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Guide to Lipo 360 Scars

Guide To Lipo 360 Scars

The idea of lipo 360 scars can sometimes deter patients from pursuing this outstandingly effective plastic surgery procedure. Fortunately, liposuction scars are far from noticeable following surgery.

Below, we’ll explain further why 360 lipo scars are not something to be afraid of. But first, let’s outline how liposuction 360 is different from most traditional liposuction procedures.

Lipo 360 vs Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction 360 aims to remove stubborn fat from around the abdomen 360 degrees. This creates a comprehensive slimming of the entire midsection.

By contrast, if a patient requests “traditional liposuction” on the abdomen, it’s likely they only want to “spot treat” or specifically target areas such as the lower abdomen below the belly button or the flanks, for example.

Does Lipo 360 Leave ScarsDoes Lipo 360 Leave Scars?

Yes. However, the good news is that surgical scars from lipo 360 are very small because only tiny incisions are necessary. This means they typically heal so well that they are hardly noticeable.

Where Will My 360 Lipo Scars Be Located?

Typically, with liposuction 360, your scars will be strategically placed to minimize visibility while effectively contouring your body. They may be placed in natural creases such as beneath the breasts or along the bikini line or in the belly button.

How Big Are Scars from Lipo 360?

Due to advancements in surgical techniques, it’s now possible to perform liposuction with smaller instruments, which means smaller incisions and smaller scars. In addition, while individual healing varies, most patients find that 360 lipo scars fade significantly over time. The majority of liposuction 360 scars are just a few millimeters to around a centimeter long at most.

What Do Liposuction 360 Scars Look Like?

Right after surgery, 360 lipo scars may appear red or pink and slightly raised. This is normal. Your body is doing all it can to improve the area and mend your wounds by sending collagen there to fix the damaged tissue and skin.

Over time, your liposuction scars will become less noticeable. They will flatten out and fade. Some people say they look only like a small freckle or dot after a few years. And even after a few months, they should be barely visible in most cases.

Feel free to look up “lipo 360 scars” in Google images to see some examples of normal scarring following this cosmetic procedure.  You can also ask your surgeon to present lipo 360 before and after photos if they are available.

Minimizing Lipo 360 Scarring

Use the following tips to help minimize scarring appearance during your 360 liposuction recovery.

Use proper wound care.

Following your surgeon’s after surgery instructions is very important. Your specific instructions will depend on your surgeon and your unique surgery. They may include instructions on how to shower and tend to your incision sites, what not to do in terms of exercise, and how to use compression garments and topical treatments to avoid significant scarring.

Use silicone gel sheets.

There are several scar treatment products available, but silicone gel sheets tend to be the best. They are highly effective at keeping scars moisturized and softened, which helps them to lay flatter and blend better into the surrounding skin.

Consider massage.

Gentle massage of scarred areas promotes better blood flow, breaks up scar tissue, and aids with the healing process. Always consult with your cosmetic surgeon before trying massage after surgery.

Avoid exposure to the sun.

Exposing your scars to the sun can create darker scars that are generally more noticeable. We recommend using a high SPF sunscreen and covering your scarred skin with clothing whenever you go outside (yes, even on cloudy days!).Lotion For 360 Lipo Scars

Why Is It Called “Lipo 360”?

The term “lipo 360” refers to liposuction performed around the entire circumference of the abdomen, targeting all areas of the midsection for comprehensive body contouring. The “360” denotes a full circle, representing liposuction performed all the way around the torso instead of just in certain spots.

Interestingly, this term was coined by patients themselves to describe the procedure’s comprehensive nature and its ability to sculpt the entire abdominal area.

FAQ: Liposuction 360 Scarring

What are keloid scars?

Keloid scars are raised hyperpigmentation scars. Unlike normal scars, keloids frequently extend beyond the concentrated area of the initial incision. Unlike hypertrophic scars, they can actually become far bigger than the original incision site, in fact. Keloid scarring occurs in rare instances, usually among patients who are prone to them.

Your risk of developing keloid scars from liposuction is small, but if it does occur, laser therapy and other scar removal treatments exist that can help reduce their appearance.

Does liposuction leave scars on the abdomen?

Yes, a liposuction procedure on the abdomen will leave scars. The good news is that liposuction incisions are tiny, and very visible scars after healing are rare.

Can I get 360 Lipo without tummy tuck surgery?

Yes, you can undergo the comprehensive fat removal approach of Lipo 360 without requiring a tummy tuck. This minimally invasive procedure utilizes small incisions and a cannula to sculpt a more contoured physique by eliminating excess fat.

Book Your Lipo 360 Consultation Today

If visible scarring after 360 liposuction surgery has kept you from seeking more information about this cosmetic surgery, we invite you to book a consultation with Dr. Matthew Schulman. Meeting in person with your cosmetic surgeon will allow you to learn more details about the procedure and whether you need actually be concerned about scarring.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman is an expert in body contouring, which includes removing excess fat around the midsection with liposuction 360. Find out more about liposuction 360 and how to manage liposuction scars by giving our office a call today and scheduling a consultation with Dr. Schulman.


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