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Plastic Surgery Trends

Plastic Surgery Trends

Each year, it seems like new procedures enter the plastic surgery world as “Hot New Trends”. Whatever Khloé Kardashian and her sisters are interested in improving inevitably hits social media, and from there, the rest is history. We see an immediate influx of interest in that procedure in our plastic surgery New York City office.

The good news is, the results are often fabulous for our patients. Naturally, facial and body contouring procedures that look good on celebs tend to look good on everyone else too!

Recently, procedures such as fat transfers to the breast and buttocks, chin liposuction, and other youth-rejuvenating surgeries have become plastic surgery trends. But there are also some other, more “unusual” procedures that I predict will increase even more in popularity as time goes on.

Let’s dive in and check out the most recent surgical trends in plastic surgery.

Hot New Plastic Surgery Trends

Fat Transfer Procedures

BBL Fat TransferImplants in the breasts and buttocks can certainly enhance volume and curves in these areas, but there’s a surgical procedure that can provide even more natural looking results without the need for implants at all.

It’s a plastic surgery practice called fat transfer, and it’s just what it sounds like: Fat is transferred from one place on the body to another. First, it is removed with liposuction. Then, it is transferred via injection.

Already, fat injections play a key role in many breast augmentation procedures where patients seeking implants don’t want a huge change in breast size. Because use of an implant typically means going up at least one or two cup sizes, many patients only need fat injections to achieve the results they’re after. Alternatively, we can use implants and fat injections together in one surgical procedure to create a significant increase in volume with extremely natural results.

Finally, I use fat transfers regularly for BBLs (Brazilian butt lifts). Fat is initially taken from the abdomen with liposuction to create a slim, snatched waist. Then, it is transferred to the hips and buttocks to create gorgeous curves and a beautiful hourglass figure.

Permanent Lip Implants

A large number of men and women request fuller lips. This has traditionally been done using temporary injectable fillers such as Restylane and Juvaderm.

In good hands, the results with this plastic surgery procedure are excellent, but temporary. The cost varies by geographic region and the specific filler chosen, but starts around $700. With patients returning on average every six months (sometimes sooner), it will cost you approximately $1400 per year and $4200 over three years to maintain results from this cosmetic procedure.

Now, there is a permanent plastic surgery practice that can achieve better results – PermaLip. These are soft silicone, permanent lip implants. With a cost of $1800 per implant, the cost savings is enormous.

I have had excellent results with this safe and permanent solution for those who desire fuller lips. I also have no doubt that the popularity of this procedure will only increase. On a personal note, this makes me very happy given that I am one of only a few plastic surgeons experienced with this procedure.

Earlobe Rejuvenation

Long, thin, sagging earlobes are often neglected and are a tell-tale sign of a person’s age. I have noticed in my own practice that earlobes age just like the rest of our face and body. This is why I offer my patients options for earlobe rejuvenation.

This may include “plumping” them with fillers or shortening them by removing excess skin in a simple in-office procedure. I anticipate that this inexpensive, simple procedure will continue to gain demand as time goes on.

Chin Liposuction

Chin Liposuction plastic surgeryUnhappy with your facial profile? Dislike the way your chin and neck look in photos? Chin liposuction could be the plastic surgery for you.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to experience excess fat along their neck as they age or with weight fluctuations over time. Chin liposuction is a simple facial plastic surgery that removes excess fat from the neck, chin, and jawline area in order to reveal a more chiseled, defined delineation between the jawline and neck.

Like liposuction procedures on the body, facial and neck liposuction offer relatively short and easy cosmetic surgeries. Recovery is straightforward and usually only involves a few days of soreness. And as with any other body contouring procedure, results can be dramatic.


Adjustable Breast Implants

Selecting an implant size can be a source of tremendous anxiety for the patient. In fact, the most common reason for re-operation after breast augmentation is to change the size of the implant. Also, many women have pre-existing breast asymmetry, making implant selection difficult because different size implants are required.

Post-operative adjustable saline implants can solve this problem by allowing a physician to change the size of the implant through a tiny access port beneath the skin. While this is not designed for increasing or decreasing your breast size based on your outfit, it is designed to allow the patient to take their time in deciding the final volume of the implants.

It is common for breast implants to appear “too large” immediately after surgery when they are swollen and in a high position. After the swelling goes down in several weeks and months, it is common for the patient to complain that they are now “too small.” Now, more saline can be added to the implants to create the desired size.  The access ports can then be removed with a simple in-office procedure.

Belly Button Enhancement

Another procedure gaining popularity in my practice is belly button surgery. Men and women come to me and complain about the appearance of their belly button.

Often, they may feel that it is “too large” or that they want their “outie” turned into an “innie.” Sometimes, a person’s belly button may have been distorted because of a hernia. Belly button rejuvenation can improve the appearance of your belly button with a short in-office procedure using local anesthesia.

At one time, I was quoted in the New York Daily News in reference to Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Karolina Kurkova’s (lack of a) belly button. After that, belly button revision surgery became one of the most requested procedures in my office. From the looks of it, this trend will continue.

Breast Implant Reconstructive Surgery

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer can involve implants or the patient’s own tissue (autologous).

A recent survey of female plastic surgeons reported that female plastic surgeons would prefer implant reconstruction if they needed a mastectomy. Personally, I agree. I feel that I can get a better cosmetic result with significantly less risk to the patient with implant reconstruction.

This has always been a problem in patients requiring radiation as there is a high risk of implant hardening or deformity. New radiation technology that more specifically radiates the breast tissue without radiating the implant will decrease this risk.

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Plastic surgery trends come and go, but investing in yourself can yield positive results for a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a more curvaceous figure, a more youthful face, or another improvement to your physique and looks, I can help.

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