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How Much Does Lipo 360 Cost?

How Much Does Lipo 360 Cost

POV: You’re fed up with stubborn fat on your stomach and all the way around your midsection, and you’re ready for a change with lipo 360. But now you’re met with a glaring question, the answer to which could make or break your prospects for surgery: How much does lipo 360 cost?

What Is the Cost of 360 Lipo?

Ultimately, there’s no way to give a pat one-size-fits all answer to the question of 360 lipo cost. That’s because cost factors vary from surgeon to surgeon and patient to patient — depending on each person’s needs and goals for surgery.

Still, in general, we are looking at three main areas when we calculate your final bill. A solid understanding of these areas should help you determine whether your surgery estimate will be on the high end or low end.

360 Lipo Cost Factors

1. Surgeon

Your liposuction cost will be most affected by the fee your surgeon charges. Called a surgeon’s fee, this sum varies based on how much training, eduction, and experience your surgeon has; what they include in their total fee (whether they itemize all costs or include everything in one lump sum); and the extent of the surgery they are performing.

For circumferential liposuction (lipo 360), for instance, the liposuction performed will be more extensive than if a surgeon was performing stomach-only traditional liposuction. Because your surgeon will be removing stubborn excess fat from the entire torso, they’ll need to spend more time planning and performing the surgery, which will likely increase their fee.

If they are highly skilled and experienced and very in demand, this will likely increase their fee as well. Geographic location also plays a role as plastic surgery performed in major cities is almost always more expensive.

2. Anesthesia

Will you require local anesthesia, twilight sedation, or general anesthesia? Who will be administering and monitoring your anesthesia? These are two more important questions when it comes to the cost of any cosmetic surgery, including lipo 360.

Mostly, the cost of anesthesia has to do with who your anesthesiologist is, how many body parts are being worked on, and how long you need to be in surgery. Cosmetic procedures like 360 lipo typically take at least an hour in the operating room. Beyond that, prices will go up because your surgeon and anesthesiologist must work longer, and risk factors can also go up with long surgical procedures. Likewise, general anesthesia will almost always cost more than local anesthesia.

3. Surgical Facility

Lastly, where you get surgery matters. Hospitals and day surgical facilities charge based on what surgery you’re undergoing and how long it will take, what technology and equipment your surgery requires, how much staff and assistance you’ll need, how long your recovery is, and more.

Most surgeons have privileges at a reputable hospital near their practice, or you may use a local surgical facility for outpatient procedures. Some of the best plastic surgeons, like Dr. Matthew Schulman, have their own accredited and certified operating rooms within their practice. Of course, Dr. Schulman also has privileges at the local hospital.

FAQ: Liposuction 360

How much does lipo 360 cost near me?

Lipo 360 cost ranges vary, and the only way to know for sure how much you will be charged for your particular surgery is to schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeons in your area. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman is an esteemed liposuction surgeon and focuses on body contouring procedures at his New York City practice.

How many pounds does lipo 360 take off?

While you will lose actual weight (pounds of fat) through liposuction, the actual amount depends on how much excess fat you have to begin with, how much you want taken off, and what a safe amount is to take off. Ultimately, lipo 360 (or any type of liposuction) is not a weight loss procedure. In fact, many of the best candidates are at or near their goal weight.

How long does lipo 360 results last?

As long as the patient maintains a healthy weight range after their surgical procedure (not gaining more than around five to ten lbs. at most), results from lipo 360 should be long-lasting, if not permanent. Consuming a healthy diet and regular exercise will help.

Is a lipo 360 worth it?

Lipo 360 can reduce excess fat cells around your entire midsection. For most patients (especially female patients), the classically attractive hourglass figure is what we’re after. You’ll attain a smaller, “snatched” waist, which will accentuate your hips and buttocks. Some may even choose to go the extra step with this surgery and get a BBL (Brazilian butt lift) fat transfer.

Similarly, men can regain a fitter-looking frame by getting rid of excess fat from their front, sides, and back. This results in fewer fat folds, more obvious abdominal muscles, and a boost in confidence.

Ultimately, this liposuction procedure can achieve outstanding results. And in line with this, the vast majority of patients say they are glad they got the surgery and wish they would have done so sooner.

Can you get 360 lipo without tummy tuck surgery?

Yes. A tummy tuck is an additional option when undergoing most lipo 360 surgeries, but it is not necessary. Tummy tuck surgery primarily addresses loose skin (and loose abdominal muscles) on the front of the abdomen, while 360 lipo addresses excess fat all the way around the abdomen.

Contact Us Today to Request a Consultation

360 Lipo CostAt your consultation appointment is a great time to look at lipo 360 before and after photos with Dr. Schulman and see what this surgery can do for your physique. Even if you’ve had stubborn midsection fat for years, this one-time procedure can create significant and lasting results.

You’ll also be able to discuss your specific goals, talk about the lipo 360 recovery period, and get more information about cost at your consultation as well. Contact us today to set up your one-on-one consultation appointment with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman.



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