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What’s Involved in the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgical Procedure?

Butt Lift New York City

If you are looking for a fuller butt, smaller waist, sexy curves, and an hourglass figure, a Brazilian Butt Lift might just be your answer. With this procedure, you will get the curves you have always wanted by having your fat transferred from undesirable places to areas of your body that are more desirable.

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Buttock augmentation through fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) uses your own fat to enhance your buttocks in the most natural way.

Factors like pregnancy, gravity, aging, and weight loss can lead to deflated buttocks. The Brazilian Butt Lift is perfect for you if you would like fuller buttocks without the use of implants. To be a candidate, you need to have good skin elasticity and enough body fat for extraction/re injection.

The buttocks have acquired more press coverage over the past few years than ever before! This procedure is being done on people of all body types and ages. In fact, between the years 2014 to 2015, there was a 28 percent increase in this procedure according to 2015 American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) statistics.

These results mean a buttock augmentation procedure is taking place every 30 minutes on average each day!

How Butt Augmentation Through Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) Works

Both men and women can obtain a fuller more lifted butt through the fat transfer involved in a Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Schulman has coined his specific techniques associated with BBL as the SCOOP Lift®.

Fat Transfer

The BBL or Scoop Lift® takes fat from various areas of your body, purifies it, and then re-injects it back into your body. Your surgeon may wish to harvest fat from multiple areas of your body to ensure there is enough fat to use throughout the entire procedure for desired volume and symmetry.

In the first stage of this surgery, excess fat is extracted via liposuction through small incisions. In addition to removing excess fat, liposuction will smooth, shape, and contour the body. The fat is then purified and processed for re injection.

During the second stage of surgery, fat is re injected into the buttock and hip area, giving you a curvier, hourglass shape. Bruising and swelling are to be expected and should subside after 2 to 3 weeks. Pain medication as well as antibiotics will be prescribed to be taken after surgery.

Although your results will be immediate, your buttocks will decrease slightly in size during the healing process. You should notice the final butt size and result in about 3 months of healing time, following the surgery.

Is the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Safe?

The BBL procedure is a low risk/low complication surgery. Potential risks and side effects will be discussed further at your consultation appointment.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Although up to 40 percent of transferred fat might not take, the results are usually long-lasting. The fat may shrink if you lose weight however, most patients have maintained their results for several years.

The SCOOP Lift® Buttock Contouring Procedure

This procedure designed by New York City Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew Schulman, helps you obtain a firmer, fuller, and perkier backside. It is considered an innovation in buttock contouring. A number of various combined Brazilian Butt Lift techniques is performed which results in a long-lasting, natural look that men and women desire all over the World.

What is the SCOOP Lift®?

This procedure is designed to conquer any imperfections of the conventional Brazilian Butt Lift. It involves a combination of fat transfer and precise liposculpting. Dr. Schulman removes fat from your flanks, thighs, abdomen and back and injects it into your buttocks to improve your overall lower body appearance. The SCOOP Lift® Buttock Contouring Procedure can help you reach your desired appearance goals whether it is increasing the volume in your butt significantly or just a slight lift and a better shape.

Dr. Schulman has performed this procedure many times however, each surgery is different. He analyzes your body carefully to determine where to reposition the fat for the best results. He has the skill and eye of a sculptor when he contours your entire torso which makes this procedure much more than just extracting fat and re-injecting it.

He has a fully accredited NYC operating practice to ensure your comfort and safety. Following your procedure, you can expect your recovery period to be similar to recovering from liposuction getting you back to normal life in a brief period of time.

Benefits of the SCOOP Lift® Procedure

This technique doesn’t use unnatural and artificial fillers than can lead to infection and hardness. Instead it uses fat from your own body making it natural, safe and long-lasting. The risk of shifting that you often experience with butt implants is eliminated since the transplanted fat cells stay in the injected area. You will also have the added benefit of a sexy lower back curve that compliments your new butt through this body contouring procedure.

After deciding to have the Scoop Lift® procedure or the Brazilian Butt Lift, all recovery instructions will be explained to you by the Dr. Schulman and his staff. For proper healing and long-lasting, successful results, it’s important you follow these instructions precisely.

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