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When Will I See My Lipo 360 Results?

When Will I See My Lipo 360 Results

Patients are always anxious to see their lipo 360 results. They naturally want to show off their new figures in their favorite clothes and of course enjoy being active again and returning to their normal activities following the lipo 360 recovery period.

Unfortunately, there will be some waiting involved for your 360 lipo results. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a figure shaped with 360 liposuction.

What Is Lipo 360?

lipo 360 results week by week

Lipo 360, also known as 360 lipo, is a cosmetic surgery to reduce abdominal area fat. The surgery focuses on removing excess fat all the way around the abdomen, and this is the reason for the “360” — it means 360 degrees around the trunk. The term was actually coined by patients, but it is now widely used by surgeons as well.

The reason for performing liposuction all the way around the midsection is that comprehensive liposuction tends to produce better results than isolated liposuction. In other words, even if you feel that you carry most of your excess fat on the front of your abdomen, on your lower tummy area, for example, if we only remove excess fat from this area, the rest of your midsection may look odd and incongruent.

Liposuction From All Angles

People don’t regularly look at themselves from different angles, let alone from behind. And for this reason, they may not see that they have trouble spots on different areas other than their stomachs. Excess fat can build up anywhere — on the upper back, lower back, sides, flanks, and even on the mid back.

This isn’t to say that you should seek out problems with your appearance. We state this only to emphasize that comprehensive fat reduction all the way around the abdomen can have far more impactful results if your goal is to have an attractive, snatched waist. Simply take a look at some lipo 360 before and after photos for examples of what you can expect.

When Will I See My Lipo 360 Results?

Many patients are able to see some slight results right away after lipo 360 surgery. Your waist should look and feel somewhat smaller due to all those fat cells being gone.

With that said, it may take a few weeks before you actually notice that your entire midsection is smaller. This is because swelling, bruising, fluid retention, and your compression garment may hide your results.

You will enjoy more and more of your lipo 360 results week by week as time goes on until you see your final results after several months. We always want patients to be able to enjoy their results sooner rather than later, but the truth is that it sometimes takes up to six months or even a year to see the full benefits of this surgery.

What to Expect During Lipo 360 Recovery

It is critical to continue leading a healthy lifestyle during the recovery period following lipo 360 surgery. Furthermore, you should follow your post-operative care instructions very carefully, as these will help to ensure you achieve optimal results and do not run into any complications.

Be sure that you are getting up and walking around every once in a while each day. Frequent ambulation (movement) will ensure that you have proper blood flow and avoid blood clots.

You should also be eating a nutritious diet, avoiding smoking and alcohol, and getting plenty of quality sleep. You will receive guidelines around how to bathe, sleep, and care for your incision.

Patients tend to do very well during the healing process, but it is important to continue wearing your compression garments, avoiding physical activity, and focusing on progress. Before long, you’ll be enjoying the full benefits of your lipo 360 surgery.

FAQ: Lipo 360

How much is lipo 360?

Lipo 360 cost is based on your surgeon and surgeon’s fees, the geographic location of your procedure, hospital or operating room fees, anesthesia, recovery expenses, and whether you’re undergoing other add-on procedures such as BBL surgery or breast augmentation. If you need an estimate for the cost of your liposuction 360 procedure, please call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schulman.

360 lipo results

Should I get lipo 360 with a tummy tuck?

This really depends on if you have loose skin on your abdomen. Tummy tuck surgery primarily reduces excess abdominal skin whereas liposuction removes excess fat. Liposuction 360 removes fat from all the way around the abdomen.

If you have both excess fat all the way around your abdomen and loose abdominal skin, you may well benefit from a lipo 360 and tummy tuck. On the other hand, 360 lipo without tummy tuck surgery would be best for someone with only excess fat to get rid of.

Can I lose weight with lipo 360?

Liposuction is not a substitute for actual weight loss. Liposuction can only get rid of subcutaneous excess fat — fat that sits directly below the skin.

Losing actual visceral fat (fat that sits around the organs) will need to be done through a surgical weight loss procedure, weight loss medications, or exercise and eating a healthy diet.

Can I get lipo 360 with a BBL?

Yes. In fact, this is quite a common surgical procedure. Lipo 360 and BBL results (or plus size BBL and lipo 360 results) can look outstanding.

With this surgery, lipo 360 removes the excess fat from your abdomen for a slimmer snatched waist, and BBL surgery (Brazilian butt lift surgery) creates wider hips and more projection on your buttocks. The result is a lovely hourglass figure.

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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman specializes in fat removal and body contouring plastic surgery procedures, including lipo 360 and Brazilian butt lift surgery.

To learn more about 360 liposuction techniques and how you can finally get rid of the stubborn fat on your midsection, please call today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Schulman.



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