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Plastic Surgery Trends for 2020

plastic surgery trends for 2020 Dr schulman

Over the years, various beauty trends have come and gone, but what’s never changed is the desire to look one’s very best. Unsurprisingly, this continues as we enter the 2020s, and in this new decade, men and women are leaning on plastic surgery more than ever to improve their looks.

Here are the biggest plastic surgery trends to look out for in the year (and decade) to come.

Botox for all

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists agree: 2020 will be the year of Botox for all.

Much of this has to do with a younger and younger population wanting to preemptively delay the signs of aging. For a long time, people thought Botox was only for people that already showed showed the signs of aging. This meant that Botox was predominantly used on people in their 40s and 50s who had facial lines and wrinkles. Today, however, people recognize that Botox can prevent the deep lines and wrinkles associated with aging. By treating the face with Botox before the wrinkles formed, it can prevent them from ever occurring. Now, people in their 20s and 30s are interested in botox treatments as a way of preventing the signs of aging. Also, more men are recognizing the power of Botox treatments. So in 2020, expect both men and women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s to be regular users of Botox. Also, don’t forget that Botox can also be used to reduce sweating of the underarms, palms, and feet. 

Botox is a safe, FDA (Federal Drug Administration)-approved drug that is injected into the skin at strategic points on the face and neck, in order to weaken the underlying muscles by blocking the nerve connections. Relaxation of the muscles helps to smooth line and wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging because the deeper muscles are no longer contracting. The effects of botox lasts about 3-4 months.  

Non-Invasive body contouring

There are essentially two types of body contouring procedures: Invasive or Non-Invasive.

Invasive solutions include tummy tucks and liposuction. Both of these procedures are invasive surgical procedures that require some use of anesthesia and require some amount of healing and recovery. They may be combined with other procedures to help the patient achieve their desired body shape and contour.

There are also non-invasive body-contouring procedures that can help shape the body, without surgery, pain or recovery. These include injectables or energy-based treatments that can reduce fat, enhance muscles, and tighten the skin.  These non-invasive body contouring procedures have increased greatly in popularity, and we expect to see that popularity skyrocket even higher in 2020. While these treatments may not offer the same results as their invasive surgical alternative, they are desirable to people who want a pain-free treatment with no recovery. This is largely because they’re essentially pain-free. 

One of the most popular non-invasive body contouring treatment is TruSculpt iD. This device uses radiofrequency energy to permanently destroy fat. Studies show an average of 24% permanent fat reduction after a single treatment that is painless and takes 15 minutes. TruSculpt iD can be used throughout the body and neck, and is a good option for those who have specific problem areas and are looking for an alternative to liposuction. This has been a very popular choice for men.

For those with significant amounts of excess skin or fat, non-invasive treatments like TruSculpt, may not offer enough of an improvement and highly effective procedures like the tummy tuck and liposuction may be a better choice.

Contouring of the Chin and Jawline

Chins are in! Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have seen a significant uptick in the number of chin procedures patients want. Amazingly, you can have the ultimate chin you’ve always dreamed of with just some filler to add volume or evenness to specific areas. Alternatively, you can get rid of a double chin if one’s been plaguing you.

For women and men who want to get rid of a double chin, the procedure can vary depending on exactly what the issue is. Most of the time, a double chin is the result of both excess pockets of fat or skin on the neck, combined with a small chin. Fillers can be used to enlarge the chin, which often helps reduce the appearance of a double chin. If significant volume is needed, or a permanent solution is desires, a silicone chin implant can be inserted through a small incision in beneath the chin. Liposuction can be used to remove the excess fat, especially from the neck area directly beneath the chin. Additionally, a neck lift procedure can help create a smoother neckline and jawline if the issue is excess or loose skin. During a neck lift procedure, the skin along and beneath the jaw on the neck is lifted and tightened. The excess skin is then removed through carefully hidden incisions behind the ears.

Men, in particular, are looking to add volume to their chins and strength to the jawline. The strong chin and jawline is a classically masculine look. Many men are looking to give themselves a stronger, wider jawline (think Brad Pitt). Of course, women are also concerned with their jaws — especially the symmetry of this key line that gives a face its overall shape. 

This new fanaticism for the chin and jawlines comes from heightened awareness of the overall shape of the face — its structure — as opposed to what we’ve seen in the past: emphasis on the nose, lips, and brow line. Some plastic surgeons and dermatologists are even saying that jaw perfecting procedures will be the most popular of the year.

In some individuals, an invasive surgery may be necessary to reshape the bones of the chin and jawline. However, in may people, the area can be contoured with simple injections of fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, or Radiesse.

Fat Transfer

There are many areas of the body that can be reshaped and contoured using your own fat. Your fat is a great alternative to temporary injections and fillers. Fat will last forever, will change as your body changes, and has no risk of a foreign body reaction. Also, since harvesting the fat requires liposuction, you will have the added advantage of reducing fat in some areas that you don’t want it, such as your abdomen, flanks, or thighs. 

Fat can be used to enlarge breasts or correct some pre-existing breast asymmetry. This will allow some people to get enlargement of the breasts without the need for a synthetic implant. This may not be the ideal solution for everyone, since only a small to moderate enlargement is possible with this method.

Fat is also commonly used to enlarge and reshape the buttock and hips. This procedure is commonly referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift and continues to grow in popularity. The procedure specifically involves liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, back, and legs to harvest the fat. Next the fat is processed and reinjected into the buttock and hips, to give the shape and size you want. 

Your own fat is also a good way to correct asymmetries or contour deformities from prior cosmetic procedures, like liposuction, or for placement in the cheeks as an alternative to temporary fillers.

Impeccable skin with specialized facials and peels

Your skin is what everyone sees, so it is important to treat your skin right. In 2020, women and men understand that treating the skin of the face correctly can help prevent many of the things that people complain of later in life. Good skin care can smooth pores, reduce lines and wrinkles, eliminate uneven pigmentation, and help prevent sagging.  While a good daily skin care routine is important, more specialized treatments such as chemical peels, lasers, and facials are necessary. A plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or licensed esthetician can evaluate your skin and help design a treatment plan. 

One of the most popular treatment for 2020 is the HydraFacial. This treatment combines hydration, exfoliation, extraction, and peels in a single treatment. Having a professional skin treatment, such as HydraFacial or EscarGlow facial, monthly can be a huge benefit to your skin that will supplement the daily skin products that you are already using. Professional skin treatments are also gaining in popularity among men. 

What Are Your Beauty Resolutions for 2020?

With 2020 upon us, it’s time to start making good on those New Year’s resolutions! What are your beauty goals for the upcoming year? For the upcoming decade?

If one of your resolutions was to develop your confidence and self-esteem through an improved aesthetic appearance, plastic surgery in New York City is an ideal way to realize these goals. Through the use of the latest technologies and with help from an experienced and highly-skilled board-certified surgeon like Dr. Schulman, you can finally have the body and face you’ve always desired.

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