Brazilian Butt Lift and Augmentation New York City

There are two ways to create a fuller and more shapely backside. One way is to place buttock implants. While these implants may increase the size of the butt, they may do little to improve the overall shape. Also, implants carry risks of infection, shifting, and internal scarring. The other way to improve the appearance of your backside is by using your body’s own fat. Using your own fat has some major advantages. The results are natural and long-lasting, and there is no risk for rejection. Most people, even the very skinny, have some amount of fat available for donation. Unfortunately, your sister or friend cannot donate her fat to you….yet.

Brazilian Butt Lifts use your body’s own fat to lift, increase the size and improve the shape of your backside. Fat is removed from the parts of your body where you don’t want it, such as the abdomen, flanks, lower back, thighs, and bra roll area. This fat is then processed so that only the very best fat cells are isolated, and these fat cells are re-injected into your backside to give you a rounder, fuller, and larger butt. This has the advantage of providing a natural improvement without the risks associated with artificial implants. The fat cells will grow a blood supply and become permanently part of your buttock, with the results lasting forever.

More importantly, this procedure gives you the added benefit of liposuction, allowing Dr. Schulman to contour your entire body in one procedure. It is much more than simply making your butt larger. Dr. Schulman will shape your body with the eye of a sculptor, giving you a small waist, sexy curves, and a round backside. Because it is your own fat, there is no risk of rejection, shifting, or scarring that can occur around an artificial implant.

This procedure which uses your own fat has a recovery only slightly longer than if you had only liposuction. Because the new fat cells need to “take”, you will need to be extra cautious about sitting on your behind during the healing period. Dr. Schulman has worked out specific protocols for sitting, sleeping, and wearing a compression garment. His staff will review these protocols with you and adhering to these guidelines will help you get the best results possible.
Brazilian Butt LIft 150x150 Brazilian Butt Lift New York City

Dr. Schulman is among the most experienced at this procedure and is one of the busiest plastic surgeons in the country. He is truly a buttock contouring specialist. He performs a large number of these procedures per week and has even refined the traditional procedure and created his exclusive “SCOOP Lift” procedure, which has been featured throughout the national media. Dr. Schulman individualizes his approach for each patient, so that he can provide the specific results that you want. He can make you significantly bigger, or just improve your shape. It is this unique approach to shaping the backside that attracts patients from around the world to his New York Park Avenue Office. You can click here to view photos of the procedure.

To learn more about how you can augment and lift your buttocks using your own fat, call Dr. Schulman’s New York City office at 212-289-1851 or click here to schedule your consultation.

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