BREAKING NEWS: Uncle Jessie’s Deformed Belly Button

belly-button-surgeryPictures recently surfaced that rocked the world of females aged 25-45. John Stamos, known most famously for his role as Uncle Jessie on Full House and considered among the “hottest” men around (or so my wife says) is not so perfect after all. He has what people are calling a “deformed” belly button. What he has is more than simply an “outie” and he claims it is the result of a childhood operation to repair an umbilical hernia.

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My Top 3 Procedures of 2011

As 2011 came to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to look back at my top 3 procedures of the year. I performed over 500 surgical procedures in 2011, making it my busiest year ever. These procedures included cosmetic procedures of the face and body, as well as reconstructive surgeries from head to toe. To come up with my “Top 3”, I looked at several factors including the number of procedures performed, media requests about these procedures, and overall demand.

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Regret that belly button piercing?

Let me know if this sounds familiar: It was Spring Break and you were with a bunch of girlfriends. You were partying a little, nothing too crazy, but the usual Spring Break stuff. A group of you decided to get your belly buttons pierced. It seemed rather innocent at the time and foolproof. If you ever change my mind later on, all I had to do was not put in a belly ring and the hole will just close up and it would be like nothing ever happened. It is not like you got a tattoo! You enjoyed your piercing for several years. Then all of a sudden, the 90’s were over and it was not so cool to have your belly button pierced, especially now that you are in your 30’s and mother to a small child. So, you stopped wearing the belly ring but the hole just didn’t seem to close. In fact, the entire belly button seemed to be stretched out. The small hole that was only on the top of your belly button now seemed to be 2 inches above it! There also is a hanging flap of skin that you swear was not there a few year earlier. Now what are you going to do? The more you look at your belly button, the more fixated you become on it. You wish there was a way to make your belly button look better but certainly there is not.

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