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Other Types of Lipo vs 360 Lipo

Other Types Of Lipo Vs 360 Lipo

Many people don’t know this, but “360 lipo” is actually a plastic surgery term coined by patients — not doctors. Still, there are a lot of people who don’t know what the term actually means. If you’re one of these individuals, read on.

Below, we explain Lipo 360 NYC is, how it differs from other types of liposuction, and what the benefits are.

360 Lipo vs Other Types of Lipo

What Is Lipo 360? How Is It Different?

Lipo 360, or “liposuction 360” as it is sometimes called, is basically a procedure in which liposuction is performed all the way around the abdomen: on the stomach, flanks, and back. When we compare lipo 360 to other types of liposuction and body contouring procedures, it really comes down to body area focus.

Liposuction can sometimes be categorized by technology, sometimes by technique, and sometimes by body area. Liposuction 360 is a term that refers to where on the body liposuction is being performed. In this case, it’s all the way around the abdomen — or, 360 degrees around the abdomen.

The truth is, liposuction can be performed on most any area of the body — from the chin and neck all the way down to the inner knees and ankles. If it’s convenient, sometimes surgeons and patients alike will use lipo terms by body part.

If we look at chin liposuction, for example, this is chin lipo performed on the upper arms. If we look at lower body liposuction, this is lipo performed on the thighs, buttocks, or inner knees. And so on.

From there, a surgeon may choose to use any number of special techniques or technologies to perform the specific lipo procedure.

Why Choose Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 is superior to “regular” stomach liposuction because “regular” stomach lipo generally only focuses on the stomach: the front of the abdomen. Lipo 360, on the other hand, looks at the entire abdomen and removes stubborn fat from all the way around the midsection.

That way, we’re reducing front-of-the-abdomen fat as the patient desires, but we’re also reducing unwanted fat on the flanks and back, which will ultimately produce a more aesthetically pleasing and natural result.

Whole Body Contouring

Lipo 360Whenever a patient comes in asking about liposuction on a specific area of their body, while addressing their specific concern is, of course, of the utmost importance, we also want to look at their entire body as a whole. That is the job of a plastic surgeon, after all — especially one who specializes in body contouring.

The body is not two-dimensional. It’s three-dimensional. And every part flows into another part.

There’s no better example of this than the abdomen. By removing fat cells from only the front of the abdomen, this can leave the sides and back looking odd. From certain angles, the patient may look slim with an attractive figure, but from other angles, they may be left wanting.

Ultimately, lipo we do on the back or sides will make the front look better, and vice versa. We want you to feel great after your surgical procedure — from all sides! So, if you think you may benefit from fat removal on the front, sides, and back of your abdomen, 360 lipo may be for you.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Lipo 360?

The best candidates for lipo 360 are in good physical health with no major medical conditions. Ideally, patients are at or near their target body weight as drastic weight changes after surgery may alter results. Patients should have good skin elasticity and a solid idea of their ideal body shape so they can accurately communicate their goals with their surgeon.

Combining Lipo 360 With Other Procedures

Removing excess fat from all the way around the abdomen with a 360 liposuction procedure can produce superb results, but fat reduction isn’t always the only concern patients have. The good news is that multiple cosmetic procedures can be combined with traditional liposuction 360. It’s typically simply a matter of conveying your goals with your surgeon to create the best surgical plan.

For those with excess fat and excess skin on their abdomens, for example, a tummy tuck with lipo 360 is a great option. This procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia and requires a slightly longer recovery time as tummy tuck surgery is more invasive than liposuction alone. Nonetheless, it should still be an outpatient procedure.

A lipo 360 BBL or BBL lipo 360 is another popular surgical combination. This procedure combines 360 degree liposuction with a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). That means removal of excess fat deposits from the abdomen for a snatched waist as well as an accentuated buttocks and hips.

Lipo 360 can be combined with other body contouring procedures and procedures for the breasts and face as well.

Q&A: Liposuction 360

How much does lipo 360 cost?

Each patient’s 360 lipo cost will differ based on what plastic surgeon they choose and that particular surgeon’s fee, where (geographically) they undergo surgery, how much liposuction they undergo, whether they opt for additional procedures, and more. We recommend booking a consultation to get an accurate quote.

How many pounds can lipo 360 remove?

Lipo 360 isn’t a weight loss solution. We are certainly removing fat with lipo 360, but it’s more about getting rid of stubborn fat cells in strategic places than it is about how many pounds you can lose.

Is a lipo 360 worth it?

This really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of results. If you think you may benefit from removing stubborn fat all the way around your abdomen, 360 lipo is certainly a procedure to consider. It’s often superior to stomach liposuction alone because it offers a more comprehensive improvement of the entire midsection.

Schedule a Consultation for Liposuction 360

Lipo 360 CostTreating your body as a whole with the proper body contouring procedures is always the goal. Lipo 360 facilitates this easily as it focuses on the entire midsection and not just one particular zone.

Body contouring specialist Dr. Matthew Schulman is a leading board certified plastic surgeon in New York City. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of lipo 360 with Dr. Schulman and find out if you’re a good candidate for surgery, give our office a call today to book a consultation appointment.


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