Not all Plastic Surgery is “Bad Plastic Surgery”

The popular magazines (insert your favorite “Weekly” here) are filled with pictures of celebrities and his or her “bad plastic surgery.” I am even guilty of offering my comments in several of these magazines about what specifically is wrong about the particular celebrity’s look. I have been quoted calling Madonna’s cheeks “bizarre”, Christina Aguilera’s breasts “too big for her body”, and Mickey Rourke’s face “overdone.”

As a society, we tend to focus on the bad outcomes, because this is what sells the magazines. Moreover, “regular” people probably derive some sort of pleasure (albeit twisted) in famous celebrities who always seem to get whatever they want, being the victims of “bad plastic surgery.”

But, the real truth is that there is excellent plastic surgery being performed everyday on celebrities and non-celebrities. Modern techniques for surgery allow for smaller incisions that are better hidden, more rapid recoveries, and more “natural” results. Gone are the days of dramatic surgical changes and barely recognizable post-surgical faces.

Facelifting technique has seen the greatest advancement. The facelifts of the 1980’s with the windswept look, overtight skin, and upturned mouth reminiscent of “The Joker” are no more. Plastic surgeons now “lift” and “reposition” the deep structures of the face (the fat pads and muscles), and very little is done to the skin. In fact, after the underlying structures are repositioned into a youthful position, the skin is simply “redraped” and not pulled tight. You would be surprised at how little skin is actually removed during a facelift when it is done correctly.

I will share a little trick that I do with every one of my pre-operative facelift patients in consultation. To show what you will look like with a very well done (and natural) facelift, lay on your back and look at yourself in a handheld mirror. Impressive, right? This allows gravity to show you where everything should be.

Additionally, non-surgical treatments have evolved as well. Chemical peels should no longer result in that obvious shiney, over-smooth, waxy skin. Injectable fillers can be done conservatively so that they restore volume and fill lines, without making someone look like they have been over-inflated. Botox and Dysport can soften lines and do not have to completely prevent movement. That “frozen look” that people fear is a result of a bad injector, not the injection! Believe it or not, it is possible to eliminate lines on your forehead AND be able to lift your eyebrows!

My point is that there are excellent plastic surgeons that perform surgeries and injections that rejuvenate and improve, without making you look ridiculous and “overdone”. My patients obviously want to look different (ie. better) but they don’t want people to know exactly what they had done. They want someone to ask if they got their hair colored or lost weight, when the truth is that they had their eyes or face done.

Finding the right surgeon is the key. So, as long as there remain bad plastic surgeons (or non-plastic surgeons trying to act like plastic surgeons), the Weeklies will continue to have lots of content for the “bad plastic surgery” section. Nobody wants to read about the good results.

If you are interesed in seeing before and after photos of plastic surgery procedures performed by me, visit his photo gallery, or contact my office to schedule a consultation.