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Buttock contouring is increasing in popularity. Many people desire a fuller, firmer, and lifted backside. Whether you have always been “derriere deficient”, just want to have a larger backside, or you lost your curves with recent weight loss or aging, Dr. Schulman of New York City can help with his buttock contouring procedure. Buttock contouring is commonly referred to as “Buttock Lift”, “Buttock Augmentation” and “Butt Implants”. Dr. Schulman uses aspects from a variety of techniques in his approach to buttock contouring and has created his own procedure for buttock augmentation and lifting called “SCOOP Lift”.

“SCOOP Lift” represents an innovation in buttock contouring. It was designed to overcome the deficiencies commonly seen with the traditional Brazilian Buttock Lift.  Dr. Schulman performs his “SCOOP Lift” buttock contouring using a combination of meticulous liposculpting and fat transfer. By removing fat from areas you don’t want and then injecting it into your backside, he can improve the entire appearance of your lower body. Unlike artificial and unnatural fillers that can lead to hardness and infection, the fat is part of your own body so it is safe, natural, and long lasting. Also, unlike implants, transplanted fat cells stay where they are injected and cannot move out of the desired location.  The added benefit of his “SCOOP Lift” is the additional contouring you will get from the fat harvesting, in particular the sexy lower back curve that accentuates your buttock. Dr. Schulman will evaluate you and contour your entire torso with the eye and skill of a sculptor. It is so much more than simply taking fat out, and putting fat in.

While Dr. Schulman does this procedure often, no two are the same. This is because he carefully analyzes your body to determine which fat needs to be moved around. During your consultation with Dr. Schulman, he will carefully analyze your body, carefully determining where to remove volume and where to add volume. His “SCOOP Lift” technique involves reshaping and transforming your body in the image you desire. This is why he has a variety of celebrity clients, and why men and woman come to Dr. Schulman from all over the country.

“SCOOP Lift” Buttock contouring with fat transfer is performed in a fully accredited operating facility so that your safety is never compromised. The recovery is similar to after liposuction and you will be back to your regular routine in only a short time. As the swelling goes down, you will begin to appreciate your new sculpted look featuring a fuller, firmer, and lifted backside.

Whether you are looking for only a slight lift or you desire significantly increased volume in your backside, this procedure may be exactly what you are looking for.

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