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Lipo 360 Recovery Tips

Lipo 360 Recovery Tips

The lipo 360 recovery process goes very smoothly for the vast majority of patients. While it’s always critical to follow your surgeon’s specific instructions for your recovery period, in most cases, there should not be too much to do except rest and take it easy.

Below, we’ve compiled a brief overview of the recovery time for lipo 360 in NYC as well as some important tips to keep in mind./

What Is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 (liposuction 360) is the marketing term for a liposuction procedure that targets excess fat all the way around the midsection. This includes the front of the stomach, the sides and flanks, and the length of the back. It’s actually a term that was coined by patients. The “360” refers to one full revolution — around the torso.

Why get lipo 360 as opposed to another liposuction surgery you may ask. The reason is that with traditional liposuction, which only targets one specific area at a time, the results can sometimes appear incongruous. That is, if you slim one area but don’t slim any others in the general vicinity, it may end up looking rather odd.

This often happens with abdominal liposuction and body sculpting, for example. A patient may come in wanting a liposuction surgical procedure for the front of their stomach only — specifically, the lower abdomen below the belly button. While we can certainly perform liposuction and remove fat cells from this area, the trouble with this isolated procedure is that it often looks odd to haveLipo 360 recovery time a completely flat stomach and then “love handles”or substantial back fat.

With liposuction 360, however, we can treat the entire general area, making the results look more harmonious and natural. Because nearly everyone who comes in for liposuction wants at least some excess fat taken off their stomach area, it makes sense that the lipo 360 “all-the-way-around” the midsection was developed and became popular.

Lipo 360 Recovery Time Overview

When compared to undergoing liposuction in isolated areas, undergoing lipo 360 typically means a longer recovery.

This is simply because the more areas that are liposuctioned, the more your body will need to endure and the more challenging the recovery. Because lipo 360 works on the entire midsection, this means that you’ll indeed have a considerable recovery time following this procedure.

At first, you’ll wear compression garments around your abdomen. Swelling, soreness, and bruising will be present for approximately a week. Prescription pain meds can help keep you comfortable. Once these symptoms go down, you should be ready to return to your normal activities and non-physical jobs within the week.

Those will more physically demanding jobs may have to wait longer to return to work. It will also take longer to resume exercise, especially things like heavy lifting and vigorous cardio workouts. Light exercise (short, gentle walks) will be encouraged in the week following surgery).

Lipo 360 Recovery Tips

Here are some additional recovery tips to help you as you recover from liposuction 360:

  1. Plan ahead by asking friends or family if they’ll be available to help following your surgery.
  2. Pick up your prescriptions before you undergo surgery.
  3. Make sure you have comfortable clothing to wear during recovery (non-pullover tops are especially useful).
  4. Prepare your home space with all the recovery items and conveniences you’ll need.
  5. Make-ahead meals are always a good idea.
  6. Have healthy snacks and bottled water on-hand.
  7. Avoid consuming too much sodium during your recovery.
  8. Do not smoke during your recovery.
  9. Wear your compression garment as directed by your surgeon.
  10. Don’t overexert yourself as this can be dangerous during recovery and may even alter your results.
  11. Don’t be afraid to ask your surgeon questions if they arise.
  12. Attend all of your follow up appointments.

Lipo 360 Results

Many patients are surprised to learn that swelling during liposuction recovery can go on for several months and even up to a year. You won’t see your complete results from surgery until all the swelling is gone.

However, you will see changes and improvements over the first few weeks and months, and these will only improve with time.

FAQ: Lipo 360 Recovery Process

Will my stomach be flat after lipo 360?

Right after surgery (lipo 360 is an outpatient procedure), your tummy won’t be completely flat because you’ll have significant swelling. You’ll be wearing a compression garment as well.

Over time, however, you’ll see your results more clearly. Whether you have a flat stomach or not will depend on how much excess fat you had to begin with and what your overall body weight is.

Recovery time for lipo 360What is the lipo 360 BBL recovery time?

Lipo 360 BBL surgery will be more challenging than a typical liposuction procedure alone or a typical BBL alone.

This is because lipo 360 will treat the entire midsection, and this means a significant recovery period. And it’s also because BBL surgery means you’ll need to keep pressure off your buttocks and hips. This can be hard as it means laying on your stomach for most of the day or using a BBL recovery pillow.

What is lipo 360 recovery day by day like?

The healing process following liposuction treatment varies from patient to patient and surgery to surgery. Lipo 360 treats the entire midsection, so the recovery process may be slightly more involved than it is for someone who’s only had lipo on their lower abdomen, for example.

You’ll have swelling, bruising, and soreness for the first day or two. Over the following few days, swelling may ramp up, but soreness and bruising should begin to dissipate. You’ll be wearing compression garments during this time.

After nearly a week, you should feel well enough to go back to work and reincorporate most of your daily activities. From there, you can expect to feel better and better with each passing day. Swelling should start to slowly go down after one to two weeks, but it may take months for it to completely disappear.

How long does it take to recover from a lipo 360?

Patients may experience discomfort, including swelling, bruising, and pain, for a few days after their Liposuction 360 procedure.

We recommend resting at home for the first couple of days, with a full return to regular activities typically taking one to four weeks.

How to make lipo 360 scars go away?

Lip 360 Scar Removal Treatments:

  1. Silicone gel sheets and silicone gel.
  2. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion: Dermatologists use these methods to remove layers of scar tissue from your skin.
  3. Cryotherapy.
  4. Laser therapy.
  5. Scar removal surgery.

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