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My Top 3 Procedures of 2011

As 2011 came to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to look back at my top 3 procedures of the year. I performed over 500 surgical procedures in 2011, making it my busiest year ever. These procedures included cosmetic procedures of the face and body, as well as reconstructive surgeries from head to toe. To come up with my “Top 3”, I looked at several factors including the number of procedures performed, media requests about these procedures, and overall demand.

Top Plastic Surgery Procedure 2011- #3  Umbilicoplasty
    The demand for  belly button surgery or umbilicoplasty has continued to increase over the past several years. Common requests are to make an “outie” into an “inne”, remove that overhanging “hood” of skin, or remove the remnants of a belly button piercing. The beauty of this procedure is that I can perform a significant improvement in the comfort of my office, using only local anesthetic and under 45 minutes.

My patients complain of only a small amount of soreness that lasts for 1-2 days afterwards, making this an extremely easy recovery as far as plastic surgery procedures go. In 2011, I performed several belly button surgeries per week, and drew patients from all over the tri-state area and as far away as London. I have basically become known as “the belly button plastic surgeon” because I perform a large number of this very uncommon procedure.

Top Plastic Surgery Procedure 2011- #2  Brazilian Butt Lift: 
    2011 was definitely the year of the booty. With continued media focus on Beyonce, JLo, and Pippa Middleton, request for a lifted and fuller backside was through the roof. To improve the shape of the buttock, I use a technique that combines liposuction and fat injection. Commonly known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, this technique involves removing fat from the areas around the buttock (the outer thighs and lower back), processing this fat, and reinjecting it into the buttock.

The result is a rounder, fuller, and more lifted backside. While there are many surgeons performing this procedure, I have added several techniques to the procedure that I think improves my results and increases fat survival. In addition to meticulous liposuction and fat harvesting techniques, I add specialized growth factors to the fat before I reinject it. This addition of growth factors is unique to my practice and it is one of the reasons why people are choosing me over the numerous other surgeons offering Brazilian Butt Lifts.

Top Plastic Surgery Procedure 2011- #1  Smooth Tuck®
2011 was another enormous year for Smooth Tuck®. I first created this procedure in 2009 as an abdominal contouring procedure for the patient too obese for the traditional tummy tuck. This was extremely well-received and I had numerous media appearances for this procedures including being named a “Hot New Procedure” by Life & Style Magazine. As time went on, I was able to expand the indications for this procedure.

I began performing this procedure on morbidly obese people, resulting in some of the most dramatic transformations I have ever seen from any procedure. I also adapted Smooth Tuck® to the ideal tummy tuck candidate who desires a less invasive procedure with a more rapid recovery.

Instead of the 6-8 weeks recovery that is required after a tummy tuck, my Smooth Tuck® patients are returning to work in 7-10 days and have completely unrestricted activities at 3 weeks. I now have performed a few hundred Smooth Tuck® procedures and have modified my techniques to reduce the recovery and also to safely perform it on even the largest patients.

The media exposure this past year was huge, with Smooth Tuck® featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, The Doctors TV, and Dr. Steve. Because Smooth Tuck® is exclusive, people continue to come to me for this procedure from all over the country and the world. This past year, I performed Smooth Tuck® on people from as far away as Thailand, Ireland, Afghanistan, Bermuda, Alaska, Texas, and Florida.

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