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What Is a Skinny BBL?

What Is A Skinny BBL

A skinny BBL (Brazilian butt lift) is a fat transfer surgery that removes body fat from several areas on the body and deposits that fat to the buttocks and hips.

It is called a “skinny BBL” because this surgery is primarily performed on patients who do not have a lot of excess fat on their bodies. The key difference during the liposuction phase of a skinny BBL is that fat is taken from several areas of the body instead of just from one area (typically the abdomen).

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for a Skinny BBL Fat Transfer Procedure?

A suitable candidate for BBL surgery must be in good physical health and a nonsmoker, with reasonable expectations concerning plastic surgery. Skinny BBL patients tend to have a normal weight and a normal to low BMI (body mass index). They don’t have a lot of excess fat on their bodies but enough to perform the fat transfer. 

The Key Question: How Much Fat Do You Have?

Skinny BBL CostAre you a candidate for a skinny BBL? One of the most important questions that must be answered prior to arranging for your surgery is how much fat do you have available that can be removed? In other words, do you have enough fat?

For a patient who has and would like to get rid of a significant amount of fat volume on their abdomen, a Brazilian butt lift procedure is fairly straightforward. Fat cells will be removed from the abdomen via liposuction and redeposited into the hips and buttocks via injection.

Some patients, however, do not have a lot of excess abdominal fat. Therefore, fat will need to be taken from elsewhere. For example, a small amount of fat may be able to be harvested from the front of the abdomen, but then, Dr. Shuman may also take fat from the back, the flanks, thighs, or the upper arms to supplement the harvested fat, which will then be transferred to the buttocks.

What to Expect Before and After Skinny BBL

Before and After Skinny BBL Surgery

Before BBL surgery, you’ll meet with Dr. Schulman for a consultation. As long as you are a good candidate and have been cleared for the procedure through both Dr. Schulman and your general practitioner, you can then schedule your surgery. You will receive pre-surgery instructions from our office. 

These instructions will vary depending on your unique situation. They may include guidelines such as to:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid sunbathing
  • Stop or adjust certain medications or supplements
  • Try your best to stay healthy and free from colds, the flu, etc. 
  • Purchase certain supplies and tools, such as gauze, special pillows, vitamin E, silicone gel or patches, etc.

The day before surgery, you will receive separate instructions regarding showering instructions, when to stop eating and drinking, what to wear to surgery, and how to arrange for someone to drive you home. 

Skinny BBL Recovery

After your skinny BBL surgery, you will be taken to a recovery room where our staff will monitor you to ensure you’re feeling okay. Once we discharge you, which is usually after an hour or two, you will need to be driven home by someone you know (a trusted friend or relative). 

The first stage of recovery from a skinny BBL procedure lasts about five days. Stay home during this time, and follow your recovery instructions. Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and take frequent short walks. You’ll need to keep pressure off your buttocks and hips and wear your compression garments as directed.

We also offer a BBL Recovery Kit, including arnica gel, a scar gel, sunscreen, and other items to help smooth and fade your scars and keep you more comfortable. 

Choosing Your Surgeon for a BBL

Skinny BBL Before And AfterIf you are considering a skinny BBL procedure for yourself, you will first need to make a consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon who specializes in Brazilian butt lift surgery and who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

You also want to find a surgeon who is on staff at a local reputable hospital. While select surgeons, such as Dr. Schulman, have their own accredited operating rooms, most surgeons perform their surgeries at a local hospital where they have access. Dr. Schulman does have privileges at a local NYC hospital in the event of a rare complication.

How to Prepare for Your Consultation Appointment

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman is the premier expert in Brazilian butt lift surgery in NYC, and he regularly performs “skinny BBL” procedures for qualified patients.

When you meet with Dr. Schulman, the two of you will discuss your goals for surgery and your candidacy regarding your medical history and any current conditions you may have. Be sure to bring a list of any medications or supplements you are taking as well as details about what you’re looking for in terms of results.

You will have a chance to look over some skinny BBL before and after photos, and Dr. Schulman will perform a physical exam before presenting you with your best options for surgery. 

FAQ: Skinny BBLs

How much does a skinny BBL cost?

A given patient’s BBL cost will depend on how much fat is needed to achieve the patient’s desired results and to what extent the patient desires liposuction. You will receive a cost estimate for your surgery at your consultation appointment.

What is lipo 360 BBL surgery?

A lipo 360 BBL is essentially a traditional Brazilian butt lift procedure with circumferential liposuction — liposuction around the entire abdomen instead of just on the front of the abdomen. 

Set Up Your Consultation Appointment Today

Many people assume that Brazilian butt lift fat transfer procedures are only for those with a lot of excess fat to lose. These patients often assume they need butt implants if they want to increase the size of their buttocks because a fat transfer won’t work for them.

In fact, butt implants are rarely needed, and nearly any adult can undergo this procedure. You can usually have a skinny BBL performed as long as you have at least a small amount of body fat to lose on the abdomen (or elsewhere) and a desire to have larger hips and a larger, rounder buttocks.

To learn more about this and other cosmetic surgery procedures we offer, contact our office today and schedule your skinny BBL consultation appointment with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman. Pease visit our BBL before and after gallery prior to your visit. 


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