastic surgery pictures; but now Snapchat gives our potential patients…
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What’s Involved in the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgical Procedure?

If you are looking for a fuller butt, smaller waist, sexy curves, and an hourglass figure, a Brazilian Butt Liftmight just be your answer. With this procedure, you will get the curves you have always wanted by having your fat transferred from undesirable places to areas of your body that are more desirable. What is…
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Things to Know Before You Get a Brazilian Butt Lift

If you have lost a lot of weight and are now having to deal with buttocks that droop or sag, you can find hope in the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure, also referred to as a Butt Lift Augmentation. In 2013 alone, almost 10,000 of these procedures with fat grafting were performed, representing an increase…
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Big Increase in Buttock Augmentation using Fat as Compared to 2014

To increase your buttocks size, buttocks augmentation is a choice. This surgery is also sometimes referred to as a Brazilian Buttt lift and involves the transfer of fat, and uses fat grafting and/or implants. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, buttocks augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure these days and Brazilian Butt Lifts are a…
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Butt Implants Vs Brazilian Butt Lift

There is no doubt about it: The butt is one of the most admired parts of the body for many people. However, not everybody is born with those gorgeous curves. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures today is buttocks augmentation. As the American Society of Plastic Surgeons explains, buttock augmentation like Brazilian butt lifts…
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The Truth About Pretty, Pouty Celebrity Lips

Following in the footsteps of her older sister Kim Kardashian, whose backside has fueled a "booty boom," Kylie Jenner has everyone coveting her pouty lips. The reality starlet has been open with her fans about getting lip fillers, and Cambio website wanted to know "What It Really Means to Get Lip Injections Like Kylie Jenner."…
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In 2015, Booty Trend Is Bigger Than Ever

Continuing a major cosmetic surgery trend from 2013 and 2014, the number of butt augmentation surgeries continued to soar in 2015. "I've seen a 20 percent increase over this past year," New York City plastic surgery expert Dr. Matthew Schulman told People magazine. Dr. Schulman, the most sought-after surgeon for buttocks-enhancing procedures in the Northeast,…
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